Rocky and Creed Movies in Order (Chronological & Release Date)

Rocky and Creed Movies in Order (Chronological and by Release Date)

Rocky and Creed movies are part of the Rocky series franchise. Generally, the movies consist of two parts. Rocky movies focus on the life of Rocky Balboa, played by Sylvester Stallone. On the other hand, Creed movies focus on Adonis Creed, Rocky Balboa’s protege, played by Michael B. Jordan.

If you are new to the franchise, and with all these movies involved, you are surely wondering, what is the best way to watch Rocky and Creed movies in order.

How Many Rocky and Creed Movies are There?

The Rocky Series has a total of six movies. On the other hand, The Creed movies are two for now. However, there’s a third movie coming out soon. 

Rocky and Creed Movies in Order by Release Date

Well, here’s a list of the Rocky Movies in order by release date.

  • Rocky (1976)
  • Rocky II (1979)
  • Rocky III (1982)
  • Rocky IV (1985)
  • Rocky V (1990)
  • Rocky Balboa (2006) 

The Creed Movies in order by release date include the following :

  • Creed (2015)
  • Creed II (2018)

Rocky and Creed Movies in Chronological Order

Interestingly, the Rocky and Creed movies have the same order regarding their release dates and chronology. This is because the events that happen in the film follow each other sequentially from the first movie to the latest one. 

For this reason, you should watch the movie in the order of release to grasp the storyline fully. Here’s a glance at the film. 

1. Rocky (1976)

Rocky and Creed Movies in Order (Chronological and by Release Date)

Rocky describes the tale of Rocky Balboa, a small-time boxer of no repute who works as a debt collector for Tony Gazzo in Philadelphia City, Pennsylvania. 

When he’s not carrying out his boss’s task collecting overdue debts or working in Mickey’s gym, he’s trying to woo his crush, Adrian Pennino. 

In  November 1975, the world’s heavyweight boxing champion Apollo Creed came to Philadelphia. He was scheduled to fight Mac Lee Green for the upcoming United States Bicentennial.

However, the man pulls out of the fight because of an injury. Left with no other fighters to duel with, Creed is stranded. For this reason, Creed decides to give a local fighter an unprecedented opportunity to fight him for a $150,000 reward. 

He chooses to fight Rocky because of his alias, “The Italian Stallion,” and the excellent publicity it’d garner because he’s giving an underdog a shot at the title. 

Interestingly, Rocky declines at first but later agrees to it because of the money and the opportunity to prove to himself and everyone that he’s not a bum after all.

He then acquires Mickey’s services as his manager and trainer. Additionally, Rocky recruits his best friend, Paulie, as his cornerman.

Meanwhile, his attempts to woo Adrian begin to pay dividends, mainly due to Paulie’s aid. Finally, he can take her out, and slowly, they start to fall in love. 

Much later, Rocky tells Adrian that he doesn’t think he can win the fight but would try to last the whole 15 rounds against Creed. Moreover, no one had done that before.

After that, on New Year’s Day, the fight begins. Creed almost knocks out Rocky instantly. Instead, however, he follows the advice of his trainer Mickey who told him to aim for Creed’s rib.

He successfully breaks a few while succumbing to a broken nose himself. The fighters beat the hell out of each other, but Rocky successfully lasts till the 15th round. He’s achieved his goal.

Even though the match is a draw, Creed was still announced the winner by technical decision and retained his title as the world’s heavyweight champion, but Rocky won’t care!

All he’s concerned about is the warm embrace of the woman he loves. Finally, he has gotten all he ever wanted; he has the respect of the people and the woman of his dreams! 

2. Rocky II (1979) 

Rocky and Creed Movies in Order (Chronological and by Release Date)

Rocky II is the sequel to the events that took place in the first franchise.

After successfully defending his belt from the challenger Rocky Balboa, both boxers, Rocky and Creed, are hospitalized due to the injuries they sustained during the fight.

