‘Silo’ Book Series by Hugh Howey (Wool, Shift & Dust) Ending Explained

Silo Book Series by Hugh Howie Wool Shit Dust Ending

There’s plenty of talk about Apple TV’s new series ‘Silo‘ in the post-apocalypse circles. The show is set in an interesting world where people live in huge underground silos because the world outside is too toxic, and exposure leads to immediate death. It’s an interesting concept, and the execution so far seems flawless, but if you’re here, you’re probably wondering how things are going to play out in the future, and we’re able to tell you exactly that because the show is actually based on a series post-apocalyptic science fiction books written by Hugh Howey.

The series consists of three books. The first book in the series is called “Wool” and introduces us to the world and the general themes. The second book in the silo series is called “Shift” and serves as the prequel to the first book, giving us an insight into what went wrong & how. The last book in the series called “Dust” continues where the first book left off and serves as the grand finale of the series. Now that we’ve cleared this up let’s explain how each book ends. If you’re interested in spoilers, this might be a good place to stop reading.

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Wool by Hugh Howey summary & ending explained

Part 1 – “Holston”

In the first book, we meet Holston, the sheriff of Silo 18, a massive underground community where people live due to a toxic outside environment. Contact with the outside world is maintained through a camera that gets cleaned by those who have broken Silo’s rules, a punishment resulting in death. Holston, motivated by a desire to reunite with his wife Allison, who vanished during a similar cleaning mission, locks himself up and volunteers to clean the cameras—a highly unusual act for a sheriff.

Allison had become convinced that the outside world was still habitable and had gone outside to explore but never returned. When Holston ventures outside, he initially sees a vibrant, green world but soon starts suffocating. Realizing that the outside is actually dead and desolate, he discovers the camera has been projecting a false image. Holston collapses near Allison and dies.


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Part 2 – “Proper Gauge”

Mayor Jahns of Silo 18 seeks a replacement for the deceased Holston and considers Juliette Nichols a young mechanic. She embarks on a journey with Deputy Marnes to the engineering section of the Silo, bonding with him and regretting not marrying him earlier. On their way, they learn that Juliette’s father is a doctor and that she abandoned the upper floors after a family tragedy during which her brother died, and her mother committed suicide. An incubator malfunction was at fault, so Juliette decided to pursue a career in Mechanical.

On floor 33, they meet Bernard Holland, head of IT, who opposes Juliette’s candidacy. They proceed to the Mechanical section, where Juliette explains her need to perform generator maintenance, temporarily leaving the Silo without power. Jahns reluctantly agrees, and Juliette accepts the sheriff’s position with a condition. On their return, Jahns dies, presumably poisoned by Bernard, who provided her with water.

Part 3- “Casting Off”

Juliette, the new sheriff of Silo 18, must investigate the murder of Mayor Jahns while reflecting on her past involvement with Holston and a murder case. Bernard, the acting mayor, becomes a suspect in Jahns’s murder. Juliette develops a connection with Lukas and explores Holston’s computer files, discovering a warning and a possible motive for cleaning from Holston’s wife, Allison. Marnes tragically commits suicide, leaving Juliette with guilt and questions. As she trains Peter Billings as the replacement deputy, Juliette suspects that Allison found crucial information in the deleted server files. Scottie, her Shadow, who sends Juliette urgent messages, reveals a program capable of creating illusions and later commits suicide.

Juliette is arrested, and she realizes that Scottie was murdered. Juliette seeks answers from Walker, who confirms her suspicions about IT and their control over communication. She questions the purpose and origins of the Silo.

Arrested by Deputy Hank, Juliette receives cryptic notes from friends in Mechanical. Juliette contemplates resistance as she prepares for cleaning and discovers a deceptive program matching her helmet’s visor. She also discovers that the cleaning suits were intentionally designed as faulty so no one sent outside cannot survive longer than a few minutes, but she intends to be the exception to the rule.

Bernard eagerly anticipates watching Juliette’s cleaning and reaction to the illusion of the outside world but is shocked to see her deviate from the usual protocol. Fearing the consequences of Juliette’s actions, Bernard rushes to the server room in IT and reveals his personal history of violence in Mechanical. He covertly accesses a hidden communication device and contacts another silo, expressing concern about the situation in Silo eighteen.

Juliette survives the cleaning and wanders off in an unknown direction surviving more than any other cleaner before.


