‘Roadhouse Romance’ Review: Absolute Must-see for any Hallmark Lover

'Roadhouse Romance' Review

It’s my favorite time of year – we’re approaching fall, and I celebrate with Hallmark movies. When their fall movies begin to air, I know it’s time to change my clothing, prepare hot cider, and hire someone to remove the window A/C since I’ll soon be able to sleep with my windows open.

Roadhouse Romance premiered last night on The Hallmark Channel as part of Fall Harvest, and there isn’t a single aspect of this film that doesn’t match the Hallmark mold. Now, lest you assume that formula is a terrible thing, let me assure you that it is not. It’s a big part of what makes these films so excellent. You know you’re going to watch something that will tug at your heartstrings, make you feel embarrassed, and make you think that love can be found everywhere.

And, hey, who among us doesn’t need to believe in love? That is my opinion, and I am the world’s greatest cynic.

Roadhouse Romance is unique. It’s not your usual formula. There is no unnecessary drama, no problems, and no one causes complications for others – yet it is a narrative about pausing to take a breath, recognizing the beauty in the moments, and living your life the way you want to.

'Roadhouse Romance' Review

Callie, a country music lover, is determined to carry on her late grandfather’s heritage. While TV director Luke is in town, he tells her that it is sometimes better to look ahead rather than back. 

The essentials: Callie has just come home after a two-year deployment. Her family runs Tucker’s Roadhouse, and she immediately discovers that nothing is the same. Tucker’s was made famous by her grandfather’s barbecue sauce recipe, which has since been lost.

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She’s upset because she knows he stated he wrote it down. Her mother and aunt, however, have looked everywhere and have been unable to locate it. As a result, she is on a quest to replicate it.

Luke is a television director driving with his agency when they decide to stop at Tucker’s. They struck Callie’s truck, causing his automobile not to start. Because it’s a classic automobile, the component isn’t widely accessible, and they’re stranded in a tiny town.

And, of course, Tuckers is prepared to take them in and care for them – as little towns do.

Let’s take it one step at a time.

Callie has been missing for two years. She joined the Army and has come home to begin a new career at the VA, where she will be at the head of the physical therapy program. But she has some time off, which means she can spend it at Tucker’s.

Tuckers is a family restaurant and a country music hotspot. She’s lived there her entire life, and it means everything to her.

Callie is one of those persons you admire and aspire to be like. Now, I will confess that I was skeptical when I saw Lauren Alaina was cast in part – but not because of her. It’s because I find it difficult to believe that many individuals can act and sing – but I’m willing to accept that I was mistaken.

Lauren plays the part with charming innocence. She has a lovely singing voice, it’s true. But she also carries with her the sense that you are in a tiny community, that honesty is essential, and that innocence does not imply weakness. She makes you view things in a new light.

She is Callie, or perhaps Callie is her. But what she does is show you that progress isn’t necessarily a negative thing. The tricky part is remaining stationary. You may cherish old memories while creating new ones.

And it is something that we must all acknowledge.

She requires a little inspiration, which may be found in new eyes.

We all require fresh eyes from time to time. We all need someone to show us the route beyond what we are familiar with. It’s a vast world out there, and change is a natural part of it.

Luke is her new pair of eyes, but she is also his. He’s a Hollywood filmmaker, yet he’s unlike any other director I’ve ever met. He’s friendly and cheerful, and he doesn’t take a role only to have his name connected to it.

He wants everything yet refuses to give up who he is. He’s caught up in fame and wealth, never wanting to stop yet constantly wanting to take a breather.

And it is what makes him so appealing.

Here’s the thing with Tyler Hynes: if you give him apart, he can simply fit into it, no matter what the guy has to be. He can be the man everyone wants to bring home, and he can adapt regardless of the position.

And he’s convincing as Luke. He adds sensitivity to a character who is lost but doesn’t realize it.

Luke has a starlet for a girlfriend who is so preoccupied with herself that she only uses him for clout. She wants to be able to further her profession, and he is a part of the solution. In other words, we don’t care for her.

When she is given a part in a feature film, she urges Luke to join her. However, the part isn’t a good fit, and Luke recognizes that the screenplay isn’t either. That crap occurs all the time. Therefore I assume it had to be written by a member of the studio’s family.

He and Callie hit it off right away. It is based on friendship, understanding, and vulnerability. It’s almost as though they force you to believe in fate. But they are all aware that they are from different planets and have distinct ambitions. What they don’t realize is that it’s their many worlds and dreams that make them perfect.

Yes, calling Jillian the devil is extreme, but she is a cunning woman. When she wants to trick Luke into playing the role. The problem is, you rapidly understand that she is a catalyst for him to discover what he truly desires in life.

Luke and Callie had discovered something unique in each other. They’ve found honesty and contentment in the absence of pretension. They’ve found love that is so pure that they don’t even realize it’s there.

They are aware, though, that they mean something to each other. So, when Luke learns that Tucker’s Fall Festival would have to be canceled. He’s prepared to throw money at the problem, but his representative reminded him that they’re not looking for charity. They are looking for someone to fill Tucker’s shoes.

So when Jillian is dead intent on having Luke direct Ice Girl and is prepared to perform a favor to persuade him to do it. While most of us would beg for the most tremendous favor known to man to accomplish what she is asking him to do – ruining his career – he does not. He requests that she publish about Tucker’s event on her social network.

And what he does causes the festival to sell out. What he does is admirable because it is motivated by selflessness. It is also inspired by a love for Callie, which he is becoming aware of.

Like other Hallmark movies I’ve watched, this one is about learning who you are and what’s important to you. The second section of the narrative is about love and romance. They might feel like education is essential and in what you need to discover about yourself.

Life evolves. People evolve. Things shift. However, as we mature, so do our wants and ambitions. Sometimes all we need is fate to drive us on.

Tyler Hynes and Lauren Aliana’s on-screen chemistry is what distinguishes this film.

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Roadhouse Romance is one of my top ten Hallmark movies because it combines comfort, comedy, love, and, well, country music. It’s a film about optimism, family, and discovering oneself.

And there’s a certain beauty about that. It’s an absolute must-see for any Hallmark lover.

SCORE: 8/10

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