Shisui vs. Itachi: Which Uchiha Would Win in a Fight?

Shisui vs Itachi: Which Uchiha Would Win in a Fight?

The Uchiha Clan is very specific in the world of Masahi Kishimoto’s Naruto. It was massacred by its own kin and left only with a few surviving members. Itachi Uchiha massacred his own clan, sparing only his younger brother, Sasuke. And while Itachi is going to be the focus of this article, we are not going to compare him to Sasuke, but rather to Shisui Uchiha, another member of the family. In the rest of this article, we are going to tell you which Uchiha would win in a fight!

Shisui Uchiha might be a powerful shinobi, but he would still lose to Itachi. Itachi was one of the brightest and best shinobi of all time, and had he not been portrayed as the villain, he would certainly have been one of the most powerful protagonists of the whole series. Itachi is above Shusui on most levels and that is why he ultimately wins.

Now that you have the short version of the answer, the rest of the article is going to be divided into three sections, with the first two introducing the characters, their powers, and their abilities. In the end, we’re going to give our final verdict and explanation on why Itachi would ultimately be able to defeat Shisui in a direct fight.

General overview

Shisui was one of the most outstanding and talented members of his clan in battle, earning the nickname Shisui of the Blinking Body, which implies a great mastery of the Blinking Body Jutsu. His abilities made him captain of his own team: Team Shisui. In addition to this, he was known for his great mastery of Genjutsu, surprising a squad of Kirigakure ninja with his genjutsu who, noticing his presence, instantly retreated.

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Another indication of his power is that Kabuto Yakushi wanted to revive him during the war and recognized the genjutsu that freed Itachi as the Kotoamatsukami (Shisui’s Mangekyō Sharingan Genjutsu). He was also supposedly a good user of Kenjutsu, mastering the use of his Tantō, and possessing good pain tolerance, as he didn’t even flinch when removing his remaining eye.

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Itachi Uchiha demonstrated extraordinary qualities from a young age, such as his intellect and exceptional talent for all ninja disciplines. He managed to graduate from the ninja academy at the young age of 7, become a Chūnin at age 10, and be an ANBU squad captain at age 13. He was also admired by the teachers, who ensured that his progress needed no help. It’s hard to name all of his accomplishments, but that can’t be said to measure Itachi’s true ability.

His true potential could only be understood by those who approached his level. In the few battles he was seen participating in, he proved to be an incredibly strong ninja, managing to defeat a large number of powerful shinobi with great ease. Despite his modesty regarding his abilities, his Akatsuki teammate Kisame Hoshigaki, as well as Orochimaru, recognized that Itachi was much stronger than them. Even Obito said that Itachi never ceased to amaze him even when he was dead.

There is absolutely no doubt that Itachi surpasses Shusui in the general sense and that is why Itachi clearly, and without a doubt, wins the first point here.

Points: Shusui 0, Itachi 1


Shisui was able to summon a swarm of crows to assist him in transforming three chakra natures (Katon, Raiton, and Futon), as well as bend Yin. Like any Uchiha, he had a special affinity with fire and mastered the clan’s favorite technique to perfection; his affinity to the Katon element being so strong that it required a squad of Anbu skilled in Suiton to be able to put out the fire.

He also showed impressive mastery of kenjutsu during his confrontation against two members of the Special Forces. He also demonstrated his skill with shuriken during his many trainings alongside Itachi, as well as his skills as a tracker.


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Itachi was a great connoisseur of all the techniques of the Uchiha Clan, especially the capabilities of the Sharingan. He could use high-level ninjutsu, such as the Great Clone Blast. In Itachi’s techniques, the presence of crows was common, both in ninjutsu and genjutsu. For example, he was able to create a clone that split into large numbers of crows, which would attack the opponent with various shurikens.

Also, he could summon ravens to use as a distraction. Itachi was also a common user of the Shadow Clone Jutsu and the Crow Clone Jutsu. During his battle with Sasuke, when they were continuously performing a shuriken attack, Itachi was able to create a shadow clone and attack his brother with it. As an experienced member of the Uchiha Clan, Itachi was a great user of the Fire Release.

He knew jutsu like the flames of the phoenix or the great ball of fire, a jutsu characteristic of his clan. He was also shown to be a user of the Water Release, whereby he could use jutsu such as the Water Dragon Missile jutsu without needing to be near pre-existing water.

As a fully trained ANBU from Konoha, Itachi was also proficient in Kenjutsu, mainly demonstrated in his battle with Kabuto Yakushi after being reincarnated. Itachi also had great skill with Fūinjutsu, as seen when he performs the Transcription Seal: Amaterasu on Sasuke just moments before his death.

