10 Deadpool and Wolverine Comics You Have to Read Before Deadpool 3

10 Deadpool and Wolverine Comics You Have to Read Before Deadpool 3

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With the recent shocking and delightful announcement from Ryan Reynolds that Hugh Jackman will return to portray Wolverine in the newly announced Deadpool 3, fans got really excited. Wolverine is a beloved character in the Marvel Universe. Hugh Jackman portrayed him exceptionally in the older and newer versions of X-Men movies and some individual projects, like X-Men: Origins, where we first saw this chaotic, X-Weapon duo on our screens. Since then, the story has not developed that much, but the head of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige, and Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds are doing their best to develop a great story for Deadpool 3

Inspired by this great announcement, we decided to list our picks for 10 Deadpool and Wolverine comics you have to read before Deadpool 3. We will ensure not to spoil anything and try to include suitable comic books for this particular movie. If you are interested in this list and topic, stay with us until the end of the article. Buckle up because we are starting.

10. X-Men Origins: Deadpool (2010)

10 Deadpool and Wolverine Comics You Have to Read Before Deadpool 3

We start this list with a really funny and quite suitable comic book story of Deadpool trying to create a Hollywood movie. That’s right, Deadpool calls a screenwriter to help him create a movie before Hollywood does it, and he vows that his movie will be much better. Let’s just say that the plot goes beyond that, and usually funny Merc with a Mouth shows the readers his own story, which is full of traumatic and tragic happenings. 

X-Men Origins: Deadpool is extremely funny and self-aware, but also emotional, and a great way for newer fans to understand why Deadpool is much more than a prankster of the Marvel Universe – he is a complex, layered character that surprises us every time.

Wolverine does not show up that much since this is more of a Deadpool story, but the cameo reminds us of the X-Men: Origins movie from 2009, where Wade Wilson shows up pretty briefly. We don’t know if this detail is intentional. Nevertheless, check out this comic book story – you won’t regret it.

9. Wolverine Annual (1999)

10 Deadpool and Wolverine Comics You Have to Read Before Deadpool 3

This comic is legitimately one of the first true team-ups of the X-Weapon mutant duo, and it is really good. The official synopsis goes like this: 

The fur flies quite literally as Wolverine and Deadpool take on a vengeful werewolf! But who’s hunting who? In this thrill-inducing annual, Wolverine: plays a superhero poker game, nearly destroys Nick Fury’s flying car, and disturbs a ninja ritual involving dragons! All while picking up a six-pack of beer! 

Two stories are included in this comic book issue, and the first one involves Deadpool and Wolverine getting into trouble over silly things.

The story starts with a man running for his life in the 18th century from the werewolf. The story smoothly transitions to the present day, where Logan listens to the same man reading a chapter from his book. After the suspicious nature of the writer, Logan decides to follow the man, but Deadpool gets involved and wonders how he can make so much money writing a silly book. After that, the chaotic duo team up to stop the hairy creature once and for all. 

8. Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe (2011)

10 Deadpool and Wolverine Comics You Have to Read Before Deadpool 3

This comic book is a no-brainer and one of the comic books considered as one from the alternative universe. Frankly, Deadpool is from another universe, where he goes insane after finding out he is “only” a fictional character. That is quite on point for Merc with a Mouth since that propels him to kill all other fictional characters.

One of the bloodiest and most shocking comic book stories in recent memory, and it did not disappoint. The story starts with X-Men sending Deadpool to Dr. Brighton, also known as Psycho-Man, to cure the mercenary’s insanity, but the dear doctor has other plans – he uses his knowledge to brainwash his patients to work for him. However, he makes a great mistake and erases the voices in Wilson’s head beside one that tells him that the world is a lie and that he should kill everyone.


Who Can Kill Deadpool in the Marvel Universe?

Of course, Wolverine is among the “victims,” whose faith is quite savage and strangely sad, especially in the third issue. This comic book spawned a few other characters killing everything and everyone in their universes, but Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe is unique.

7. Deadpool Vs. Old Man Logan (2017)

10 Deadpool and Wolverine Comics You Have to Read Before Deadpool 3

The Old Man Logan comic book came in 2017, and it was so refreshing and cool seeing an old Wolverine and whacky Deadpool team up to catch the newly discovered Omega-Level mutant Maddie. Writers and illustrators said they wanted to create a buddy story with these two – Logan being a grumpy reluctant ally and Deadpool his usual self.

The story is just one of many great Old Man Logan stories, who comes from a very dystopian and bad future, where supervillains took over the world from superheroes. Logan and Deadpool have a great dynamic, and we can only imagine that Feige, Reynolds, and the writers will incorporate their story and relationship in the Deadpool 3 movie.

This mini-story is one among many Old Man Logan stories, but this one is much lighter if you compare them to others – Old Man Logan is a tragic character.

Deadpool gives Logan headaches, but at least the duo brings out the best and worst of themselves, making it very entertaining reading.

