Rumors: Batman Is Next in Line for Casting in the DCU, Casting Call Is Expected Very Soon

Rumors Batman Is Next in Line for Casting in the DCU Casting Call is Expected Very Soon

After ‘Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom,’ the DC Universe (DCU) officially assumed control from the DCEU, placing iconic comic characters under the guidance of Safran and Gunn. Although the animated show ‘Creature Commandos’ is intended to inaugurate the DCU, the live-action dimension commences with the release of ‘Superman: Legacy,’ identified by Safran and Gunn as the true starting point of the DCEU. Other confirmed projects include ‘The Authority,’ centered on the eponymous team, ‘Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow’ featuring Milly Alcock as DCU’s Supergirl, and ‘Paradise Lost,’ a TV series delving into Wonder Woman-themed narratives on Themyscira.

Despite casting major roles like Superman, Lois Lane, and Supergirl, the live-action Batman in the DCU remains unknown. According to Charles Murphy, the next significant role the studio is set to cast is that of the Caped Crusader, with a casting call anticipated to be released “very soon.”

The introduction of DCU’s Batman is anticipated in ‘The Brave and the Bold,’ a film focusing on the Bat-Family and introducing Damian Wayne as a version of Robin, Batman’s son. James Gunn characterizes it as a “unique father and son narrative” centered around Batman and Robin. ‘The Brave and the Bold’ seeks to streamline the portrayal of Batman and avoids multiple iterations. Gunn underscores Batman’s pivotal role in the DCU, drawing inspiration from Grant Morrison’s comic run. Ben Affleck won’t reprise his DCEU role, while Matt Reeves’s Batman will continue independently labeled as DC Elseworlds. Director Andy Muschietti, of ‘The Flash,’ has been enlisted, with Barbara Muschietti co-producing alongside Gunn and Safran.


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Historically, actors taking on the role of Batman have consistently sparked diverse reactions within the community. Robert Pattinson received praise as a fitting and brooding Dark Knight by some, while others found it challenging to separate him from his previous role in ‘Twilight.’ What are your thoughts on the matter? Who do you envision as the ideal new Batman? Feel free to share your top picks in the comments below!

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