Ryan Reynolds Promises That Deadpool Is NOT In ‘Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness’

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Looks like already have a new No Way Home situation. We all still remember when Andrew Garfield denied his involvement in the latest Spider-Man movie multiple times, despite the rumors and leaks that were suggesting otherwise prior to the release of the movie. Garfield even said the leaked image where he can be seen on the set was photoshopped. And in the end, it turned out he really was in the movie. We won’t be rude and call him a liar because we can’t blame him for trying to keep such a big spoiler a secret, but still, he kinda reversed the truth.

Now, it seems like that situation got a spiritual sequel. The official trailer for the upcoming MCU movie Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness was released last weekend, and fans now have a lot of theories on who might show up in the movie, particularly because the movie will fully open the gates of the Marvel Multiverse. So many characters have been mentioned; X-Men from Fox’s movies, Tom Cruise as Iron Man, Captain Marvel variant, Captain Carter, and… Deadpool.

Although we won’t have a clear answer before the movie hits theaters, Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds didn’t waste any time denying his involvement in the upcoming MCU movie.

“I’m promising, I’m not in the movie.” — Ryan Reynolds for Variety


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Of course, knowing Reynolds, this answer could go either way, just like in Garfield’s situation. Ryan Reynolds debuted as Wade Wilson in 2009’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and he returned in his solo movie Deadpool in 2016, and the sequel Deadpool 2 followed in 2018. After that, Disney’s acquisition of Fox happened, which brought Deadpool back under Marvel Studios’ umbrella. Kevin Feige and Reynolds announced that Deadpool 3 will still happen (and it will be rated R), but that movie is still in early development and who knows when it’s going to land in theaters.

Bringing Deadpool in some other MCU movie before Deadpool 3 comes out seems like a perfect opportunity, especially in a movie that is set to be one wild Multiversal ride like Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Fans have their theories, Reynolds has his answer, but the real truth won’t be discovered before May 6, when Marvel fans will start running to theaters to see the highly anticipated movie starring Benedict Cumberbatch, directed by Sam Raimi.

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