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Part 4 – “The Unraveling”

Grieving for Juliette, Lukas contemplates suicide but finds hope in the news about the cleaning and wonders if Bernard saved her. After learning that Juliette walked away, Walker breaks his routine and discusses it with others.

Juliette resists the illusion created by IT, realizes her suit’s durability, witnesses the desolation outside, and discovers another silo. Lukas examines Juliette’s belongings and decides to keep her personal items. Juliette encounters the bodies of dead cleaners, struggles to enter another silo, and finds relief in surviving.

Walker reveals his involvement in improving Juliette’s suit, sparking the possibility of an uprising. Lukas delivers Juliette’s belongings to Bernard, who offers him a position and emphasizes planning. Juliette fights her way through the Silo, douses herself in soup, and breathes the toxic air, finding solace in her survival. Knox leads Mechanical to rally Supply, facing tension but ultimately gaining support.

Bernard shows Lukas a hidden server room leading to an underground den. Knox and McLain plan an attack on IT with differing approaches.

Lukas and Bernard examine a chart of the silos, discovering more hidden ones and the impending chaos due to the failed cleaning. Bernard gives Lukas a key to a secret server and instructs him to study the” Order.” Juliette meets Solo, who has been alone for decades, and learns that the silos were meant to preserve humanity.

Knox leads an uprising, facing challenges and doubts. Juliette discovers the extent of the silo network and realizes Bernard holds crucial knowledge. Lukas and IT engage in a deadly battle, resulting in casualties. Bernard receives a call from Juliette, promising to return and clean.

Part 5 -” The Stranded”

Amid the chaotic battle between Mechanical, Supply, and IT, many are wounded, and Knox and McLain are dead. Marck and others retreat downward, pursued by IT’s superior firepower. They encounter locked doors and desperately escape while leaving behind a wounded comrade. Hours later, tensions arise between Mechanical and Supply, and Marck reunites with his wife, Shirly. They encounter a deadly confrontation at the entrance to Mechanical, with Marck sacrificing himself to save others. Weeks later, Walker, filled with regret, contemplates his role in the uprising. Lukas and Bernard discuss their future plans, and Lukas secretly communicates with Juliette from Silo 17.

Walker works on repairing the radio while having an imaginary conversation with Scottie. Shirly helps him and reveals a dispute between Harper and Jenkins regarding cutting off power to Silo. The radio starts working, and they overhear a conversation mentioning “Deputy Roberts.” Juliette scavenges materials and works on a suit to breathe underwater. She encounters disturbing scenes and plans to explore the flooded bottom of the Silo for faster drainage.

Lukas feels trapped in his routine of reading, sleeping, and eating. Peter delivers food, and Lukas lies about his work. Juliette calls, and Lukas feels frustrated. Shirly and Walker discover transmissions from other silos, and their workshop is attacked, forcing them to retreat. Juliette puts on the underwater suit and prepares to dive.

Lukas struggles to read the Order and questions Bernard about the origin of the Silo. Bernard insists that the answer doesn’t matter and emphasizes the importance of learning the Order to run the Silo. Juliette dives underwater to reach the flooded bottom of the Silo, facing doubts but remaining determined to help Silo 18. She encounters difficulties with her suit and realizes her air supply is running out.

Shirly and Walker set up the radio to listen for transmissions from other silos and hear Juliette attempting to reach Silo 17. Lukas’s mother visits him, and later Lukas communicates with Silo 1, pretending to be confident. He asks about the origin of the Silo and learns that the ancestors caused the end of the world and built the silos.

Shirly and Walker hear Juliette’s voice on the radio and realize she’s still alive. They search for a transmitter to respond but must hurry due to an impending explosion. Shirly runs to the mining storehouse, finds transmitters, and barely escapes the explosion. Juliette struggles to reach the surface, uses trapped air bubbles to breathe, and eventually finds Solo injured but alive.

In the bunkroom, Lukas learns about Silo’s origins from Bernard, who reveals a plan to create a homogenous population. Despite anger towards their ancestors, Bernard emphasizes the need to protect the silos. Juliette tends to Solo’s injuries and learns that another person is in the abandoned Silo. She discovers a lot of children living with them.

Lukas studies the silo schematics while waiting for a call from Juliette. Restless, he finds a poem Juliette wrote to someone named George and becomes jealous. Using his IT credentials, Lukas researches George and discovers he’s likely dead. Juliette and Solo struggle to climb the stairs, encounter a group of kids in another silo, and join forces. They communicate with Walker, Courtnee, and Shirly from the control room. Juliette pleads for the fighting to stop and asks them to call off a plan that would harm Lukas.

