Rumors Suggest Possible Returns of Both Loki and He Who Remains in Future MCU Projects

Loki and He Who Remains return to the MCU

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The conclusion of ‘Loki’ Season 2 gracefully wraps up Loki’s journey in the MCU. Transitioning from a prominent villain to The God of Stories, his narrative comes full circle. While the threat of He Who Remains appears to be contained with the TVA still in existence, its purpose has shifted. Instead of pruning “dangerous” timelines, it now focuses on tracking down Kang’s variants.

In a pivotal moment, Loki taps into his divine abilities to dismantle the Time Loom, replacing it with the Yggdrasil—a sacred tree from Norse mythology, echoing both the source material and real-world myths.

Now condemned to eternal solitude, Loki becomes the heart and power source of Yggdrasil. The outcome suggests a dual possibility for Loki’s role in the MCU’s future—either a significant presence or a permanent absence due to his poignant destiny.

Adding to the intrigue, renowned source of scoops and leaks, Alex Perez, resurfaces with a rumor on X, hinting at the potential return of both Loki and He Who Remains in upcoming MCU projects.

The form of their return remains uncertain; it could involve flashbacks or brief cameos. It’s worth noting that Kang the Conqueror is slated to be the primary villain in the upcoming phases of the MCU. While his appearance is confirmed, the lingering question is whether the specific variant of He Who Remains will also emerge.


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Complicating matters is the speculation surrounding Jonathan Majors, who faces arrest amid assault rumors. If Marvel Studios can’t recast him, they may opt to minimize his role in future projects, impacting the potential presence of He Who Remains.

With Tom Hiddleston’s 15-year portrayal of Loki, the question of his continued role in the MCU remains unconfirmed.

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