This is another category where Itachi triumphs, although the difference is not that big. Still, Itachi’s mastery of various techniques makes him superior to Shisui in this category as well.

Points: Shisui 0, Itachi 2


His prowess in battle, as well as his speed, were greatly admired even among other countries, earning him the nickname “Shisui the Mirage”. Over time, the instantaneous movement became his signature, executed with such precision that it made his presence undetectable and his destination unknown. In the anime, we can see that his velocity and his mastery of this technique allowed him to create afterimages of himself, each having consistency of their own and being able to strike the enemy without being detected, even by a sensory ninja.

His mastery of taijutsu also allowed him to rival Itachi Uchiha. Moreover, it can be assumed that he showed great resistance to pain since he did not show his pain when Danzô literally gouged out one of his eyes.

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Although his most common attacks were genjutsu-based, Itachi was also highly skilled in taijutsu. His skill was at a high level, even though he was not a specialist in it. This was shown when he easily defeated Tekka, Yashiro and Inabi, all of whom were his superiors and members of the Konoha Military Police.

In the first part, during the meeting in the Land of Gire, he was able to stop his brother Sasuke’s Chidori with one hand, thus avoiding the attack, then grabbing his wrist, breaking his arm, and kicking him to the other side. from the room to hit him again. In Part II, he was able to keep up with Sasuke, who had improved his taijutsu under Orochimaru’s tutelage, being gravely ill with severely impaired eyesight, and in the Fourth Shinobi World War, again demonstrate his skills in this area. during a battle against Naruto in his Kyuubi chakra mode and against Killer B.

Even expert Sharingan users, such as Kakashi and Sasuke, had difficulty seeing his movements. He was also skilled with the Body Flicker Jutsu and capable of attacking a target, then immediately moving to the location they had retreated to, giving them no time to initiate a counterattack. He also displayed a considerable amount of physical strength, enough to cause small craters in the ground with a few kicks.

This is a category where the two of them actually balance each other out, as Shusui seems to be a bit better in some aspects, whereas Itachi seems to be better in others. This is why both of them get a point here.

Points: Shisui 1, Itachi 3


Like many members of his clan, Shisui had awakened to the Sharingan. The mastery of his pupils rivaled that of Itachi, both renowned for their prowess and power in their use. Using it, he accessed basic dōjutsu skills such as distinguishing chakra, anticipating movement, and placing a victim in a paralyzing genjutsu with a single glance.

His level of genjutsu was particularly powerful, making Shisui the most powerful user in the clan. His most basic techniques could easily trap other Sharingan possessors, such as Danzō, forcing the latter to break free using the Izanagi.

Shisui was also able to trap multiple individuals in his genjutsu and at very long ranges. Shisui was one of the few members in the clan’s history who was able to awaken to the Mangekyō Sharingan. His form is a four-bladed mill and gave him access to a powerful genjutsu technique: Kotoamatsukami.


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As Itachi was born into the Uchiha Clan he was able to develop his clan’s Kekkei Genkai, the Sharingan. However, unlike the other members, Itachi was able to awaken him at the young age of 8, being considered one of the most skilled of his clan. Like all bearers of this Dojutsu, Itachi could use its abilities, but to a high degree, being able to attack three Sharingan-bearing ninjas in one second.

This shinobi was mainly characterized by having the ability to study the movements of his opponent from a long distance and respond quickly, almost always using genjutsu. Like all bearers of the Sharingan, he was capable of inducing his enemies with simple eye contact.

Furthermore, he had trained his eyes so much that he was able to have the Sharingan activated for a long period of time with minimal chakra wear. Itachi possessed the Mangekyō Sharingan, which increased his power exponentially, easily surpassing any normal Sharingan, allowing him to use the eye techniques derived from it.

This is a category where Itachi wins as well, as he was one of the most talented Uchiha Clan members in history. Shusui simply doesn’t compare to Itachi’s skills.

Points: Shusui 1, Itachi 4

Shusui Uchiha vs. Itachi Uchiha: Who would win?

And while everyone probably knew that Itachi was going to come out as the winner here, but we still did our usual analysis to confirm it. And the conclusion is there – Itachi wins this one easily. While we cannot really deny the fact that Shusui Uchiha is powerful, he is not even among the top Uchiha Clan members (Sasuke, Madara, Obito, etc.), and Itachi is.

The slayer of his own clan, Itachi Uchiha is amazingly strong and his powers exceed those of most other characters. And while Shusui could keep up in terms of speed, that is more or less it; in every other category, Itachi wins easily and that is why we have him as the winner of this duel.