Lukas confronts Bernard about George’s murder and is tricked into admitting his desire to leave the bunkroom. Juliette heads to IT to use the radio and realizes the purpose of the oppressive silo rules. She contacts Silo 18 and learns her friends are being sent to clean, starting with Lukas.


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Sheriff Peter Billings takes Lukas to clean, and Lukas contemplates the power of his words to cause harm. As they reach the staircase, they overhear Bernard’s conversation with Juliette, changing Lukas’ mind about jumping. Juliette plans to intercept Lukas outside the Silo during cleaning to show Silo 18 that she has survived.

She promises Solo and the children she’ll return. Juliette walks to Silo 18, passing dead cleaners, and enters the chamber. She wraps herself and Lukas in a heat blanket, but Lukas pushes into the fire, revealing himself to be Bernard. Weeks later, Juliette becomes mayor and urges honesty and empowerment. She kisses Lukas before leaving to see her father.

Shift by Hugh Howey summary & ending explained

Part 1 – “First Shift: Legacy”

The book starts from the point of view of Donald Keene, a congressman, who meets with Senator Paul Thurman. The year is 2049, and everything is right with the world, still. Paul Thurman invites Donald to discuss zombies and various apocalypse scenarios with him before he hands him the folder regarding CAD-FAC, a facility related to the Senator’s energy bill.

Soon after that, a computer monitor is installed in Donald’s office by Anna, the Senator’s daughter and his former flame. Anna offers to help with a project. Donald hesitates due to their past relationship but agrees to set up a shared workspace. Donald understands the utmost secrecy of the project. He calls his wife, Helen, apologizing for losing track of time and working late on the project. Helen is understanding but expresses concerns about Donald’s involvement with the Senator’s daughter, Anna, who is also working on the project. Donald reassures her but senses her unease.

In one instance, Donald mentions his sister, a former soldier who now has trouble adjusting to civilian life. Senator offers to test a new drug on her that completely wipes a person’s memories. Eventually, Donald visits the nanotech lab where secret nanotech technology is being developed. He momentarily realizes this is a future disaster brewing and soon develops paranoid tendencies. Senator suggests that Donald reads the book “The Order” since it will be the future he dreams of.

Several years later, after he started working on the secret project, he attended the convention and witnessed a nuclear attack, seeing a giant mushroom cloud in the distance.

The second point of view that we are introduced to is Troy. He wakes up after a long cycle of cryo-sleep to assume his shift in Silo 1. He is disoriented and dizzy, but the doctor assures him everything is alright. He meets his supervisor, Merriman, who gives instructions and warns him about other frozen workers. Merriman leaves, and Troy takes over the job. Troy rapidly descends into depression and ponders everything he knows about the “Legacy and Order.”

Still, he slowly descends into a routine as he oversees the situation in the neighboring silos. During one of his shifts, catastrophe breaks in Silo 12. Apparently, there is a mutiny breaking out in Silo 12, and Troy is faced with some difficult choices; first, he needs to make sure that other Silo Heads don’t find out about the incident, and he needs to keep the casualties at Silo 12 at a minimum. Realizing that the latter is impossible, he marks the entire Silo 12 for extinction as he breaks down in tears.

Following the incident with Silo 12, Troy knows that something is very rotten within the organization and that they are keeping secrets from him. Troy is supposed to take his medications, but he often skips them, which causes his paranoia to skyrocket. Troy, now assigned to work as a mechanic in an underground facility, is called by Dr. Henson to assist with a man who is not responding to treatment.

He joins the doctor and finds an elderly man named Hal being restrained. The doctor injects Hal with a blue fluid, causing him to become unconscious. The scene unsettles him, but he signs off on the procedure. Afterward, Troy notices rows of cryo pods in the deep freeze, and he becomes shocked when he sees multiple pods named Helen and Helena. He is filled with a sense of recognition and realizes that someone important to him is among the frozen.

Eventually, Troy is also subjected to the treatment and signs of receiving the same lethal dose of a strange blue substance. He flickers in and out of consciousness, and his last thoughts are of his wife and one final name that he needs to remember.


