20 Strongest Sailor Moon Characters Ranked

Sailor Moon: 20 Strongest Main Characters Ranked

The Sailor Moon series consists of dozens of amazing characters. Each of them has unique attacks and power sets designed around specific elements. Some are insanely powerful and have the ability to transform into more powerful versions of themselves, and some are just downright underwhelming in terms of raw power.

Without further ado, here are the top 20 Sailor Moon characters ranked from least to most powerful characters

20. Sailor Luna 

Sailor Moon: 20 Strongest Main Characters Ranked

Luna is a talking black cat that advises, guides, and trains Sailor Moon and the Sailor Guardians. She is very wise and helps to ground the magical girls whenever they get too crazy in their adventures. During the mid-series, she is bathed with the Silver Crystal and obtains the ability to transform into a human form as Sailor Luna. 

Sailor Luna is kind of unpredictable and considered weak compared to the others as she is unable to maintain her human form under different circumstances. For instance, if she were to sneeze or becomes unconscious, she would automatically revert back to her toy cat form. 

She also depicts cat characteristics even as a human, which in some ways pose as a weakness. For instance, in her human form, she is still afraid of dogs and can get distracted by cat toys. She wields a giant folding fan as a weapon but it does not deal high damage. 

19. Sailor Quartet

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Sailor Quartet, also known as the Amazoness Quartet, is comprised of four members named after four Asteroids in the Solar System; Sailor Ceres, Sailor Vesta, Sailor Juno, and Sailor Pallas. They are responsible for guarding Sailor Chibi Moon and at a certain point in the story, they would help fight against Sailor Galaxia along with Sailor Chibi Moon. 

Though they are known for being strong together, the threat they posed was never anything near major, marking them as probably one of the weakest among the Sailor Scouts. Their attacks are based on circus skills such as summoning plants, summoning lemures, using dolls, and stealing dreams. 

18. Sailor Kakyuu

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Sailor Kakyuu (also known as Princess Kakyuu in the anime) is the princess of the planet Kinmoku. She fled to Earth after the Shadow Galactica Empire had her planet destroyed. She has unique features, wearing a star tiara, choker, blue ribbons and a skirt that consists of orange-red translucent petals. 

She has an energy attack known as Starlight Royal Straight Flush that mirrors the best hand in a card game, but it is considered weak among the others. She can be seen unable to keep up with the others when she teams up with Sailor Moon, Sailor Chibi Moon, and Asteroid Senshi. She is also killed by Sailor Galaxia’s servants, Sailor Chi and Phi.  


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17. Sailor Star Healer

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Sailor Star Healer came to Earth along with the other Starlights after their homeworld was destroyed by Sailor Galaxia. In her civilian form, she is a male who studies in Juban High School. She became a member of the Three Lights and teamed up with her fellow Sailor Guardians to attack Galaxia. 

As her name suggests, she has the power to heal and she has the most spiritual awareness among the others. For instance, she is able to determine when Galaxia or her minions have taken the Star Seeds. 

She has a rather powerful attack known as Star Sensitive Inferno. An offensive attack that shoots a blast of lightning at an enemy to harm them. She could also use it to its maximum damage to kill enemies but she rarely uses it and only uses it to weaken her enemies. As a Sailor Starlight, she is also able to teleport and grow wings, giving her an advantage over the other Sailors. 

16. Sailor Star Maker

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A member of the trio of Starlights (Sailor Star Healer, Sailor Star Fighter, and Sailor Star Maker), Star Maker came to Earth under the guise of a male student, Kou Taiki who studies in Juban High School. She shows a high level of intelligence, gaining the highest scores in exams as well as beating Ami Mizuno (Sailor Mercury) in exams. 

She uses an energy conversion attack that shoots multiple balls of light known as Star Gentle Uterus. Just like Sailor Star Healer’s attack, it is an offensive attack that could kill but Star Maker rarely uses it in that form. Like the other Starlights, she has the ability to teleport and grow wings as well. 

