Hela vs. Scarlet Witch: Who Would Win in a Fight?

Hela Vs Scarlet With: Who Would Win In A Fight

Hela and Scarlet Witch are among the most powerful characters in the Marvel Universe. Their special abilities and superpowers are not to mess with and both are believed to be strong enough to conquer the entire cosmos. Hela is the goddess of death, while Scarlet Witch is a mighty witch with hex powers. But who would win a fight between these two? Let’s take a look at their strengths and weaknesses to see who would come out on top in an epic showdown of Hela Vs. Scarlet Witch!

Hela would win against Scarlet Witch. Objectively, while Wanda’s magical powers are more powerful than ever and she can easily overpower almost anybody, Hela is just so freakishly strong that in order to defeat her you’d need to destroy the whole planet as Asgardians did. When it comes to combat, Hela’s calculated bearing and centuries of experience on the battlefields can easily overpower Wanda’s unstable raw power.

Now, if I had to answer this question before Wanda got her hands on Darkhold, I would easily say that Hela would win any time. But now that we know what Scarlet Witch is capable of and how powerful she got, I am not so sure that Hela would always win, especially if their clash would be on Earth. Let’s analyze these two characters a bit further to see if my ruling is on point or not.


Hela is believed to be one of the most powerful Asgardian that ever existed with only Odin being more powerful and that when he was at his prime. Hella possesses superhuman strength and she was able to catch Mjolnir while flying towards her at full speed and smashing it with her hand. She is also extremely durable and can withstand enormous amounts of powerful blows such as Thor’s lightning blasts at his full capacity. It took summoning Surtur, a powerful fire demon who would eventually overmatch Hela’s strength and destroy Asgard in the process.

Hela Vs Scarlet Witch: Who Would Win In A Fight

Scarlet Witch, on the other hand, is not so physically strong. She can be quite vulnerable when caught off guard and when not using her magical powers. We’ve seen that several times throughout the franchise and the most obvious scene was in Infinity War when Proxima Midnight was seconds away from ending her life if other Avengers did not interfere. When talking about physical strength, she is strong as any ordinary human, so Hela would easily defeat her with just one punch.

So, Hela 1, Scarlet Witch 0.


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Powers and abilities

Hela is an Asgardian goddess of death and she draws her power from Asgard. Hela possesses various abilities like super speed and super reflexes. She is able to move so fast that she can outpace Thor and Valkyrie in combat and is also able to dodge and outmaneuver their attacks with ease.

Hela is also able to regenerate and heal herself from any wound, no matter how severe. Hela was able to heal when Thor impaled her with Gungnir, as well as when he electrocuted her after Valkyrie injured her with Dragonfang. Also, due to her connection to Asgard from which she draws her power, she’s considered to be immortal as long as Asgard existed.

Besides that, Hela is known for summoning and manifesting various weapons like Necroswords, spears, and other blades which are extremely powerful and destructive. She can create various armors also. As goddess of death, she can also resurrect her dead allies and can open portals that lead to other places.

Scarlet Witch, on the other hand, has reached the peak of her powers and possesses telekinetic and psionic abilities that are extremely powerful so she almost defeated Thanos herself. She can manipulate and levitate objects as she will and use them to cause mass destruction.

Wanda mastered creating force fields around her which enables her to either shield herself or destroy her enemies with ease. With her mental and emotional manipulations, she can easily get inside others’ heads and cause them to have hallucinations and illusions that usually elicit fear and emotional damage to her opponents. By using her psionic energy, she is able to levitate and stimulate flight.

Scarlet Witch is the most powerful witch and is considered to be powerful enough to destroy the whole cosmos. Mind stone granted her magical powers, but she only scratched the surface of them. Later on, when she started studying the Darkhold her magic power got so powerful that she took down the full might of Kamar-taj and all the sorcerers there by herself.


She is able to produce Chaos Magic which provides her to emit energy and cast spells without incantation. Warping reality and creating illusions were best shown in the WandaVision series. Darkhold also helped Wanda to unlock her other powers such as transferring her consciousness into herself’s body from other universes and the ability to absorb others’ powers.

As power comparison goes, this is where Wanda takes a point.

Hela 1, Scarlet Witch 1.

Combat skills

Hela was Odin’s best warrior and is considered to be Asgardian’s best conqueror ever. She is a very skilled combatant and her enemies are always easily defeated by her. Hela did get defeated in the past many times, but, we witnessed how powerful and prepared for a fight she is during her brawls with Thor and Valkyrie during Thor: Ragnarok.

What makes her such a great warrior is the fact she can fight at close range and create long-range damage also. Her reflexes and agility make her almost undefeatable in close-range fights as she is capable to predict, dodge and counterattack others’ strikes. Hela is an excellent tactician and typically fights with her hands while summoning various weapons. She is very skilled with swords and was also the first wielder of Mjolnir.

By summoning weapons like Necroswords, blades, and knives and then directing them toward her enemies, she is very skilled in long-range combat and can produce high amounts of damage by doing so.

Scarlet Witch has some experience in the field of battle, but it can’t be compared to Hela’s centuries-long conquests. Avengers trained Wanda to be prepared for a fight when needed, but that is not her main trait as she relies on her magic powers mostly and usually fights from some distance from her enemy.

Although her powers are more than capable to destroy any opponent, when distracted, she can become very vulnerable to attacks from others. We’ve seen that she is not vulnerable as she was when she fought the Illuminati team in Dr. Strange: Multiverse of Madness, but can still be caught off guard.

That being said, I believe that Hela is more combat-ready.

Hela 2, Scarlet Witch 1.


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Hela vs. Scarlet Witch: Who Would Win in a Fight?

Scarlet is a powerful opponent and would be a formidable foe for Hela in a fight. However, it is my belief that Hela would overall come out as a winner as she is more versatile in combat.

Scarlet Witch possesses extraordinary abilities and her magic powers could destroy any opponent, but her mental state and clouded reasoning make her somewhat vulnerable in contrast to Hela that is always concentrated and always keep her eyes on the target. Her long-range attacks with swords and blades could leave Scarlet distracted for seconds, and for Hela, seconds are enough.

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