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Part 2 – “Second Shift: Order”

We jump a couple of decades forward again, and Troy wakes up again from being frozen in cryosleep. Soon after, we find out that Troy has been Donald the entire time, only he has been pumped full of amnesia medication so he would forget everything before his current shift. The shifts last for six months, and at the end of your shift, they have frozen again for a period of time, and their memories are wiped clean by using the drugs that are pumped into the water system.

Donald, now spared of the effects of the amnesia drugs, remembers the war that destroyed the world and the fact that they are inside an underground Silo, although its purpose confounds him. Senator Thurman is with Donald, and an argument breaks out with Thurman explaining that what was done had to be done to preserve even the modicum of humanity.

Thurman also explains that Victor, their coworker committed suicide, and now it’s up to them to save Silo 18, which is facing massive civil unrest and threatens to unravel the very fabric and purpose of the Silos. Donald is still unsure what the true purpose of Silo is and confronts Victor with his fact.

Erskine, a former colleague of Victor’s, explains that he discovered the threat posed by nanomachines designed to fight against human-made machines. Nanomachines managed to infiltrate human bodies and destroy them inside. No one was safe, and something had to be done to save the people. The cure to combat the effects of nanobots did exist, and Donald wondered why only some of them were saved and why the Silos were built instead of simply saving the whole world.

Erskine explains that the danger was too severe, and they were facing a mass hysteria when people discovered that they were being killed from the inside. Instead of saving the whole world, they decided to contain a selected few individuals inside the Silos and wait for the world outside to recover and for nanomachines to die, and this might take centuries, millennia. And this is why people are frozen because this is the only way to ensure control and longevity, and people are ingesting amnesia medications so they cannot recall what happened before everything so that mass hysteria cannot break out.

Donald accepts the reasoning even though he doesn’t like it. He wonders where his wife is and wonders how many Silos managed to fall in the meantime. He knows that the answer to the growing rebellion in Silo 18 lies in the fact that someone couldn’t forget his “last shift,” and this is where violence comes from. He accidentally discovers that his sister’s medication was the reason why he couldn’t forget during his last shift and why he felt paranoid and on edge the whole time.

Donald and Thurman decide to simply reset Silo 18 to wipe the slate clean instead of just killing everyone within Silo. They make necessary adjustments to the formula of medications and water and hope for the best. They are contacted by the future new head of Silo 18 and ask him whether he is ready to assume new duties as the process of resetting Silo 18 is currently underway.

After finishing his second shift, Donald decides to kill himself like Victor, but he is stopped and pumped full of blue cryo-liquid again.

This part’s second point of view is from a young porter named Mission. Mission is approaching his 17th birthday, and Silo 18 is currently close to a rebellion. One day while delivering notes, Mission witnesses an explosion, and everyone assumes that he is at fault because they mistook him for another porter. He is aware that the rebellion has started, and he is shocked to see his close friend Rodny being involved with it. At the end of Mission’s POV, we discover that his memories have been wiped clean, Silo 18 has been reset, and he lives a new life now, much older and married to Allie, his teenage crush.


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Part 3 – “Third Shift: Pact”

Donald wakes up once again. He is disoriented and given the name Thurman. He learns about a loss in Silo Eighteen and a cleaner who escaped. Donald questions his identity and why he was awakened. He meets with Eren, the head of OPS, who informs him about a cleaner and the collapse of Silo Seventeen.

Donald discovers a message from Thurman and a message between Anna and her father. He suspects tampering with the system and finds items related to Thurman in his room. Donald realizes the power and authority he now holds in the Silo. He views camera feeds and receives a call regarding a potential replacement for the head of Silo 18 named Lukas Kyle. Donald reviews reports about a cleaner and the collapse of Silo Seventeen. He contemplates waking Anna from the deep freeze and discovers his own locker with personal items. He discovers that Anna lied to him and purposely kept him from his wife.

Donald confronts Anna about her involvement in keeping him from his wife and ultimately kills her. He reveals the true purpose of the silos and learns about “The Pact.” The Pact is, in fact, a suicide pact, and he discovers that only Silo 1 is supposed to survive while 39 other silos are supposed to be shut down with everyone inside.

Donald finds a map labeled “Seed” and reflects on his work. He masks his voice and deceives the Silo heads with Eren’s help. They test Lukas Kyle and discuss the limited number of silos and their responsibility for the world’s state.

