Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman Share Thoughts on Their Future in the MCU after ‘Deadpool & Wolverine’ Film: “I’m Very Nervous Talking to You”

Deadpool and Wolverine

‘Deadpool & Wolverine’ marks a significant release this year, poised to ignite a new era. For starters, it marks Deadpool’s inaugural venture into the MCU, fulfilling a long-standing wish of fans. Secondly, it’s a key component of a fresh strategy aimed at revitalizing faith in both the franchise and the studio.

Moreover, the film promises a plethora of cameos and variants, with some already confirmed and others swirling in the rumor mill.

Initial reports suggest that ‘Deadpool & Wolverine’ will play a crucial role in the ongoing narrative of the MCU, particularly because of its Multiversal themes. As details about the plot emerge, this assertion appears increasingly plausible.

Interestingly, while there’s considerable excitement surrounding the film’s release, one question seems to be flying under the radar: what happens next? Once the hype subsides and the theatrical run concludes, what lies ahead for the Deadpool and Wolverine variants?

Empire recently posed this very question to the duo during their latest interview, and both Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman provided intriguing responses:

Ryan Reynolds: I’m very nervous talking to you

Hugh Jackman: I’ve never been so scared of what’s coming out of my mouth.

It seems likely that the duo will extend their MCU tenure, especially given Disney’s current financial challenges; it would be a missed opportunity not to capitalize on their popularity further.

Regarding Deadpool, his role within the MCU canon remains somewhat unclear, aside from providing comic relief. However, there have been rumors suggesting Wolverine may play a significant part in ‘Avengers: Secret Wars.’

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