Servant Season 4 Episode 8 Review, Recap, & Ending Explained

Servant Season 4 Episode 5 Review Recap Ending

Welcome to the ending explained for Episode 8 of the fourth season of Servant. During the last week’s episode, we saw that uncle George lied to the Turners about Leanne’s true nature, and in Episode 8, the consequences of that lie finally caught up to both George and the Turners. Philadelphia is caught up in the storm of the century, the tunnels beneath the house are drenched in blood, and Dorothy is, in the end, left alone with Leanne. This week’s episode has been an exciting one, and with Leanne no longer holding herself back, we can safely say that things are slowly coming toward their natural end.

The storm of the century is brewing over Philadelphia, and an even bigger storm is brewing in the Turner household

At the beginning of the episode, we can see the news report that a massive storm has come to Philadelphia. Naturally, I’m going to assume that Leanne is in one way or another connected to it since George did warn the Turners that Leanne’s malevolent influence will not stay contained to the house alone. It will spread all across the city, and judging by the number of rats we can see escaping from the sewers, Leanne is in an infected wound in the middle of the city.

Servant storm

Leanne approaches Julian, and he shrugs her off with false bravado, commenting that the storm is nothing special. There is, however, a glimmer of doubt in his voice. No matter what George tells them, he is still not fully convinced that there’s nothing supernatural about her. This is why he decided to, along with Sean, check out the tunnels beneath the house to develop another plan for how to get rid of Leanne. Both of them refuse to be the ones to deliver Leanne to George, even though they are “convinced” that George simply wants to talk to her.

Servant tunnels

We, however, are aware that George lied that he left the cult and is most certainly planning a lot more than simply having a chit-chat with Leanne. Speaking of Leanne, Dorothy and her have a heartfelt conversation. Dorothy honestly wants to know why Leanne choose her to ruin her life. Leanne answers that she needed help, but we all know this is not the reason why she decided to haunt the Turner house. Leanne has had a fixation on Dorothy for as long as she can remember. Resurrecting Jericho was just the first step toward her twisted strategy to implant herself in every part of Dorothy’s life.

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Sean and Julian finally decide to deal with Leanne

Dorothy refused to feel any sympathy for Leanne, which resulted in Leanne climbing to the roof of the house and having an argument with the god himself. She was almost struck by lightning, to which she started laughing manically in what appears to be a “cheesy villain moment.”

Lightning Servant

She was interrupted by Julian, who was shocked by the scene in front of him. He demanded that she climbs down, which she did. This resulted in another psychotic meltdown from Leanne. She claimed that the storm was for her, that the god was manifesting through violent gusts of wind and outbursts of lightning, trying to scare her.

Julian had had enough of it by now, and he finally snapped and attempted to subdue Leanne. Sean joined him, and together they knocked out Leanne. They placed her in Dorothy’s wheelchair and tied her arms so she couldn’t resist. With Leanne now secured, they went down to the tunnels where George was waiting with the cultists.

Sean catches Leanne

Both Julian and Sean were aware that George would try to physically hurt Leanne, they saw the fire, and this is when things clicked into place. Still, they decided not to interrupt “fate” when it came to Leanne and left her at the mercy of cultists.
At the same time, Dorothy was showering and heard Jericho scream she wanted to leave the shower, which resulted in her falling down. This will be important later.

Uncle George meets an untimely demise

What follows now is perhaps the most idiotic moment in the whole series. By now, we’re used to the fact that the Church of the Lesser Saints has, perhaps, the worst approaches to apprehending Leanne in the history of the world. They constantly send their “worst” people to get Leanne – who they believe is a fallen angel, and they constantly fail. Even though they vastly outnumber and overpower Leanne. Anyway, turns out that George is no different than your average jarhead cultist.

Uncle George tunnels

Leanne is bound in the wheelchair, and George unties her. He realizes that restraints mean nothing to her, she does have supernatural powers in the end, and she can utilize them even if she is tied. Leanne is awfully calm for someone who has just been hurt by her “family” and delivered to the cult.
George asks for Leanne’s understanding and proceeds to piss her off by calling her an abomination and unnatural, evil even. Leanne and George are discussing theology and philosophy, and there is no sense of urgency whatsoever in the scene, nor tension.

This is something that has been a problem since the first season. Instead of going straight for the kill, the cultists tend to have long and unnecessary dramatic tirades before they strike, which leaves ample time for Leanne to plan her escape strategy. Anyway, George did something even more idiotic.

After calling Leanne evil and unnatural, he pulled the dagger out of the fire and handed it to her. Asking her to kill herself since she is the only one that can do it. Perhaps, in this way, she can give peace to Turners, repair the damage she has done, and redeem her soul. Leanne, naturally, used the dagger to kill George instead, stabbing him in the neck. She then proceeded to slaughter the other cultists.

Leanne uncle george dagger

When she was done with the cultists, she returned to George’s corpse, slashed his arms, and stabbed him through the eyes. The manner in which she desecrated George’s corpse is not without meaning, however, as this is understood to be one way to deal with fallen angels.

Leanne swiftly deals with Julian and Sean

Back upstairs, Sean and Julian hear the commotion downstairs and soon hear the familiar clicking of Leanne’s footwear. Sean arms himself with a kitchen knife and makes his way toward the basement. While he was passing in front of the window, a sudden strike of thunder broke the windows, and it resulted in Sean stabbing himself in the chest with a knife.
Leanne is finally upstairs, and Julian is panicking. She begs Leanne to allow him to call the ambulance. She seemingly lets him pass until she proceeds to push him down the stairs.

Sean stabbed with a knife

He lands in the wine cellar and somehow ends up teetering on the boards that are covering the giant hole in the basement. He falls down into the water-filled hole with one of the vine racks falling on top of him.

Back upstairs, Leanne is torturing Sean by pulling the knife out from his wound and seemingly letting him bleed to death. Dorothy hears the commotion, but she is powerless. All she can do is crawl due to her disability. She hears Leanne calling an ambulance and reporting two accidents.

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In the next scene, we see that Julian survived the fall as he swims to the surface of the hole. Later, the ambulance is here to take care of Julian and Sean. Julian seems to be only bruised, but Sean appears to be in critical condition, pale as death with massive amounts of blood loss.

Dorothy is left at Leanne’s mercy

After the ambulance leaves, Dorothy finally drags herself toward the staircase, and she realizes that she has been left alone with Leanne. The same old Leanne that she trashed talked just a few hours prior.

Dorothy Leanne alone

With Sean and Julian out of the way, the only member of the Turner family who hasn’t yet received its “just desserts” is Dorothy. To see what Leanne has in store for her, we’re going to have to wait until March 10, when the penultimate Servant episode in the fourth and final season drops on AppleTV.

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