Ryan Reynolds Says ‘Deadpool’ Is Family-Friendly, But ‘Green Lantern’ Is Not

Ryan Reynolds is known for a lot more than his acting talent. Reynolds is generally known for the specific humor he uses to rejoice his fans regardless of whether he’s in front of the camera or just posting something casual on social media. Reynolds is also known for being one of those actors who worked at both Marvel and DC (before it was cool).

Reynolds debuted as a Marvel character Wade Wilson in 2009’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine. In that movie, Reynolds played the role that he would really like for us to forget, but in 2016 he played the real Deadpool and redeemed both himself and the character of Wade Wilson on the big screen. He reprised the role two years later in Deadpool 2, and Deadpool 3 is in development, as both Reynolds and Marvel Studios Kevin Feige previously confirmed.

But after he played Wade Wilson, but before he played the real Wade Wilson, who became the real Deadpool, Reynolds played the role of Hal Jordan in the 2011 DC movie Green Lantern. The movie received negative reviews, and it grossed only $220 million against the $200 million budget. But if nothing, today that movie gives good material to Reynolds and his fans to joker and generally make fun out of it. There was even a reference in the first Deadpool movie in which Reynolds’s character said he doesn’t want his suit to be green, or animated.

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But, one thing that Reynolds’s Deadpool is known for is the R-rating of those movies. Despite Disney being known for the family-friendly content, Feige and Reynolds confirmed that Deadpool will keep the R-rating once Deadpool joins Marvel Cinematic Universe. Still, even though that Deadpool might be known as the most famous R-rated movie character, Reynolds recently said that Deadpool is fine to be watched by kids, but on the other hand, people shouldn’t watch Green Lantern before they turn their late 40s. Typical for him. But well, he’s also a father, so we presume he knows what’s he’s talking about.

Oh, yeah, you’re fine to watch Deadpool. No problem. […] No, do not watch that [Green Lantern]. You are not old enough for that. If you’re, like, roughly late 40s, you can watch Green Lantern. You’ll be ready for it then.”Ryan Reynolds

Deadpool 3 is in early development. It’s not known when we’re going to watch it in theaters, but we’re not expecting it anytime soon.

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