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Anime fans have been absolutely loving Shinobi no Ittoki (also known as Itokki the Ninja), an interesting anime series following the adventures of a young boy after he discovers he is the 19th legitimate successor to the Iga Ninja. It’s revealed that he is next in line to lead the Iga, although there are various characters who will stop at nothing to make sure this doesn’t happen.

Still, this anime series features quite a few interesting characters, and fans are eager to find out more about the Shinobi no Ittoki main character’s ages, affiliations, occupations, and more. Below is everything you need to know about the main Shinobi no Ittoki protagonists, antagonists, lesser main characters, and everything in between, topped with each character’s approximate age range.

CharacterGenderAffiliationOccupationApproximate Age
Ittoki SakurabaMaleIga NinjaHigh School Student
The Successor and Future Head of the Iga Ninja
13 – 16
Tokisada KagaMaleIga NinjaA clerk at the Iga Service AreaUnknown
KosetsuFemaleIga NinjaUnknown
(Itokki’s Unofficial Protector)
13 – 19
Yumika SakurabaFemaleIga NinjaItokki’s biological mother
Single Parent
Former President of the Iga Service Area
Suzaku BanMaleKoga NinjaHigh School Student15 – 19
Satomi TsubakiFemaleKoga Ninja (Former)Former Student13 – 16
Ryoko SuzunoneFemaleSaika NinjaHigh School Student13 – 16
Kirei KisegawaFemaleIga Ninja
(Secretly Koga Ninja)
High School Student13 – 19

Ittoki Sakuraba


Ittoki Sakuraba is the son of Yumika Sakuraba, flaunting pitch-black hair and striking blue eyes, and he is the main protagonist throughout the entire Shinobi no Ittoki anime series. He is a young teenager in the beginning phases of high school, and he suddenly finds that his life is in danger after discovering that he is the son of the 18th head of Iga.

This character is thrown into a really complex situation, especially after he begins attending a high school that seems to be dominated by an opposing ninja clan. He is forced to fend for his life for simply being an Iga successor by blood, and he will continue down a long, challenging road toward becoming a ninja himself – simply to make sure that the Iga Ninja survives.

Tokisada Kaga


Tokisada Kaga is one of the lesser main characters in the Shinobi no Ittoki anime series, flaunting messy brown hair and a slim, tall, yet fit build. He is an Iga Ninja but he is surprisingly laidback and nonchalant, typically working as a clerk at the Iga Service Area.


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While this character is well-known for his relaxed personality, he is actually one of the strongest active ninjas within the Shinobi no Ittoki universe. He is feared under the name “Shura no Tokisada”, and he can show off a darker side of himself in combat or dire situations – even going as far as to torture his foes in order to get the answers he needs.

Kosetsu (Kousetsu)


Kosetsu is one of the lesser main characters in the Shinobi no Ittoki anime series, both a childhood friend of other main characters as well as a skilled Iga Ninja. She has red eyes and long silver hair with a pink tint and red streaks along one side.

She is also well known for her iconic black face mask that she’s never seen without, usually paired with a dark-toned choker necklace. In addition to her mysterious personality, her unique appearance and getup have made her one of the most popular Shinobi no Ittoki characters to date.

She is silent most of the time, showing that she cares by means of various acts and other methods, and her name actually translates to “Red Snow”, which is interesting considering her physical features and personality. But, she has been watching over Itokki since he was only a child, although it’s always been from a fair distance for safety reasons and secrecy.

Yumika Sakuraba


Yumika Sakuraba is Itokki’s biological mother, now a single parent and widow following the death of Itokki’s biological father. She is technically a supporting character in the Shinobi no Ittoki anime series, but she is considered a lesser main character among many fans considering how important she is to this anime series’ primary protagonist as well as to the overall storyline.

She is a loving mother and is very present in her son’s life, although she is pretty strict and does not have tolerance for anything she deems trivial, unsafe, or below par. She is very strict in terms of allowing Itokki to have a normal life with friends, or have simple fun as most teenagers do (although, this is understandable considering that there are people trying to kill him). She was the 18th head of the Iga Ninja, and she previously worked as the president of the Iga Service Area.

Suzaku Ban


Suzaku Ban is a lesser character in the Shinobi no Ittoki with reddish hair and a constant villainous smirk, but many fans see him as more important compared to minor characters in the series – due to his role as Itokki’s arch-rival. He is a Koga Ninja who attends the same high school as Itokki – although, he is far more sinister than one might expect from a teenage high schooler.

He absolutely hates the Iga Ninja, particularly Itokki for being the successor and future head of the Iga, and he will stop at nothing to kill Itokki before he gets the chance to take this role. This makes him an interesting antagonist in the Shinobi no Ittoki anime series, and he is willing to use dirty tricks to get what he wants, including blackmail, threats, and meaningless violence. Although, he does not approve of underhanded tricks being used by others due to believing it brings shame to the Koga name.

Satomi Tsubaki


Satomi Tsubaki is one of the lesser main characters in the Shinobi no Ittoki anime series, with long magenta hair and magenta eyes, topped with a neat and put-together classic school uniform. She is a junior at the Junior High School that Itokki attended, and is introduced as a potential future love interest for Itokki.

This character has a very happy, cheerful, and bubbly personality, often showing care and affection towards Itokki. However, things become complex when a brewing assassination plan is revealed – which makes Satomi far more important for the overall Shinobi no Ittoki storyline.

Ryoko Suzunone


Ryoko Suzunone is one of the lesser main characters in the Shinobi no Ittoki anime series, flaunting short brown hair, bright yellow-brown eyes, and a classic school uniform. She is Itokki’s friend from the Ninjutsu Academy although she is a Saika Ninja, and she is obsessed with ninja gear or technology – often going on endless rants about how awesome she thinks ninja items are.

She is one of the few characters who stood by Itokki irrespective of the threats and harassment she received from the Koga bullies at school. She is fearless and does not submit to intimidation, still choosing to sit with Itokki in the cafeteria during school lunch breaks.

Kirei Kisegawa


Kirei Kisegawa is a pretty interesting character, and although she is technically a lesser character in Shinobi no Ittoki, she has the potential to alter the entire anime series’ storyline altogether. She is a tall young teenager with long blonde hair styled in a ponytail to one side, typically wearing a classic girls’ school uniform.

She is Itokki’s friend from the Ninjutsu Academy, with a happy-go-lucky and bubbly personality. She is incredibly positive and will happily save others from danger, such as when she saved Itokki from the Koga Ninjas upon his first arrival at school.


Kirei even sticks around after the Koga Ninjas began threatening anyone who associated with Itokki. However, it’s later revealed that she’s actually a subordinate of Suzaku Ban and is working for the Koga Ninjas in secret – going as far as to call Suzaku “Master”, which is telling of her allegiance.

That’s everything there is to know about the Shinobi no Ittoki main characters so far, with images thanks to the Shinobi no Ittoki Wiki. There are still plenty of things to find out about these loveable anime characters’ origins and motives – fans are eager to find out what future Shinobi no Ittoki episodes have in store!

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