Rumors: Scarlet Witch Wanted for a Solo Movie

Rumors Scarlet Witch Wanted for a Solo Movie

Wanda’s journey in the MCU is profoundly poignant. Amidst the devastating Novi Grad Bombings, she endured loss and, alongside her brother Pietro, resorted to desperate measures to acquire power for retribution against Tony Stark. Pietro sacrificed himself when they turned against Ultron, leaving Wanda to navigate a path of love with Vision and defiance against Thanos.

Her MCU tenure saw the wrenching loss of Vision, her imagined children, and ultimately her sanity. Yet, she gained a potent compensation—the formidable powers of Scarlet Witch. Before her departure, Wanda executed a crucial act: she obliterated the Darkhold Castle on Wundagore Mountain, eliminating every copy of the Darkhold. The castle’s collapse seemingly claimed her life, as affirmed in the 2023 MCU timeline book. However, fans, fueled by hope, challenge the notion that one of the mightiest Avengers succumbed to mere rubble.

Rumors, as relayed by Cryptic HD QUALITY, a moderately reliable source on social media, suggest a potential return for Wanda in a solo MCU movie.

Despite rumors debunking her appearance in ‘Agatha’ and ‘Vision Quest’ projects, it’s somewhat surprising that speculation persists about Scarlet Witch’s return. In the official continuity, Wanda is declared dead, yet the Multiverse’s unleashed potential challenges the notion of characters being permanently gone. This newfound narrative flexibility opens avenues for reviving numerous canonically deceased characters.


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If this holds true, it’s nearly as thrilling as sporadic rumors hinting at a solo Hulk movie. Are you anticipating a Scarlet Witch solo movie? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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