6. Wolverine/Deadpool: The Decoy (2010)

10 Deadpool and Wolverine Comics You Have to Read Before Deadpool 3

Another fun comic book story comes in the Wolverine/Deadpool: The Decoy, which is absolutely outrageous. A strange robot called Stalker falls on Earth in search of its target to kill, and Professor X sends Wolverine to investigate the threat and eliminate the dangerous robot.

The robot is too strong to take on alone, so he looks for Wade Wilson to help him defeat the machine, and of course, The Merc will always help his best friend. The comic book contains Deadpool’s insistence on flirting, charming his allies and enemies and throwing hilarious one-liners. 

So you can expect naked Deadpool, Drag Queen Deadpool, and Wolverine, who wants to die of embarrassment but agrees to everything The Merc suggests. The comic book seems on par with what we saw from the Reynolds version of Deadpool, so definitely check it out.

5. Cable and Deadpool: Alone Again, Naturally (2007)

10 Deadpool and Wolverine Comics You Have to Read Before Deadpool 3

This next story is perfect for people who only watched the Deadpool movies and want to prepare for the third installment of the Deadpool movie trilogy. This particular comic book story features the relationship between Deadpool and Cable, but in the last six chapters, Logan’s and Deadpool’s relationship is shown very vividly.

The two show up at the Hydra compound simultaneously but with different goals, and when they see each other, they fight immediately. Deadpool loses his head, it becomes a soccer ball, and that’s the gist of it.


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Deadpool goes through a lot in this comic book story, and the readers will root for him a lot during the run – the chapter title suggests that massively. Do you want to see the emotional side of Deadpool? This is a comic for you.

4. Deadpool (2013)

10 Deadpool and Wolverine Comics You Have to Read Before Deadpool 3

One of the more fun comic book stories on this list is where all deceased American presidents rise from the dead, and funnily enough, this isn’t the oddest Deadpool story on this list – it’s really cool.

Deadpool and Wolverine are once again in the center of the plot as buddies trying to save the world from evil undead presidents, and that escalates in the #15 issue when they need to join their skills to kill their enemies.

Deadpool still listens to the voices in his mind, but Wolverine is there to provide him with the rivalry and balance he needs. Other Marvel heroes are there, including Captain America, Thor, and S.H.I.E.L.D., with Maria Hill at the helm as a Director. The story is incredibly funny and will provide an introduction to Wolverine’s and Deadpool’s relationship, which is, at least to me, the favorite.

3. Uncanny X-Force (2010)

10 Deadpool and Wolverine Comics You Have to Read Before Deadpool 3

One of the best X-Force or X-Men comics is the Uncanny X-Force from 2010. Everything from the style, characterization, and story is amazing, and thankfully, Marvel decided to award us with Wolverine and Deadpool partnership.

The story revolves around Wolverine founding a secret black ops team of misfits and mercenaries called X-Force, including Psylocke, Nightcrawler, Deathlok, Archangel, and more, and they are on completing missions other superheroes do not want to smear their hands with other’s blood. This group does not hesitate to do bad things to achieve good things.


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Wolverine and Deadpool butt heads a lot during the comic book run, but that does not stop them from working together and ultimately saving the world. During the run, there are a lot of sacrifices, and questions of what is good and what isn’t – ultimately posing another question, is it all worth it in the end? The Uncanny X-Force is absolutely amazing, and you should definitely consider reading it before the release of Deadpool 3.

2. Deadpool: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly (2018)

10 Deadpool and Wolverine Comics You Have to Read Before Deadpool 3

As you can see from the title, it references the famous Sergio Leone movie that became a huge part of popular culture, and the reference got to Marvel comics. The protagonists of this entertaining comic book run are absolutely suitable for this title. The main heroes of this story are Captain America, Wolverine, and Deadpool, who are trying to stop the mad scientist Butler from experimenting on civilians in North Korea. Yes, North Korea, and although the story initially seems funny, it is far from it.

The seriousness of this comic book brings out the tragedies the trio has experienced in their lives, and one thing connects them – they were all victims of experiments. That fact is the driving force behind the trio’s determination, especially Deadpool, who opens up on an emotional level more than ever.

All in all, this should be the comic any Deadpool or Marvel fan needs to read because it changes our main heroes forever.

1. Wolverine (1994)

10 Deadpool and Wolverine Comics You Have to Read Before Deadpool 3

Finally, we left this comic book run and issue for the last, and we do not regret it. One of the longer Wolverine comic runs saw a great introduction of The Merc with a Mouth and Wolverine in 1994, specifically in issue #88. Logan comes to California to visit his friend Garrison Kane, who calls himself Weapon X. Logan barges into their apartment and sees Deadpool trashing it to find his ex-girlfriend, Vanessa.

The fight starts instantly, and the encounter becomes extremely bloody, which is usual for these two and sets a precedent for Deadpool’s and Wolverine’s relationship in the future. You do not have to read the whole run, but if you are interested in how these two met for the first time, this is the comic book you should check out. They met, got in a fight, severed a few limbs, and little did they know, became best friends – at least Deadpool thinks so.

We expect a lot from Deadpool 3, especially after the announcement of Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine being in the movie, and we cannot wait for more Deadpool content.

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