She-Hulk vs. Captain Marvel: Who Would Win & Why?

The female empowerment movement is in full swing in the MCU as some of the most notable Marvel Comics characters are becoming some of the most important characters in the MCU. We all know that Captain Marvel has been around for a while, but She-Hulk is the newest female Marvel hero to hit the screens as the star of the She-Hulk: Attorney at Law series. But, between She-Hulk and Captain Marvel, who would win in a fight, and why?

MCU’s Captain Marvel would win in a fight because she has proven herself to be a lot stronger than base-level Thanos without the Infinity Stones. On the other hand, She-Hulk is at least as strong as MCU Hulk, who ended up losing in a straight-up fist fight to Thanos himself.

It is worth noting that Captain Marvel in the MCU is on a level that’s entirely different compared to all of the other MCU characters as far as her power levels are concerned, as probably Thor and Scarlet Witch are the only ones that could match her. As strong as She-Hulk is, she has a long way to go before she can reach Carol’s power. Now, let’s look at this fight in greater detail.


One of the things that we all know about She-Hulk is that she possesses strength that could rival Hulk’s own strength. Jen Walters has the ability to match Bruce Banner’s strength, although we haven’t seen the true extent of how strong She-Hulk is in the MCU. Nevertheless, in the comics, She-Hulk’s strength is at the level of a base Hulk but doesn’t have the infinite strength that the original green giant gains when he gets angry. Still, She-Hulk is incredibly strong and can easily throw boulders beyond the atmosphere when she puts her back into it.

Carol Danvers, due to her Kree physiology, is already incredibly strong and is capable of easily knocking other Kree fighters out with a single punch. Even without her cosmic powers, she is strong enough to bully her way through Kree soldiers, who were a lot stronger than regular human soldiers. But when Captain Marvel activates Binary mode, she becomes so powerful that she could destroy Thanos’s huge Sanctuary II flagship and even bully the Mad Titan himself.

The only possible way that Captain Marvel could match or even exceed She-Hulk’s strength is if she activates Binary mode. Even then, full-powered She-Hulk is still incredibly strong and could probably match Binary mode’s strength. That said, we are giving Jen the slight edge here because her base strength is higher.

Jen Walters 1, Carol Danvers 0


Like Bruce Banner’s Hulk, Jen Walter’s She-Hulk is also incredibly durable and is more than capable of withstanding attacks from normal weapons without even showing any signs of damage. As She-Hulk, Jen was able to withstand a wall of sawblades without even getting hurt. Assuming that she is just as durable as the Hulk, it is sufficient to say that she could also withstand the same amount of physical punishment that Bruce can.

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Even without relying on Binary mode, Captain Marvel is incredibly durable not only because of her Kree physiology but also because of her cosmic powers. She has dense muscle tissues that allow her to survive falls from high altitudes and blasts from alien weapons. But it is when she activates Binary mode that she becomes incredibly durable as she didn’t even flinch from Thanos’s headbutts. On top of that, she withstood and lived through a blast from the Power Stone, which is the strongest Infinity Stone in terms of its offensive capabilities.

The fact that Carol Danvers was able to live through getting hit by the full blast of the Power Stone suggests that her incredible durability is one of her greatest assets. She-Hulk is indeed durable, but we do know that MCU Hulk lost a fist fight to Thanos.

Jen Walters 1, Carol Danvers 1

Powers and Abilities

We don’t know the full extent of Jen Walters’s She-Hulk in the MCU, although we do know that she has a wide array of powers in the comics. As such, as far as we know, she can do everything that the Hulk can do. That means that she is incredibly strong and could potentially become stronger, depending on the situation. And the fact of the matter is that, unlike Bruce, she is in full control over her She-Hulk transformation.

Because she was exposed to the powers of an Infinity Stone, Carol Danvers has powers that are incredibly powerful and are actually cosmic in terms of their level. In that regard, she has the ability to manipulate cosmic energy to her advantage by using it to propel herself in the air and fly at incredible speeds to the point that she could fly from one planet to another faster than most spaceships. Her powers also allow her to blast cosmic energy from her body, and these energy blasts are more than powerful to take out any kind of opponent imaginable.

There is a reason why Carol Danvers is one of the strongest MCU characters around, as Captain Marvel’s powers are simply cosmic in nature. On the other hand, She-Hulk’s powers and abilities are simply physical in nature.

Jen Walters 1, Carol Danvers 2


The thing that makes Jen Walters special compared to Bruce Banner is that she is in full control over her She-Hulk transformation not only because her Hulk form doesn’t have an alter ego but also because she knows how to control her anger. In that regard, she retains her usual intelligence when she transforms. Of course, Jen is an incredibly smart and witty person because of her profession as a lawyer.

While Carol Danvers isn’t someone you would think is incredibly intelligent, she was trained in the art of military strategy. She knows how to formulate battle tactics and knows her way around combat strategies. Captain Marvel isn’t the most intelligent character, but her experience and expertise as a combatant come in handy when it comes to a fight.

She-Hulk is probably the more intelligent character of the two, but Captain Marvel knows her way around a battlefield. As such, we can’t give the advantage to any of these two in this category.

Jen Walters 1, Carol Danvers 2

Fighting Skills

Before she became She-Hulk, Jen Walters was a lawyer by trade, and that means that she probably has never been in a real fight, even though she was actually trained in judo. In that regard, she does have some experience in terms of her combat skills, but she probably has never been in a real fight before she actually became She-Hulk, as that was the only time she was able to make use of her judo skills against Bruce and Titania.

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Due to the fact that she trained and fought with Yon-Rogg for a very long time, Captain Marvel is an incredibly proficient fighter and a master combatant. While Yon-Rogg was perhaps the better fighter, there were a lot of times when Carol Danvers was close to defeating him without relying on her cosmic powers. And when using her cosmic energy, she is able to easily defeat Yon-Rogg and even overwhelm Thanos in a fight because of her superior fighting skills

Yes, She-Hulk knows her way around a fight because of her judo training, but her experience and training as a fighter pale in comparison when compared to Captain Marvel. That is why Carol Danvers easily takes the point here.

Jen Walters 1, Carol Danvers 3

She-Hulk vs. Captain Marvel: Who Would Win & Why?

She-Hulk is a new character in the MCU but has already impressed people with her superior ability to control herself, especially when compared to Bruce Banner’s Hulk. But the fact of the matter is that she doesn’t have the decades of experience and sheer firepower that Captain Marvel has under her belt. So, even though Jen Walters has become strong enough to even match Bruce Banner, we all know that Captain Marvel is at the top of the standings in terms of the most powerful MCU superheroes.

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