15. Sailor Chi and Sailor Phi 

Sailor Moon: 20 Strongest Main Characters Ranked

Sailor Chi and Sailor Phi are the loyal servants of Sailor Galaxia. They are also the second in command in Shadow Galactica. They are known as the Star Gardeners, watching over the star seeds that are kept in the Star Garden. They are also Sailor Galaxia’s messengers and help manage the other servants as well. 

They each carry a staff with a sun symbol which they use in fights and to collect Star Seeds. They are formidable foes, being the ones responsible for killing Sailor Kakyuu, all three Sailor Starlights, Sailors Lethe and Mnemosyne. 


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14. Sailor Chibi Moon

Sailor Moon: 20 Strongest Main Characters Ranked

Sailor Chibi Moon, also known as Chibiusa in her civilian form, is the child of King Endymion and Neo Queen Serenity. She is also known to be the heir to the Silver Millennium. In her early stages, she showed signs of lack of growth and magical abilities letting others to believe that she might not be the biological daughter of the king and queen. The fact is that she just hasn’t developed her powers yet. 

She has the potential to be extremely powerful. This is shown when she was transformed into her evil form Black Lady, who posed a major threat to her mother’s team of Sailor Senshi. As Sailor Chibi Moon, she also has the ability to transform into Super Sailor Chibi Moon and Eternal Sailor Chibi Moon, giving her a handful of different powers as well.

In one circumstance, she was also able to use her blast of Pink Sugar Heart Attack to subdue Mistress 9, something the other five Sailor Guardians struggled at. 

13. Sailor Mars

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Sailor Mars, also known as Rei Hino, is the second Sailor Senshi to be discovered by Usagi. She has fire-themed abilities and is able to use special powers in civilian form. However, she ranks relatively low on the power scale. 

While other Sailor Senshis experience transformations and developing other powers, Sailor Mars doesn’t. She has the power to control and cast strong fire attacks at her enemies but they rarely do major damage to them.

She usually stuns them until the other Senshis come along. However, she also has some psychic abilities that are useful at times, such as being able to do fire readings, dispel evil spirits as well as having a sixth sense. 

12. Sailor Mercury

Sailor Moon: 20 Strongest Main Characters Ranked

Sailor Mercury, also known as Ami Mizuno in her civilian form, is one of the original five Inner Sailor Guardians of the Solar System. She is the first Sailor Senshi to be discovered by Sailor Moon. She is known for her intelligence and capabilities using technology, often using supercomputers to collect useful data in battles. She is often dubbed as the “brains” of the group and rumored by other characters to have an IQ of at least three hundred. 

She also has powers associated with ice and water. One of her offensive attacks is the Shine Aqua Illusion, capable of freezing enemies in solid ice, creating a defensive barrier, or using it as a projectile. In addition to her powers, she also has more non-magical items than the other Senshis.

Her micro supercomputer is able to scan her surroundings, track movements of enemies and allies as well as determine the weak points of enemies. In a few titles of the series, she receives other items and weapons such as the Sailor Star Tambo and the Mercury Harp. 


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11. Sailor Jupiter

Sailor Moon: 20 Strongest Main Characters Ranked

Sailor Jupiter, also known as Makoto Kino, is the powerhouse behind the Inner Guardians. She is one of the few Sailor Senshis who has displayed exorbitant strength and fighting capacity by defeating enemies without backup. She also has a strong, independent personality and stands out among the other Senshis as she appears to be very tall. 

Her powers are electricity and earth affiliated. One of her stronger attacks is Supreme Thunder, where she casts white bolts of lightning at her enemies. Sailor Jupiter possesses superhuman strength as well. Along with the fact that she is a trained martial artist, she is dubbed as the “muscle” of the group.

Although some might find that her magic powers are lacking, she is one of the strongest Sailor Scouts, capable of pulverizing foes with brute strength.