However, Rocky sustained a detachment of his retina, and there was a risk of permanent blindness if there was a repeat trauma to the eye. So he decides to retire, and his girlfriend Adrian and the doctors share the same opinion.

However, Creed still wanted a rematch because he felt Rocky going the distance against him was just a fluke.

Meanwhile, Rocky is now wealthy because of his money after the fight and the new sports endorsements. Buoyed on by this fact, he proposes to Adrian, which she agrees to, and they get married.

Sometime later, Adrian becomes pregnant. However, Creed won’t just give up the idea of having a rematch against Rocky. He tries every possible means to get Rocky out of retirement but is unable to.

Because Rocky didn’t have experience managing money, he later runs out of money and becomes broke. Finally, after several failed attempts at securing a job, he starts thinking about the rematch.

He visits his former manager and trainer, Mickey Goldmill, and asks for his help securing the rematch. Mickey declines because he is concerned for Rocky’s health, but he later changes his mind. 

On the other hand, Adrian withholds her blessing because she fears her husband losing his eyesight. Despite this, Rocky resumes training with Mickey in preparation for the fight. He’s, however, not focused because his wife refused to support him. 

However, following a near-death experience, she reconsiders and gives Rocky her approval for the rematch. On the night of the fight, Creed boasted that he would knock out Rocky in 2 rounds. But, on the contrary, the match lasted up to the 15th round, and Rocky was trailing behind severely.

He opted to fight right-handed instead of left-handed, which he had gotten accustomed to because he wanted to protect his bad eye. 

But in the last round, he decided to switch to his more good left hand. Consequently, he landed some lethal punches on Creed and ended up knocking him out. Voila! He is now the world heavyweight champion.

3. Rocky III (1982)

Rocky and Creed Movies in Order (Chronological and by Release Date)

Rocky III follows the events of Rocky II. After defeating Creed in the 15th round, Rocky became the new world heavyweight champion. He’d then successfully defend his title against ten fighters.

He garners a lot of wealth, endorsements, fame, and high celebrity status. As a result, he begins to consider retirement.

At the same time, a new talented and upcoming boxer named Clubber Lang rises to become Rocky’s number one contender. Lang wants a match, but Rocky turns him down.

After a series of verbal confrontations and some sexual comments about Rocky’s wife, Rocky accepts the challenge. So naturally, Mickey wants to have no part of it. But Rocky woos him over when he promises to train like the way he used to. But he didn’t.

After that, on the day of the fight, before Lang enters the ring, he shoves Mickey, which causes him to have a heart attack. Rocky is agitated and wants to knockout Lang as fast as possible.

He’s aggressive and lands Lang some lethal punches, but he couldn’t knock him out. Lang recovers and lands Rocky, a haymaker which eventually knocks Rocky out in the 2nd round and becomes the world heavyweight champion.

Afterward, Mickey dies, and Rocky becomes depressed. As he walks by his former trainer’s gym one day, he decides to go in. He finds his former nemesis, Creed, inside.

Interestingly, Creed offers to train Rocky for a rematch against Lang, which he agrees to. Creed takes him to his gym in Los Angeles and introduces him to his former manager and trainer, Tony Duke Evers. He also agrees to train Rocky.

In the meantime, Rocky adds Creed’s speed and skill to his skillset. In addition, the two former adversaries become good friends.

At last, it’s the day of the fight. Rocky dominates Lang in the first round to the surprise of everyone. Lang, however, begins to turn the tide in the second round. 

Rocky realizes he won’t stand a chance against him and changes his strategy. He accepts the beating and continuously taunts Lang, saying that Lang cannot knock him out. 

This infuriates Lang. He tries to knockout Rocky unsuccessfully and dissipates his energy in the process. This gives Rocky the advantage, which he takes gladly, and he knocks out Lang. He regains his world-heavyweight title.

