‘Seoul Vibe’ Ending, Explained: Who Survives in Seoul Vibe?

Seoul Vibe

Welcome to the Ending Explained for Seoul Vibe, a new action comedy film that has arrived at Netflix directly from South Korea. The film is directed by Hyun-sung Moon, and tells the story of a group of friends, all of them amazing drivers, who are recruited by a mafia organization with the objective of becoming their delivery guys. As the group becomes better and better at their job, they also begin to get more and more involved in the criminal underground, and the consequences are quite dangerous.

Seoul Vibe has a lot of personalities, and the cast is filled with multiple actors that most of you who dwell in the South Korean media might have seen in other movies or TV dramas. The cast is great, but the movie is a bit of a mess. There are just too many elements in the mix, and none of them is given the time to properly develop them. The result is a film with a lot of characters that feel more like cartoons and also tons of plot elements that are left in the background, never amounting to anything.

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The following paragraphs contain spoilers for Seoul Vibe. Read at your own risk.

Do The Protagonists Get Discovered As Traitors In Seoul Vibe?

Seoul Vibe is, first and most of all, a movie about friendship. If there is a constant among the plethora of elements that are introduced in this movie, it is the fact that the protagonist is not only a great friend, they are family. It is very much in the vein of how the Fast & Furious movies work with the concept. Seoul Vibe even replicates a couple of sequences taken from the Fast & Furious movies, as well as from other car-centric films like Mad Max: Fury Road.

We are introduced to the main character of the movie very early on. His name is Dong-wook, and he is one of the best drivers in South Korea. We meet him in Saudi Arabia, as he transports guns between borders. He works with one of his best friends, Joon-ki. After getting paid for the job, the two friends decide to go back to South Korea. They arrive in a country that has been rapidly developing. McDonald’s is now in the city of Seoul, for example, and the city is also preparing itself for the start of the Olympic Games of 1988.

Seoul Vibe

Dong and Joon go back home, and they reunite with the rest of the gang. Lee, a taxi driver. Go, who works as a DJ in a bar, and Park, who is revealed to be Dong’s sister. All of them have known each other since they were kids, and they work very well together. They have a passion for cars and anything related to the USA. The group celebrates the return of two of their members, and everyone seems fine until they receive an unexpected visit.

The team is visited by the Chief Prosecutor of the city of Seoul. The Chief knows everything about Dong’s criminal life, as well as the others’ crimes. He offers a way out, though. The Chief is building a case against a dangerous mafia organization. Luckily, the mafia is looking for new drivers, and so the Chief proposes that in exchange for working as undercover agents for him and helping him take down the mafia, he will erase their criminal records. The gang accepts.

Who Survives In Seoul Vibe?

The entire team goes to meet the mafia, and they are put to the test by driving in a racer against other famous drivers in the city. The team wins, and they are recruited into the organization. The mafia is led by a woman named Kang and her right hand, Lee. Lee is quite dangerous, very strict, unpredictable, and a bit crazy. He is a bit suspicious of the team, but as they manage to complete each of the missions, he is forced to accept them.

Meanwhile, the Chief adds a new mission to the team: the recovery of a little black book. In this book are written the names of every contact and ally of Kang’s, and it would help the Chief to kill off corruption inside the Korean government in one strike. The mission seems dangerous, but Go takes it personally. He has been getting closer with Kang’s secretary, and he believes he can gain access to the black book. He achieves the goal and gives the book to the Chief. Unfortunately, he is discovered by Lee, and he is tortured.

Seoul Vibe

The rest of the team is in shambles, as Go has been captured, and the Chief cannot protect them now that their undercover façade has been discovered. Dong comes up with a plan. He managed to record Kang’s dissatisfaction with Lee, and he shows the recording to Lee, who feels betrayed and decides to leave the organization. However, as the team knows the route of one last delivery of money, they plan to steal it and leave with it to the city of Los Angeles.

In one final sequence, Dong’s team, Lee’s men, and Kang’s goons are all behind the money delivery that amounts to millions of dollars. In the end, Dong manages to grab the delivery and Lee crashes to his ultimate end. Dong faces Kang, who is killed after being thrown from an airplane. Dong lands safe and sound, and while most of the money ends up being dispersed throughout Seoul, he manages to grab enough money in the bag for himself and his friends.

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