Donald sets his alarm to wake his sister from deep freeze, hoping to find the truth of what is outside. He wakes her successfully and plans to leave the Silo with her. Donald checks in with Eren, talks to Charlotte, and prepares a drone for flight to check out the world outside. They see a glimpse of the outside world before the drone crashes. Donald is convinced that the world is alive and well, but Charlotte claims that the drone simply malufnctioned.

He discovers Thurman in a cryo pod and confronts him about their actions. He shoots Thurman and decides to lead and uncover what is wrong with the world. Donald, now known as Shepherd, has control over the silos. He calls a woman and warns her about digging too deep. They end the call with a sense of impending confrontation. The woman behind the call was Juliette, the cleaner who escaped Silo 18.

The second point of view introduces us to what happened to Silo 17 and Solo, a man Juliette discovered inside the first Silo she visited. Jimmy Parker is caught in a chaotic event called the Loud while at school.

His mother forcefully takes him out of class and joins others fleeing the school. Jimmy falls down a staircase but survives and encounters Yani, who helps him escape through a security gate. Jimmy’s father appears and shoots Yani. They access a hidden passage and descend into an underground area. Jimmy’s father sets up a computer to monitor his mother, then leaves to find her.

Alone in a hidden room, Jimmy discovers a book and metal containers. He tries to find his parents using a black box connected to a monitor and communicates with his father through a radio device. His father tells him to wait while he searches for Jimmy’s mother. Jimmy tries to save his mother from a group of men but fails to enter the correct code on a door. He is overwhelmed with grief and fear as violence ensues.

He spends days alone in a room with flashing lights, watching violence on cameras and listening to radio transmissions. He secretly explores the machines in the Silo and reads books labeled “Order” and “Legacy.” Time feels abstract, and he struggles to find activities. He contemplates leaving the room but is hesitant. He eventually descends into a silo, feeling hungry and disconnected. Inside, he finds a pantry filled with food.


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He prepares meals, listens to radio voices, and dreams of his mother.
Weeks pass, and Jimmy keeps track of time using scratches on a server. He enjoys breakfast, loads and operates a gun, and listens to the keypad signaling visitors attempting to enter. He kills intruders who know the code and waits for the next day. After a few years, he takes the nickname Solo.

Solo explores the depths of the Silo, encounters charred rooms, and ventures into Supply. He continues descending, encountering cold water and hearing crying from flooded levels. Solo investigates and discovers a cat in a rec room. The cat attacks him, causing chaos, but she eventually calms down. Solo feeds the cat and navigates the room, encountering furniture and bones.

Jimmy takes care of the rescued cat named Shadow, and they search for food together. Years later, Jimmy plans to explore and finds a closed door. He discovers dead bodies and barricades the door. Jimmy and Shadow decide to leave and not return to the top. Three decades pass by, Shadow is long dead and gone when Juliette encounters Solo inside Silo 17.

Dust by Hugh Howey summary & ending explained

Part 1 – “The Dig”

We follow Juliette Nichols again, who returned to Silo 18 following her discovery of other Silos and other survivors. She is in the midst of excavating and breaking through the concrete wall of Silo 18. She is using an excavator to dig and encountering resistance from the rebar within the wall. Juliette is determined to break through despite the disapproval and fear of her fellow miners. She is driven by the desire to reach the outside and potentially save other survivors.

The mining team discovered a hidden mechanical room behind the concrete wall they broke through. The room contains old machinery and equipment. Juliette plans to expand the hole and explore further, avoiding blasting to avoid damaging the machinery. She organizes a digging party and instructs them to create smaller holes that can be connected. She also helps Shirly clean the generator and observes the progress of the excavation. Despite tension and doubts, Juliette remains determined to show the others what lies beyond and believes they are doing the right thing.

Juliette squeezes through a hole into a cool, dark area filled with rubble. She discovers a massive machine that dwarfs everything else in the room. Raph joins her, amazed by its size. Juliette believes the ancient people who built the machine also constructed nearby towering structures. They wonder how to dig it out, but Juliette realizes the machine is meant to dig itself out. They explore the machine’s intricate interior and discover mechanisms for moving debris. They find a gearbox and a driveshaft but realize the machine lacks an engine. Juliette finds mounts for an engine and believes the machine is waiting to be opened. She realizes the purpose of the machine and explains it to Raph.