4. Rocky IV (1985)

Rocky and Creed Movies in Order (Chronological and by Release Date)

Rocky IV is a sequel to the previous franchise. In 1985, a boxer from the Soviet Union, Ivan Drago, comes to the United States with his wife, manager, and trainers.

His manager boasts around, claiming that Soviet athletes are better than America’s. After that, Apollo Creed, in a move of patriotism and a bid to prove himself, challenges Drago to an exhibition fight. He gladly accepts. Creed persuades Rocky to be his trainer.

The match is fixed to take place in the MGM Grand Hotel. At first, Creed is offensive, landing some punches, but they are not strong enough to knock out Drago.

Subsequently, Drago begins to counteract Creed’s punches. He ruthlessly beats the hell out of Creed. Luckily for Creed, the bell goes off to signal the end of the first round.

Rocky and Duke beg Creed not to continue, but he ignores them. Finally, he asks Rocky not to end the match on any account. After that, the second round begins.

Creed continues to take a beating from Drago. Finally, Duke asks him to quit, but Rocky grants Apollo his wish. This allows Drago to land one final lethal punch that kills Apollo. Drago shows no remorse.

Fueled by Drago’s emotionlessness and in a bid to avenge Creed, Rocky challenges Drago to a fight. He relinquishes his championship to do that. The fight is set for Christmas Day in Moscow.

Rocky departs for Moscow with only Duke and his brother-in-law Paulie. Adrian refuses to go because she believes Rocky doesn’t stand a chance against the stronger and ruthless Drago.

Meanwhile, in Moscow, Drago uses sophisticated training equipment and regularly receives steroid injections. On the other hand, Rocky trains conventionally for the fight.

Some days before the fight, he surprisingly receives a visit from his wife, who has come to approve the match. He is motivated.

After that, the fight begins. Unlike the fight against Creed, Drago was offensive from the first round. He gives Rocky some severe beating, but Rocky is resilient.

Meanwhile, towards the end of the second round, Rocky begins to dominate him. He manages to inflict a cut on Drago, which amazes everyone. 

In the fifteenth round, Rocky lands some blows on Drago, which eventually knocks him out. Rocky emerges victorious to the applause of everyone, including the Soviets Government officials.

5. Rocky V (1990)

Rocky and Creed Movies in Order (Chronological and by Release Date)

Rocky V is the continuation of Rocky IV. Immediately after defeating  Ivan Drago in Moscow, Rocky, Adrian, Tony Duke, and Paulie return to America.

He has a press conference where George Washington Duke tried goading him into a fight with the current number 1 contender, Union Cane, for his championship. However, he declines.

After that, it is revealed that he’s now bankrupt because his accountant stole his money, and he hasn’t been paying taxes for some years.

Rocky talks to his wife Adrian about fighting Cane to better their financial situation. Then, she asks him to go and see his doctors first. 

The doctors reveal that he had suffered a brain injury in the last fight and that it’d be detrimental to his health if he fights Cane. With this in mind, he reluctantly retires from boxing.

With all his assets seized, he returns to his old neighborhood with his family and Paulie. He begins to train boxers in Mickey’s gym while Adrian returns to working in the pet store.

Meanwhile, Union Cane wins the vacant world heavyweight championship. Rocky then begins training Tommy Gunn, an upcoming talented boxer from Oklahoma. 

This makes him spend little time with his son Robert who is being bullied in school. As a result, his relationship with his son Robert hits the rocks. 

At the same time, George Washington Duke manages to win over Tommy after Rocky has trained him into becoming the number one contender.

Consequently, Rocky is distraught, but he is comforted by his wife, and he mends his relationship with Robert. 

Shortly after this, on New Year’s Day, Tommy defeats Cane by knocking him out in the first round and becomes the world heavyweight champion.

However, upon the insistence of Duke, his manager, Tommy, goes to Philadelphia with Duke, where he meets up with Rocky and Paulie in a bar.

