Rumor: Wolverine & Deadpool Might Face X-Men Villains in ‘Deadpool 3′

Rumor Wolverine Deadpool Might Face X Men Villains In ‘Deadpool 3

One of the most highly anticipated projects in the MCU right now is ‘Deadpool 3,’ featuring the return of Ryan Reynolds as the Merc With the Mouth and Hugh Jackman reprising his role as Wolverine, even after concluding his story in Fox’s “X-Men” franchise.

Wolverine’s return is explained by the film’s exploration of the Multiverse concept, facilitating a seamless transition from Fox’s franchise to the MCU, where ‘Deadpool 3’ is expected to be situated in terms of continuity and timeline.

Recently, Daniel Richtman offered unofficial insights into the ‘Deadpool 3’ plot, suggesting that at some point in the movie, Deadpool and Wolverine will find themselves trapped in a dimension where they must confront former X-Men villains.

It makes sense to address Fox’s franchise in some way, and revisiting various conflicts seems like an effective approach. ‘X-Men’ films introduced iconic supervillains like Mystique, Magneto, Sabretooth, and Apocalypse, making it intriguing to speculate on which ones will feature in ‘Deadpool 3.’ The movie is rumored to include multiple Deadpool and Wolverine variants, with notable mentions like Kidpool, an alternate Wade Wilson from Earth-10330, who was introduced in 2010 comics and recruited by the Deadpool Corps to save the Multiverse.


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In dealing with former X-Men villains, ‘Deadpool 3’ isn’t the first or last film attempting to capitalize on references and nostalgia. Similar efforts were made in ‘The Flash’ a few months ago, but it ultimately failed, largely attributed to a lack of direction and negative publicity surrounding Ezra Miller in the lead role.

The concept that ‘Deadpool 3’ is set to deliver sounds intriguing, and we’re eagerly anticipating how it will unfold.

Which villain are you hoping to see make a return in ‘Deadpool 3’? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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