13 Sexually Explicit Netflix Movies You Should Watch

Sexually Explicit Netflix Movies

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Netflix, a platform we all know and love, has never shied away from pushing boundaries. Recently, they’ve delved into the realm of sexually explicit movies, offering audiences a daring exploration of human desire and intimacy. It’s more than just about the risqué scenes; it reflects our evolving societal views on passion and connection. Let’s take a closer look.

1. ‘Lady Chatterley’s Lover’ (2022)

Lady Chatterley’s Lover (2022)

Set against the backdrop of post-World War I England, “Lady Chatterley’s Lover” delves deep into the emotional and sexual frustrations of Constance “Connie” Reid. After her husband Clifford returns from the war, paralyzed and impotent, the intimacy in their marriage diminishes. This leads to the unfolding of Connie’s passionate affair with the gamekeeper, Oliver Mellors.

The explicitness isn’t just about their physical encounters but about the raw emotional connection and desire they share. Their relationship challenges societal norms of class and marital fidelity and provides a window into human needs and the lengths one might go to fulfill them.

2. ‘Closer’ (2004)

Closer (2004)

“Closer” is an unflinching portrayal of modern love, filled with its complexities and betrayals. It revolves around two couples whose lives intertwine in a web of lust and deceit. The explicit nature of the movie isn’t just physical but also in the raw and brutally honest dialogues, which lay bare the characters’ vulnerabilities and desires.

The characters, played by Jude Law, Natalie Portman, Julia Roberts, and Clive Owen, navigate through their relationships, often indulging in infidelity and confrontations that shed light on the human psyche’s intricacies regarding love and sex.

3. ‘365 Days’ (film series)

365 Days

The “365 Days” film series is notorious for its bold depiction of BDSM relationships and the dynamic of control and submission. Based on Blanka Lipińska’s novel, it tells the story of a young Polish woman named Laura, who is kidnapped by a dominant Sicilian man, Massimo. He gives her 365 days to fall in love with him.

Their intense relationship showcases explicit scenes that push the boundaries of mainstream cinema. While polarizing, these scenes highlight the intricate dance of power, dominance, and desire that characterizes their relationship.


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4. ‘Addicted’ (2014)

Addicted (2014)

“Addicted” delves into the life of Zoe Reynard, a successful businesswoman who seemingly has it all. However, beneath the surface, she grapples with an insatiable addiction to sex.

The movie does not hold back in portraying Zoe’s explicit encounters with multiple partners. But more than the physical acts, the exploration of Zoe’s internal struggle and the consequences of her actions on her family makes it compelling. It presents an unvarnished look at addiction and the lengths to which human desire can control one’s actions.

5. ‘High Society’ (2018)

High Society (2018)

“High Society” is a tale of ambition and the drive to break through societal classes, with sexuality playing a pivotal role. The film follows a couple who uses their sexuality as a means to climb the social ladder. Their intimate encounters are explicit but serve a purpose beyond mere titillation.

They highlight the lengths to which people will go for status and power, intertwining sexual desire with societal ambition. This portrayal of sex as a tool for social mobility provides a fresh and provocative take on the traditional rags-to-riches narrative.

6. ‘Unfaithful’ (2002)

Unfaithful (2002)

In “Unfaithful,” the tranquility of a seemingly perfect marriage is shattered when Connie, played by Diane Lane, embarks on a passionate affair with a younger man, Paul, portrayed by Olivier Martinez. Their sexually charged meetings in New York City contrast starkly with her sedate suburban life, presenting a daring representation of middle-aged desire and infidelity.

The explicit nature of their relationship goes beyond just the physical encounters, exploring the intoxicating pull of forbidden love and the emotional aftermath of betrayal. The depth of Connie’s internal conflict, coupled with her explicit escapades, paints a vivid picture of the complexities of human desire.

7. ‘The Playbirds’ (1978)

The Playbirds (1978)

“The Playbirds” is set in the world of adult magazines and revolves around the mysterious murders of pin-up models. Amidst a narrative of crime and investigation, the film is notable for its explicit scenes, showcasing the allure and sensuality associated with the world of adult entertainment in the ’70s.

The explicitness in “The Playbirds” serves dual purposes – offering titillating glimpses into the risqué world of the adult industry while adding layers of intrigue to the central murder mystery plot.

8. ‘Happy Ending’ (2023)

Happy Ending (2023)

“Happy Ending” offers a fresh take on modern relationships, emphasizing the importance of honesty and communication in intimate moments. When Luna fakes her orgasms throughout her relationship with Mink, it sets off a chain of events that shakes the foundation of their bond.

The idea of a threesome, suggested by her friends, amplifies the film’s sexually-explicit nature. This portrayal isn’t just about the physical act but the emotional rollercoaster that ensues, challenging perceptions about trust, pleasure, and the boundaries people are willing to cross for satisfaction.

9. ‘Heatwave’ (2022)

Heatwave (2022)

“Heatwave” is a thrilling narrative where sexuality and suspense are tightly interwoven. The story centers on a young, ambitious woman who becomes entangled in a web of deceit when she discovers her feelings for her boss’s wife.

Their secret rendezvous is explicit, not just in their physicality but in the emotional depth they bring, highlighting the consequences of forbidden love in a high-stakes environment. The sensual scenes serve as both a reflection of their growing affection and a testament to the risks they are willing to take in pursuit of their desires.

10. ‘Preuve d’amour’ (1988)

Preuve d'amour (1988)

“Preuve d’amour” translates to “Proof of Love” and, while specific details from your initial list are missing, based on the title, it can be inferred that the movie delves deep into the intricacies of relationships, trust, and commitment. In films that explore such themes, sexuality often plays a pivotal role, highlighting the lengths to which people go to prove their affection and loyalty.


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Explicit scenes in such narratives not only serve to titillate but also underscore the emotional depth and challenges faced by characters in their pursuit of love.

11. ‘No Limit’ (2022)

No Limit (2022)

In “No Limit,” passion and thrill merge in the daring world of freediving. Roxana’s romance with the world champion freediver, Pascal Gauthier, is a deep dive into the realms of intense physical and emotional connection. Their relationship is not just about the sport; it’s about the boundless nature of human desire.

The sexually explicit content is intricately linked with the sport’s inherent risks, making their relationship even more intense. As Roxana pushes her limits in diving, she also tests the boundaries of their passionate affair, showing the lengths to which love and obsession can drive someone.

12. ‘Chloe’ (2009)

Chloe (2009)

“Chloe” is a gripping tale of suspicion, betrayal, and seduction. When Catherine, played by Julianne Moore, suspects her husband of infidelity, she hires an escort, Chloe, portrayed by Amanda Seyfried, to test his loyalty. What starts as a simple assignment soon spirals into a web of lust and obsession.

The film is rife with sexually explicit scenes that reflect the characters’ internal turmoil and the blurry lines between trust and deceit. Beyond the physical, the psychological intensity and the complexities of human desire make “Chloe” a standout in its portrayal of intimacy.

13. ‘Fifty Shades’ (film series)

Fifty Shades

The “Fifty Shades” film series, based on E.L. James’ bestselling novels, has been a global sensation, primarily due to its explicit exploration of BDSM relationships. The narrative follows Anastasia Steele and the enigmatic billionaire Christian Grey as they delve deep into a relationship defined by dominance, submission, and raw passion.

Their encounters, often explicit and boundary-pushing, serve as a window into the world of BDSM, challenging mainstream views on romance and intimacy. While the series has sparked numerous discussions worldwide, it’s important to note that the “Fifty Shades” movie series is currently unavailable on Netflix in the US, only outside the US.

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