After that, he asks Rocky for a fight but Rocky declines. When he punches Paulie, Rocky is invigorated and invites Tommy for a street fight which Tommy accepts. Duke, however, warns him against it.

During the fight, Rocky begins to pummel Tommy ruthlessly. But Tommy gets himself back and begins to retaliate and knocks Rocky to the ground.

After that, Rocky, invigorated by the visions of Mickey and the cheering of the crowd, uses tricks he learned from his tax collector days to knock out Tommy and win the fight.

6. Rocky Balboa (2006)

Rocky and Creed Movies in Order (Chronological and by Release Date)

Rocky Balboa is the sixth film in the Rocky Franchise. It’s set in the year 2006, with Rocky now in his fifties and a widower. Four years earlier, his wife, Adrian, succumbed to ovarian cancer.

Rocky now manages a small but successful Italian restaurant called Adrian’s in Philadelphia. In the meantime, his son Robert works a corporate job in Philadelphia, and their relationship is strained.

He also struggles as a result of the grief from losing Adrian. However, when he meets with Marie and her son Stephenson he begins to recuperate.

Meanwhile, Mason Dixon, popularly known as ‘The Line,’ is the world heavyweight champion on the boxing front. However, he’s at loggerheads with the public and fight promoters, who claim that he’s never really fought someone strong enough.

Much later, ESPN broadcast a virtual match between Rocky in his prime and the modern-day Dixon. The game ends as a knockout victory for Rocky. 

Consequently, Dixon is enraged, but contrarily, Rocky is enthused. As a result, he wants to resume boxing again but locally. After he successfully gains his license again, the public goes into a frenzy.

Meanwhile, Dixon’s camp implores him to get into a charity exhibition match with Rocky as a pathway to increasing his popularity. Interestingly, he agrees but only after some convincing.

Furthermore, Dixon’s representatives visit Rocky and try to talk him into a ten-round exhibition fight which he declines. But Marie tells him that this was his last shot at something worthwhile. Consequently, he rethinks and concurs.

Meanwhile, Robert blames his father for his failure in the corporate world, saying he’s been living in Rocky’s shadow all his life, and the fight would only make things worse.

However, after an emotional conversation with his father, they reconcile, and Roberts quits his job to work with his father. After that, Rocky resumes training with Tony Duke, Apollo Creed’s former trainer.

During the fight, Dixon’s speed overwhelms Rocky, and he’s knocked down a couple of times. But he gains an edge when Dixon injures his hand after hitting him with a hook to the hip.

They are both resilient, with the match going up to the tenth round. With Rocky landing the last punch, the fight comes to an end. Dixon is announced the winner in a split decision, but Rocky won’t care.

7. Creed (2015)

Rocky and Creed Movies in Order (Chronological and by Release Date)

Creed is a follow-up and spin-off of the Rocky film series. It featured Adonis Johnson alias ‘Donnie,’ the son of Apollo Creed, the former world heavyweight champion from an extramarital affair. 

After Apollo’s widow takes him in, Adonis desires to be a boxer.

He goes for an amateur boxing match in Tijuana, Mexico, which he wins easily. 

After that, he returns to Los Angeles, where he quits his desk job to pursue his boxing dreams. Meanwhile, he goes to the Delphi Boxing Academy, where his father used to train. 

Tony Duke Evers’ son now manages it, and Tony “Little Duke” Evers Jr. challenges the boxers to fight. However, he eventually loses the battle to Danny Wheeler.

Meanwhile, his stepmother discourages boxing because she lost her husband to boxing thirty years prior. Nevertheless, Creed is adamant and wants it his way. 

After watching a boxing match between his father Apollo and Rocky, he decides to go to Philadelphia. He meets Rocky at Adrian’s, his Italian restaurant named after his late wife.

Adonis then asks Rocky to become his trainer. Rocky declines because he doesn’t want to be involved in the boxing world anymore. However, after visiting Adrian’s and Paulie’s graveyard, he changes his mind and lets Adonis train under him. 