10. Sailor Venus

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Sailor Venus, also known as Minako Aino, was the first Sailor Scout who became the commander of the Inner Senshi.  Although Sailor Moon is usually depicted as the team leader of the Senshis, the honor goes to Sailor Venus. Later on, she becomes the guardian of Princess Serenity. 

She has a compassionate and kind personality, often displaying kindness to her fellow Senshis. She masqueraded as a superhero known as Sailor V, displaying her prowess in hand-to-hand combat, until she is awakened as Sailor Venus. 

She displays certain powers in her human form, such as being able to jump very high and running very fast. In her Senshi form, her powers are associated with love and light. Often underestimated, she is able to target and manipulate the emotions of people.

This would make her the surprising hidden force in battle. When it comes to battles, she displays a level of maturity, cunning, and high intelligence and is often the strategist of the group. 

9. Sailor Neptune

Sailor Moon: 20 Strongest Main Characters Ranked

Sailor Neptune, also known as Michiru Kaiou, is an extremely beautiful and delicate-looking girl. She has a love for music and swimming and is depicted as the epitome of sheer elegance and feminity in both manga and anime. She is also described as the “ideal princess” by her peers.   

She possesses abilities based on the sea as well as psychic and precognitive abilities. She holds a special hand mirror, known as the Deep Aqua Mirror which is one of three powerful Talismans. She uses the mirror to invoke extremely powerful and devastating attacks.

She also uses a violin called the Marine Cathedrale, which she uses to invoke an attack called the Submarine Violon Tide. She also displays precognitive abilities even in civilian form, capable of detecting evil presence. 

Living on the furthest planet from the moon, she guards the Moon palace and as such, is the Moon Kingdom’s first line of defense against enemies. 


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8. Sailor Uranus

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Sailor Uranus, also known as Haruka Tenou, is one of the four Outer Senshi. She is also Sailor Neptune’s lover.  She is depicted as arrogant and stubborn as compared to her lover Michiru. Confident, aggressive, and courageous, she is hard to like and dubbed as the anti-hero of the guardians.

She often makes touch choices that are not ideal or aren’t the most practical. She has a strong determination to banish evil, also often bridging the extra mile to defeat enemies.  

She has earth-based abilities and wields the Space Sword. The Space Sword is one of the three powerful Talismans which she uses to strike enemies physically or fire damaging energies with it. She can cast devastating attacks such as World Shaking and Space Turbulence.

She is also a top-tier athlete and is trained in martial arts. On top of that, she displays psychic, cognitive abilities that come in the form of dreams. 

7. Sailor Chibi Chibi

Sailor Moon: 20 Strongest Main Characters Ranked

Sailor Chibi Chibi, also known as Chibi Chibi is the Star Seed of Sailor Galaxia. When Sailor Galaxia’s Star Seed left her as Chaos took over her body, her Star Seed metamorphosized into Chibi Chibi. 

She has some immense powerful abilities. As of now, she plays the role of support for the Senshis. She is able to amplify the abilities of the other Senshis and that makes her an important ally on their side of the battle. She is also able to transform into weapons that can be used by the other Senshis.

For instance, she became a sword when the Senshis fought Galaxia. Apart from that, she can transport and teleport a number of people over vast distances.

During the fight against Galaxia, she’s also dubbed as the “light of hope” by the Starlights, referencing that she’s their one and only chance to defeat her. With that being said, Chibi Chibi is still just a toddler, which means she has plenty of room to grow and gain more abilities.

Though the scope of her powers is not really displayed clearly, no doubt she will be a force to reckon with once she fully develops. 

6. Sailor Pluto

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Sailor Pluto, also known as Setsuna Meiou, is the Guardian of Time and Space. She is the oldest among the Senshis and the most experienced among them. She guards the Space-Time Door and holds the responsibility of forbidding anyone to use it without permission. She is extremely dutiful and follows the rules very seriously. 

Her powers are based on time, space and darkness. She can control time but only uses it in extreme circumstances. In the Black Moon Arc, she stops time in its tracks to save the life of Chibiusa.

