The Rumors That Scarlet Witch Will Make an Appearance in ‘Agatha: Darkhold Diaries’ Have Been Debunked

The Rumors That Scarlet Witch Will Make an Appearance in ‘Agatha Darkhold Diaries Have Been Debunked

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‘WandaVision’ stands as one of Disney+’s top-rated shows, praised for its original take on Wanda’s post-blip life and emotional struggles. The introduction of compelling characters inevitably led to spinoffs, with the White Vision project and rumors of a Wiccan show gaining traction.

One particularly anticipated project is ‘Agatha: Darkhold Diaries,’ centered around the WandaVision villain, set to release in 2024. Despite teasers and details about the plot and Witches’ Road circulating, the primary focus remains on whether Wanda will make a cameo in ‘Agatha,’ even if a brief one.

Asif Ali, who portrayed Norm in ‘WandaVision,’ initially confirmed Wanda’s appearance in a now-deleted Instagram comment, creating a buzz among fans. However, subsequent statements from Scarlet Witch Updates on Twitter contradicted this, asserting that Wanda won’t be part of the upcoming show in any capacity.

Agatha played a significant role in Wanda’s journey to self-discovery as the Scarlet Witch, despite their strained relationship. However, given Agatha’s long history in witchcraft predating Wanda, it’s logical that her personal story doesn’t prominently feature Wanda, despite fans’ desire to see her back in the MCU. Nonetheless, there’s a hint that Asif’s statement may not have been entirely inaccurate, leaving room for a potential Wanda appearance in a flashback.

Wanda’s current standing within the MCU remains shrouded in uncertainty. Utilizing her powers, she obliterated the Castle, shattering the Scarlet Witch statue and eradicating all copies of the Darkhold across the Multiverse. As the Castle crumbled around her, she seemingly met her demise in the aftermath of ‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.’


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The peculiar farewell to one of the MCU’s most formidable and significant characters raises eyebrows among fans. Many find it hard to believe that this marks the conclusive chapter for Wanda, given her power and importance. However, the only evidence at hand consists of speculations, particularly as her demise is affirmed in the Official Marvel Timeline Book.

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