They use Front Street Gym, owned by Pete Sporino. His first test is against Leo, Pete Sporino’s son, who he easily defeats. After that, Pete’s camp leaks the information about Adonis’ father, saying he was the son of Apollo Creed. 

Consequently, “Pretty” Ricky Conlan, the undefeated boxing champion, and his manager meet up with Rocky and Adonis. Both groups eventually agree to a fight. 

Meanwhile, Adonis’ love interest with Bianca begins to blossom. Bianca is a singer and songwriter. After some time, he learns that she has a progressive hearing defect which draws them together.

After that, as the day of the fight draws closer, Rocky intensifies Adonis’ training. During the fight, Culan is the crowd’s favorite. He easily dominates the first round, cutting Adonis above his eye. 

However, Adonis regains himself and knocks down Culan for the first time in Cullen’s career. He also succeeds in going the distance with Culan, but he loses by a split decision. However, his performance wins over the crowd.

8. Creed II (2018)

Rocky and Creed Movies in Order (Chronological and by Release Date)

Three years after losing by default to Conlan, Adonis wins six consecutive matches and, after that, becomes the WBC World Heavyweight Champion.

After that, he proposes to his girlfriend Bianca, and she agrees to marry him. Meanwhile, Rocky’s former adversary Ivan Drogo, his son Viktor and promoter Buddy Marcelle plot to fight Adonis.

After that, the Drogos and Buddy travel to Philadelphia to confront Rocky. Ivan meets up with Rocky in the restaurant and asks for a match between Adonis and Viktor, but Rocky refuses.

Buddy then meets up with Adonis at one of Bianca’s concerts to goad him into accepting the challenge. After that, he meets up with Rocky to discuss it.

However, Rocky wants no part of it because he wants to avoid the circumstance that befell Adonis’ father, Creed. So he refuses to train Adonis. Finally, so adamantly, Bianca and Adonis leave for Los Angeles.

After that, Adonis seeks out Tony Evers, “Little Duke,” his father’s former trainer’s son, to be his trainer. He accepts. Meanwhile, Adonis and Bianca visit Mary Anne, Apollo’s widow and his adoptive mother.

She tells them that Bianca is pregnant and later agrees to the fight as long as Adonis keeps her and Apollo out of it. After that, Bianca does a pregnancy test and confirms she’s pregnant.

Meanwhile, the match between Viktor and Adonis is held. In the first round, Adonis, confident of himself, lands a few good punches on Viktor. However, Viktor recovers quickly.

He counterattacks with some blows, which fracture Adonis’ ribs and fall him to his knees. Viktor proceeds to knock out Adonis with an illegal headshot. As a result, he fails to secure the win.

Nevertheless, Adonis retains his title. But he is dismayed and disconnects from everyone. Finally, Mary Anne asks Rocky for help, and he comes down to Los Angeles.

Adonis and Rocky makeup, then Rocky agrees to train him for the rematch against Viktor, who is now a popular figure in Russia. Meanwhile, Bianca gives birth to a daughter whom they name Amara.

After that, Rocky begins training Adonis in extreme conditions building his strength and stamina. On the other hand, Ivan is training Viktor vigorously.

It’s the night of the fight, and it takes place in Moscow. Donnie takes the lead in the first round, but Viktor regains himself in the second round and ends up breaking a few of Adonis’ ribs.

Adonis’ strategy is to soak up a beating until Viktor tires himself out because Viktor always knocks out his opponents before the fourth round. And Adonis does precisely that. 

Consequently, he endures a beating from Viktor. But at the tenth round, Viktor begins to tire, and Adonis senses the opportunity. He lands some effective punches and knocks Viktor down twice.

After that, Ivan concedes defeat and throws in the towel because Viktor was beaten ruthlessly and wasn’t defending himself. Adonis emerges as the winner.

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