Hulk vs. She-Hulk: Who Would Win & Why?

Is hulk stronger than she hulk

When thinking about the strongest characters in the comics most people will think of Marvel‘s Hulk. There are many different versions of the Hulk that differ in their levels of strength, and some of the strongest Hulk and She-Hulk. One of the most commonly asked questions is whether Hulk is stronger than She-Hulk. Since Hulk and She-Hulk are cousins and they share pretty similar powers and abilities, it makes you wonder in a standoff between Hulk and She-Hulk, who would win?

She-Hulk is stronger than Hulk. She-Hulk is a skilled martial artist in her basic human form and that advantage transfers to her She-Hulk form as well. During her time with Celestials, she acquired the ability to produce and use gamma rays as she fit. Although it may seem the two would have similar power levels since She-Hulk turned into her form from Bruce Banner’s blood, it may surprise you that Hulk is actually not the stronger among the two

Make sure to read this article to learn the detailed analysis of the power levels the two most powerful iterations of Hulk possess as well as the breakdown of the special abilities they possess. 

How strong is the Hulk?

Is Hulk Stronger Than She Hulk?

The Hulk is also known by his human name; Dr. Bruce Banner is a scientist originally in the service of the American government. He was focused on research that allowed the recreation of the Supersoldier serum. The Hulk is also one of the most iconic fictional characters of all time.

During one of the experiments, driven by the desire to prove himself as a competent scientist Dr. Banner upped the amount of gamma radiation used in his projects which was absorbed by him once the experiment went south.

This radiation caused him to turn into a green-muscled monster we came to know as the Hulk. Because of his reaction and the destruction he caused after transforming he had to run away and hid from the government to avoid getting captured and possibly being used as a weapon in the service of the American government.

He was also offered to be transformed into a different lab where he could perfect the serum but Dr. Banner refused this offer since he blamed himself for everything that took place after the incident including the deaths of two scientists and a fellow officer.


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In terms of his powers, the accident amplified all of his physical abilities and depending on the version of Hulk, gave him different abilities. One of the main aspects of this manifested is in the superhuman strength the Hulk possesses. The super-strength is one of his biggest assets and the power he uses most of the time.

Hulk demonstrates his strength during every fight and there are a plethora of occasions that show how strong he actually is. One such moment comes from the early days of the MCU, during the first Avengers movie when he manages to stop a speeding Humvee and injuring a Leviathan, and halt a massive Leviathan with a single punch. 

A newer example of his strength comes during Endgame when he manages to prevent the Avengers headquarters from collapsing even with one of his arms being badly damaged from using the Infinity Gauntlet.

The accident also affected his durability. This aspect of Hulk’s powers isn’t showcased directly as much as the rest of his powers do. This has to do with the fact that the serum used in the experiment caused his cells to regenerate at a much higher rate than a normal human cell system would. This makes him highly invulnerable, but not immortal.

This power applies to anything from durability in terms of sustaining injuries through combat and surviving in harsher environments. There are very few things that can actually cause him harm and among those are Thor’s hammer Mjølnir and Ironman’s Hulk buster suit, although the latter barely manages to subdue him.

Hulk also has superhuman stamina which allows him to endure more than most of his opponents and allows him to fight for longer than most other heroes. The main powers are also accompanied by superhuman speed, superhuman reflexes, and the ability to leap to great heights such as during the Age of Ultron when he mages to jump onto already separated Sokovia simply using the surrounding rocks. 

How strong is She-Hulk?

Is Hulk Stronger Than She Hulk?

She-Hulk, Jennifer Walters is a cousin of the original Hulk Bruce Banner. She was a popular lawyer who became her Hulk persona after she was shot by a crime boss who was in a fight with her father.

Unlike every other iteration of the Hulk, Jenifer got transformed through a blood transfusion rather than exposure to the gamma rays and the serum. After she was shot her cousin tried to save her and once he realized she was going to die he gave her a blood transfusion which in turn transformed her into the same creature.

Much like her cousin, upon her first turning, Jenifer was uncontrollable and savage before her intelligence fully comprehended what was going on. One thing that was different between the two is that Jennifer preferred her Hulk form to her normal human body.

She is mostly depicted as preferring to work alone, however over the course of years she was a member of many notable formations such as Avengers, Fantastic Four, and even X-men.

In regards to her powers, she gained mostly the same power set as her cousin Bruce due to the way she was turned into her Hulk form. 

She possesses the ability to transform into her Hulk form at will, but unlike most of the Hulk iterations, she remains much smaller while packing the same amount of muscle. This allows her to preserve her intelligence and personality entirely even when she turns. She can also turn into different versions of the Hulk form such as the Gray Hulk and her bulkier form which she assumed after being modified by Celestials.

Determining the full extent of her superhuman strength is a bit trickier than it was with the Hulk. Jennifer’s hulk form is an amplified version of her regular human form which means if she ever gains anything in her human form the change will also be visible in her Hulk form.

The best way to put her powers into perspective is by comparing her with other characters. She is currently deemed to be more powerful than the Immortal Hulk, who for comparison could take down Thor with a single blow. 

She also possesses the same abilities as her cousin when it comes to superhuman speed, reflexes, and durability. Unlike the Hulk he can actually be harmed much easier, however, her rapid metabolism and healing abilities render any small injury a temporary inconvenience rather than an actual setback while in a fighting environment.


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In addition to that She-Hulk has a few abilities, the other Hulks do not have. The first one is being able to produce gamma-ray shock waves. This is extremely useful in a fight since it creates explosions and distracts her enemies. She gained this ability after being augmented by the Celestials.

Her training with the Ovoid alien race allowed her to gain the power of switching bodies. This power lets her switch bodies with any other being she is capable of imagining vividly. 

Originally the power only allowed the user to gain a look into the other person’s mind, but Jennifer managed to full-on switch bodies, most likely due to her mutations. Although this is a powerful skill she rarely uses it since it requires a lot of concentration and leaves her open and vulnerable to attacks. 

Is Hulk stronger than She-Hulk?

Is Hulk Stronger Than She Hulk?

Although in theory, the two should have more or less the same levels of power there are many occasions where one of them is shown as more powerful. However, after further inspection and analysis it seems that She-Hulk is the more powerful out of the two cousins.

Unlike Bruce Banner, Jennifer is powerful and strong in her human form as well as her Hulk form. Aside from being trained in weightlifting, she is a skilled martial artist which leaves her as much more powerful than Bruce in his human form.

This strength also transfers to her Hulk form since her strength in her human form is proportional to her strength in the human form. This is especially true when she enters her Berserk levels of power when she is essentially unstoppable. During such occasions, she managed to defeat Thanos and the mightiest of the Olympians.

In addition to all of this, she also got a handy upgrade during her time with the Celestials. This allowed her the power to produce and use gamma rays and the body switch. 

All of these things considered she clearly comes out on top of other iterations of Hulk as well as Bruce Banner. The only thing that could work in his favor is his experience since he had his Hulk form for a longer amount of time, but in the end that wouldn’t help him much.

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