Shirly, Kali, and Juliette are cleaning the main generator while Bobby shows them how to open the back of the digger. They measure the space between the posts and mounts of the backup generator. The machine they uncovered is like a living schematic, leading to more discoveries. Shirly has been assisting Juliette despite hating the project. Lukas Kyle, head of IT and Juliette’s lover arrives unexpectedly. Juliette tells Raph to service the backup generator and suggests using it to see what the digger does.

Lukas expresses concerns about dissent in the Silo and asks Juliette to stop digging. They discuss rumors about Juliette’s cleaning and the state of the other silos. Juliette insists on saving her friends and promises to handle things discreetly. She plans to come up and stay with Lukas and mentions her intention to uncover the truth about the world outside the Silo. Lukas is unsure about her ambitious plans.

Juliette and Shirly have a heated argument about the backup generator. Juliette feels conflicted and unsure about her decision to take it, considering the recent loss of her husband and the potential risks to Silo. She reflects on her pride and the damage it has caused in the past. Juliette returns to the generator room and finds work already underway on the backup generator. She discusses the plan with Bobby and his daughter Hyla. They discuss the need for bracing and obtaining steel girders.

Juliette suggests filling shaft six with tailings from the digging. Bobby expresses concerns about the logistics and potential conflicts. Juliette plans to have the backup generator fully serviced before installation. Bobby questions Juliette’s decision to leave the project, and she explains that her presence is causing unrest. They agree to continue the digging without her. Juliette emphasizes that the project is for her friends and everyone in the Silo. Bobby expresses skepticism but acknowledges the potential for change.

Meanwhile, in Silo 17, Solo is waiting for news or any kind of sign from Juliette, who promised to rescue him and the children they have discovered.

Juliette visits Walker in his workshop and informs him that she will be away for a few days. She plans to transmit a message to Solo and mentions her upcoming project, which she believes will be even less popular than the current one. Walker shows her a portable radio he’s working on and warns her that the radios won’t work well once they start digging deeper. Juliette assures him that Courtnee has thought of everything and expresses her admiration for Walker’s skills. She asks Walker to patch her through to Solo, and he does so. Juliette receives a mixed update from Solo about the mechanical situation.

She gathers her belongings and leaves Mechanical, noticing the changing reactions of the people she encounters in the Silo. She stops by Hank’s deputy station, and they reconcile. Hank mentions that there have been grumblings and requests for transfers due to Juliette’s plans. Juliette assures him that things will improve and asks him to keep an eye on the stairwell for any trouble. She then explains that she is going to the mids farms and asks Hank to be vigilant.


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Lukas reminds Juliette that their small Silo community mostly disproves her actions, but she wants to focus all their manpower and resources on exploring other Silos. Lukas urges her to attend town hall meetings which it does, but she is still dead set on exploring the outside world. At that moment, Lukas and Julietter notice that the scars on her arms have disappeared, Julliette asks her father, the doctor, about it, and he confirms that it is impossible.

In Silo 1, Charlotte, Donald’s sister, works on the batteries from drones and adjusts to her new reality. Charlotte discusses her fear of being recognized and the risks they face. She mentions her brother’s interactions with other silos and the arbitrary rankings. They contemplate whether to intervene with the faith of the Silos or let the machines decide their fate. Charlotte wakes up from a nightmare and discovers her brother in a puffy suit related to the reactor. She suspects it is linked to his deteriorating health.

They discuss breakfast and the radio, but she senses he is hiding something. Charlotte realizes Donny is dying and wants to ensure her own well-being.
Captain Brevard is tired of his routine and anticipates retirement. A cryo pod is found with blood on it, and an investigation begins. The victim inside was bound, shot, and placed in the cryo pod.

The investigation suggests a potential murder case involving someone with medical knowledge. Brevard, Stevens, and Darcy head to the medical wing, where they discover a man named Troy found alive in an executive pod, but the blood on the pod’s lid matches someone else. They suspect a rogue killer waking people up without authorization. Another woman named Anna is found dead. The man claiming to be Paul Thurman is recognized by Brevard as someone else.

At Silo 18, Julliete apparently ventured outside once again.

Part 2 – “The Outside”

Juliette is outside collecting samples from the vicinity, including the bodies of dead cleaners. She takes samples of argon gas, plants, and just about anything she can find. While returning inside the Silo, she gets the news that the digger, the project she sacrificed so much for, has broken to the other side of Silo 17.

At the same time, inside Silo 17, Solo witnesses strangers from a new world entering his safe haven. Jimmy, Elise, and the rest of the children are transported to Silo 18, where Doctor Nichols, Juliette’s father, examines them. Juliette contacts Solo through the radio and apologizes for not being there, but she promises they will talk later.

