Shiva vs. Raiden Tameemon: Who Won the Fight in Record of Ragnarok?

raiden vs shiva

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After humanity defeated the gods in round 4 of the Record of Ragnarok tournament, the gods were no longer pulling any punches because they sent their best brawler, Shiva, who we know is the Hindu God of Destruction. Of course, humanity also had an ace up its sleeve because the Valkyries fielded Raiden Tameemon, who history regards as the greatest sumo wrestler of all time. So, in the fight between Shiva and Raiden, who won?

Shiva won the fight against Raiden because he was simply stronger. However, Shiva was forced to tap into his inner power so that he could enter his most destructive mode and was able to use his Dance of Destruction against Raiden’s full power. In the end, Shiva was able to overwhelm Raiden using his full strength.

The battle between Shiva and Raiden wasn’t the same as the fight between Hercules and Jack the Ripper in terms of its meaning. Still, it was a great fight between two great brawlers that left it all out in the ring in a sheer battle of strength. As admirable as Raiden’s performance was, Shiva was simply able to overwhelm him when the god finally tapped into his full power. Now, let’s look at this battle in greater detail.

Who Won Between Shiva And Raiden?

The gods were backed into a corner when humanity won round 4 of the Ragnarok tournament thanks to the deceitful efforts of Jack the Ripper. In that regard, the gods had to field a chief god in the form of Shiva, who we know is the strongest of all of the Hindu gods. Meanwhile, humanity also had a secret weapon in the form of Raiden Tameemon, who is the greatest sumo wrestler of all time and has a special power that not a lot of people are aware of.

What made Raiden special was the fact that he was born with a rare condition called hypertrophy, which forced his muscles to grow uncontrollably. That was the reason why he couldn’t stand up when he was three years old. However, Raiden was able to develop a special muscle-control technique that allowed him to live his life in a normal way as he kept his overgrown muscles in check. Still, he was far stronger than regular human beings at that time.


Raiden eventually got into sumo wrestling to help his impoverished village. While he was a lot stronger than any other sumo wrestler, he realized that sumo was not just about strength but was more about technique. Learning the techniques of sumo allowed him to rise through the ranks. However, he still had to limit his strength in the tournaments that he participated in because he didn’t want to hurt his fellow sumo wrestlers despite the fact that he always had to hold back his overgrown muscles.

In that regard, Raiden had the strongest muscles in history but was unable to do so until the Ragnarok tournament when he performed Volundr with Thrud and was able to obtain a divine weapon that allowed him to control his overgrown muscles without destroying his body. And that was the reason why even Shiva had a tough time against him.


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Shiva himself is an incredibly powerful god that worked his way up the Hindu pantheon by defeating more than a thousand gods. It was his best friend Rudra’s dream for them to rise through the ranks together, but all that Shiva wanted was to dance and enjoy his time with his best friend. However, when it was only he and Rudra that were left, he was forced to fight and defeat his best friend. That was how Shiva became the strongest Hindu god and was the only one strong enough to unite thousands of gods under his leadership.

shiva vs rudra

As he was carrying the hopes and dreams of more than a thousand Hindu gods, Shiva was prepared to take on Raiden at his full power. However, the sumo legend proved to be more than a match for the god of destruction. So, who won the fight between Shiva and Raiden?

Shiva was the victorious one in the fight between him and Raiden. It was a hard-fought battle that almost allowed the sumo legend to beat the god of destruction with a single blow. But Shiva still had an ace up his sleeve in that fight against Raiden as he overwhelmed one of the strongest humans to ever live.

How Did Shiva Defeat Raiden?

The battle between Shiva and Raiden was one that could have gone either way. Raiden was able to use the full power of his overgrown muscles in that fight as he used his sumo technique called Yatagarasu in an attack that nearly took Shiva’s head off had he not been able to block it with his arms. However, Shiva lost three of his arms in that fight against Raiden, as he was down to one good arm.

But while Shiva was not able to stand up to Raiden’s full power as he was at that point, that was when he revealed a trump card as he stimulated his heart using his hand to increase his heart rate and activate a mode that he was only supposed to use to destroy the world. The god of destruction entered his Dance of Destruction, which was a mode that allowed him to move fluidly as if he were dancing to the beat of the cosmos.


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In this mode, Shiva used his one good arm and his legs to move with the grace and fluidity that kept Raiden in check. On top of that, Raiden’s muscles had become too powerful that his body was not able to handle the drawback of using a powerful move despite the fact that he was using the full power of Thrud’s Volundr. In that regard, Raiden was also handicapped by the fact that his body was crumbling down under the weight and power of his muscles.

As such, Raiden may have had the power to contend with Shiva, but the god of destruction was faster. On top of that, Shiva’s moves produced flames that slowly burned away Raiden’s powerful muscles.

Knowing that he only had one more good move left in him, Raiden prepared another Yatagarasu attack. Meanwhile, Shiva poured all of his power into one more kick. Their attacks met, but Shiva won the encounter when his kick destroyed Raiden’s entire arm. 

raiden defeat

Knowing that he had already lost, Raiden said that this fight with Shiva brought out his love for sumo because this was the best fight he had ever had, as he never had to hold back his power against a god. Of course, Shiva also commended Raiden for giving him the fight of his life.

With that, Shiva had one more kick in him as he used this strike to decapitate Raiden Tameemon with one clean strike. Shiva gave the gods the lead in the Ragnarok tournament once more, as it was now 3-2 in favor of the gods. However, Raiden died with pride as even the sumo wrestlers watching in the stands gave him the best kind of send-off a sumo wrestler could ever have.

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