Scarlet Witch vs. Vision: Who Would Win in a Fight Between the Lovers?

scarlet witch vs vision

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Thanks to the popularity of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Scarlet Witch, and Vision have become mainstream characters, which wasn’t really the case before, especially when the latter is concerned. Still, the on-screen romance between the two and the ‘WandaVision’ TV series on Disney+ turned these two into essential characters within the Marvel Universe. This is why we have decided to compare their strengths and see who would win in a fight between Scarlet Witch and Vision.

Despite Vision having a more diversified powerset, Wanda’s magical powers are more than enough for her to emerge as the winner in this very unlikely-to-happen fight against Vision.

Speaking of Scarlet Witch vs. Vision, there’s still a lot to be said. Throughout the rest of this article, we will look at their powers in more detail and see how the fight between Scarlet Witch and Vision would play out.  

Wanda’s powers

As far as Scarlet Witch is concerned, her powers were initially not precisely defined. Due to her mutations, she could use “hex powers” that could cause random and unlikely events to take place, but the writers never defined her powers precisely. This allowed all future writers a lot of creative freedom, and with time – Scarlet Witch became more and more powerful.

Later, writers gave her increased control over her power to cause specific events, not just random ones. She later learned how to use exact magic, similar to the one Doctor Strange uses, but it was later defined as chaos magic.

This was offered as an explanation for her feats that seemed to go beyond probability alteration and why her hexes almost always have an effect favorable to her goals.


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Her powers were again retconned in the “Avengers: Disassembled” storyline. Chaos magic was removed and replaced with reality warping, which gave Scarlet Witch an incredible amount of power and instantly made her one of the strongest characters in the Marvel canon; with these powers, she could change the whole universe.

Despite them being taken away once again during a small retcon (where it was explained that an outside force temporarily amplified her powers), these powers seem to have been given back to her later when it was revealed that she was able to exhibit a degree of resistance to the Phoenix Force and can cause pain to its hosts, which is truly incredible.

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Vision’s powers

Vision was once described as “every inch a human being—except that all of his bodily organs are constructed of synthetic materials.” In battle, this enabled him to use human adaptability while utilizing combat maneuvers resembling a robot’s.

The Solar Jewel on his forehead can discharge solar energy through optic beams; with this, he can fire beams of infrared and microwave radiation. In extreme cases, he can even discharge this same power through the Solar Jewel itself, which amplifies its destructive effects considerably, albeit at the cost of losing most of his resources.

Vision can likewise change its own density by interacting with an unknown dimension. This, at its lowest, allows him flight and a ghostly, phasing intangibility, and at its heaviest, a density that gives him superhuman strength, immovability, and a diamond-hard near invulnerability.

Vision also has superhuman senses, superhuman stamina, reflexes, speed, agility, strength (even without being at high density), superhuman analytical capabilities, and the ability to process information and make calculations with superhuman speed and accuracy.

He was trained in hand-to-hand combat by none other than Captain America, is an expert in the combat use of his superhuman powers, and is a highly skilled tactician and strategist. The Vision is an expert on its own construction and repair.


Now that we’ve seen both their powers, we can answer the main question – who is stronger?

Who is more powerful, Vision or Wanda?

First, we have to say that it is highly unlikely to see these two fight since they are romantically involved and even have children together. It’s not impossible – comic books are known for being creative – but it is highly improbable. But, since it’s not impossible, we should examine how a fight between these two would end.

Vision could defeat the Scarlet Witch with relative ease in terms of physical power. Vision is a much better fighter with many different abilities that can make him physically stronger and very hard to hit. On the other hand, Wanda is relatively defenseless in a hand-to-hand fight and would lose to most other characters in such circumstances.

As far as other powers are concerned, Vision does seem to have more at his disposal. He can shoot energy beams and change his structure and has superhuman abilities. On the other hand, Scarlet Witch doesn’t have so many abilities, but her magic is extremely powerful.


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She can warp reality to her own will and is even capable of resisting the Phoenix Force, which is a truly amazing feat. And if you include the full potential of her powers (something talked about often within the context of the MCU), she might even be as strong as Thanos.

So, who would win? Despite potentially causing a stir, we think that Scarlet Witch would ultimately be able to defeat Vision. Yes, Vision does have more powers and could potentially knock Wanda out with relative ease, but if Wanda managed to activate her powers, Vision wouldn’t be able to do much.

Since he’s basically a machine, Wanda could easily use her reality-warping powers to completely deconstruct Vision and thus win in a fight.

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