She is also able to control the opening and closing of the Space-Time Door, which she used to help defeat Pharaoh 90. She also shows her formidability by being able to go toe-toe with Sailor Moon whilst preventing her to use the Space-Time Door. 

However, as a Sailor Guardian, she is literally a guardian and does not get to do much else. Also, the source of her abilities and attacks are associated with her Garnet Rod, which means she can’t do anything without it. This puts her at a huge disadvantage. 


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5. Sailor Saturn

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Sailor Saturn, also known as Hotaru Tomoe, is the Senshi of death and rebirth. She possesses powers based on destruction, death, rebirth, and ruin. She is known as a god of destruction, with immense powers to destroy worlds and the potential to wipe out an entire galaxy or reset its evolution. 

However, her power comes at a very steep price rendering it more of a one-time use situation. As she uses her immense powers, Sailor Saturn dies and gets reborn into an infant. Her powers are tremendous to the point that villains such as Pharoh 90 and Mistress 9 tried to gain control of it. She also has the ability to create force fields, energy beams as well as heal minor wounds. 

A destructive force to be reckoned with, she is put in a stasis state to protect the world and herself from her power, and only awakened in dire circumstances where she is needed to wipe out everything to start anew. 

4. Sailor Galaxia

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Sailor Galaxia is a human-like female alien and the main antagonist of the fifth story arc. She proclaims herself as the Golden Queen of Shadow Galactica and is also known as the Guardian of Solitude.

At a point in time, she was a Senshi, who then became taken over by Chaos and turning her evil, amplifying her powers against the other Senshis. The exact opposite of Sailor Moon, while Sailor Moon values all life, Galaxia intends to extinguish it. 

Her lust for power led her to destroy countless worlds and harvested their inhabitant’s star seeds to become even stronger. She is able to destroy planets with a flick of her wrist. She has also successfully killed more Senshis than any other villains, and even reanimating them to become her minions or puppets.

In the series, she was able to eliminate all of the Sailor Senshis except for Sailor Moon, Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon, and the Sailor Starlights. 

3. Neo Queen Serenity

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Neo Queen Serenity is the future form of Sailor Moon and the Queen of the Moon and Earth in the Thirtieth Century. She is also the wife of King Endymion and mother to Chibiusa. She is known for curing the world of all evil and sickness and is also proclaimed as the Messiah of Peace by certain Senshis. 

Her portrayal in the anime is relatively minor, but it can be assumed that Neo Queen Serenity possesses all of Sailor Moon’s powers on top of her current powers. She has regenerating abilities and can also conjure weapons and items out of thin air. She is also able to make use of the Millennium Crystal, a lot more effectively than Sailor Moon has done so far. 


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2. Sailor Moon  

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Sailor Moon, also known as Usagi Tsukino, is the Soldier of Love and Justice. Physically she might not be the most powerful, often relying on her teammates and having a hard time battling her enemies. However, she is the sole person who can wield the ultimate source of absolute and limitless power, the Silver Crystal. 

She also holds the power of love, the ultimate form of power known in the Sailor universe. Through her power of love, she is able to heal and restore what is broken and tainted. It is said that what Sailor Saturn can decimate, Sailor Moon can rebuild them. Her abilities include numerous strong attacks with her tiara, supersonic waves, and even a magical kiss. 

To add to her strength is her courage and her strong determination to save the person she is fighting because there is still hope for them. However, what makes her stand out is her sheer potential. In the story’s progression, fans can see Usagi transforming into different forms that make her a formidable force. 

1. Sailor Cosmos  

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Sailor Cosmos is the most evolved future form of Sailor Moon that fans know of, as she never appears in the anime. A mysterious figure even at the end of the series, she is the most powerful character in the series. She appears to not only have Sailor Moon’s abilities but also the many powers of the other Senshis as well. 

She is also able to foresee the future, and determine events to come that gives her an advantage when it comes to enemy attacks or the futures of those she is with. She wildly overpowers the rest with abilities that no one else can come close to making her the ultimate Senshi.