Rumors: ‘What If…?’ Season 3 Is Already Finished and Might Be Released in 2024

What If Season 3

‘What If…?’ brought a breath of fresh air to the MCU. Despite the initial mixed reception of the first season, its success led to the approval of additional seasons, expanding the multiverse by drawing inspiration from various notable storylines. The unconventional release of Season 2 unfolded over nine days, with each episode serving as a special holiday gift for fans. Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige announced the development of the second season in December 2019; originally planned for 10 episodes, but due to COVID-19-related production delays, both seasons ultimately comprised nine episodes each.


Marvel Unveils Exciting Trailer for ‘What If…?’ Season 3

The originally planned tenth episode for the initial season, featuring variations of Tony Stark and Gamora, found its place in the second season. Each episode had a duration of approximately 30 minutes, with A. C. Bradley and Bryan Andrews returning as head writers and lead directors, respectively. The executive producers for the season included Brad Winderbaum, Kevin Feige, Louis D’Esposito, Victoria Alonso, Bryan Andrews, and A. C. Bradley.

With the obstacles posed by COVID-19 now resolved, there appears to be a swift development of episodes. According to circulating rumors, the third season might already be completed and could potentially be released in late 2024, as suggested by information shared by Cryptic on X.

Fans were quick to observe that based on Marvel Studios’ release schedule for this year, 2024 is poised to be a year dominated by animated content. Anticipated releases include ‘X-Men ’97,’ ‘Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man,’ and ‘Eyes of Wakanda.’

In addition, there are circulating rumors suggesting that Season 3 might mark the conclusion of ‘What If…?’ with executives showing little interest in extending the storylines further. Prior to the release of the final episode of ‘What If…?’ Season 2, writer A.C. Bradley announced her departure from the show, confirming that Season 2 is the last season she contributed to.

The responses to these rumors vary, as some fans express excitement about the prospect of more MCU content, while others cringe at the notion that Marvel Studios might be diluting its quality by releasing an increased quantity of content. This raises questions about the alignment with CEO Iger’s emphasis on prioritizing quality over quantity. What are your thoughts? Feel free to share in the comments below!

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