Rumors: Storm To Use Powerful & Iconic Marvel Weapon in ‘What If…?’ Season 3

Rumors Storm to Use Powerful Iconic Marvel Weapon in What If… Season 3

‘What If…?’ brought a new flavor to the MCU. Despite mixed reactions to its first season, its success led to more seasons and an expansion of the multiverse.

Season 2 unfolded unconventionally over nine days, with each episode serving as a holiday treat for fans. Even before its release, Season 3 was confirmed, rumored to be the show’s final installment, possibly airing in 2024. Brad Winderbaum hinted at the inclusion of boundary-pushing characters and deeper exploration of the multiverse.

Rumors have long hinted at Storm’s appearance in ‘What If…?’ Season 3, though some speculate she may debut in ‘Deadpool & Wolverine.’ Regardless, according to leaks, Storm will wield the iconic Marvel weapon, Mjolnir, in the show.

It’s uncertain whether Mjolnir will appear in the episode, or if the leaker is referring to Storm’s hammer, Stormcaster, as Mjolnir. Regardless, this wouldn’t be the first time the iconic hammer has been featured in the show. Most recently, Mjolnir was wielded by Kahhori in her battle against Demonic Doctor Strange.

As previously mentioned, this wouldn’t mark Storm’s first encounter with the hammer. At one point, she became the Goddess of Thunder herself, wielding a hammer crafted by Loki known as Stormcaster. Ororo Munroe used it frequently, particularly when she lost her own powers. However, upon realizing Loki’s manipulation, she relinquished it, only to later reclaim it from Thor. After using it to defeat the god Uovu, the hammer fulfilled its purpose and disintegrated.

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