Juliette never meets with Solo in the first place because she is busy analyzing the samples she acquired not from the outside world but from the airlock, as they were suspicious about the presence of argon gas.

Meanwhile, at Silo 1, Donald is extremely sick and looks forward to a quick death. Juliette promised that she would contact him, and she does, but instead of hopeful words, he is greeted by insults and accusations as Juliette discovers that the gas pumped inside the airlock during the cleanings is extremely harmful to people. Donald was unaware of that up to this point, and he apologizes to Juliette, but she doesn’t have time for his excuses.

Donald’s sister Charlotte thinks about fighting the system but gives up on the thought when she witnesses her brother being brutally beaten.

At Silo 18, the newcomers from Silo 17 are trying to fit in, but there are some difficulties. Elise wanders off, and one of the children falls from the staircase 20 floors down to his death. Solo can’t stand the fact that things are taken from Silo 17 without his permission.

At Silo 1, following the attack on her brother, Charlotte is hiding while Donald is confronting Thurman again, who was alive all this time. Thurman accuses Donald of sabotaging them and messing with drones and bombs. Donald, in turn, accuses Thurman of hiding the information from him and questions him about what the information on the server are truly about.


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Thurman explains that the IT servers monitor the population and calculate the odds of them surviving on the surface world. They figure out that Anna wants to sabotage Thurman and place Donald in his role to take over his identity because she found out that Thurman wanted to get rid of her as soon as her purpose was complete. Donald explains to Thurman that the Silo 40 most likely hacked both the servers and the system and most likely assumed control, while Silo 17 was annihilated completely.

At Silo 18, Lukas receives a distress call and doesn’t even have time to react. Someone at Silo 1 pushed the button, and argon flooded the entire Silo 18. No one has time to react, and most of the population of the Silo 18 is dead, including Lukas. Juliette doesn’t even have time to mourn as she tries to evacuate as many people as possible.

She heads toward the direction of the digger when she learns that Lukas is dying. Shirly punches her and drags her into the digger as they make their way toward Silo 17, escaping with their lives. Silo 18, forever lost.

Part 3 – “Home”

Juliette and the survivors make it into Silo 17, and they are planning on how to proceed. A terrible guilt burdens Juliette. She considers herself at fault for everything that happened in Silo 18. If she never started digging and probing about the outside world, none of this would happen, and their civilization would never have fallen.

Donald, in the meantime, is still held by Thurman. He discovers what is wrong with him and what he is dying of. Thurman reveals that his body is currently a battlefield of different nanomachines.

Charlotte is still surviving out of sight and out of mind. She manages to get into contact with Juliette and explains who she is and what her connection to Donald is. Juliette at first curses her, blaming both her and her brother for what happened to Silo 18. Someone at Silo 1 pushed a button, and now Silo 18 was exposed to the outside world with noxious gasses flooding its insides.

Charlotte denies her involvement and says her brother only wanted to help. Juliette refuses to believe that and refuses to reveal more about what she knows to Charlotte. Charlotte proves that she wants to help by mentioning to Juliette a map named SEED with strange lines that don’t make sense when you look at it from their perspective, but since she is from the Old World, Charlotte is convinced that those lines on the map lead to places that aren’t poisoned and the diggers are not supposed to travel between Silos but rather to those places.

Just as Charlotte is about to reveal this to Juliette, she is ambushed by a man dressed like the same man that ambushed her brother.

Part 4 – “Dust”

A man called Darcy is the one who assualtedCharlotte. Charlotte asks about her brother’s well-being, and Darcy admits he is alive but injured. Darcy restrains Charlotte with a plastic tie and questions her further about their escape. Charlotte begs him to take her to her brother and surrender. Darcy hesitates, studying some folders on the table, and reveals that he wants to understand the situation before turning her in. Charlotte fears his intentions but finds some hope that he may not harm her.

Darcy mentions the consequences she and her brother may face for killing an important man and suggests they will be put back in cryosleep. Charlotte informs him there is a plan in the folders for what happens to everyone after their last shift. Darcy initially doubts her, but she encourages him to ask his superiors and discover the truth. Darcy begins to unbutton his coveralls, contemplating her words and the possibility that the information she has shared is accurate.

Donald, bruised and injured, inspects his injuries in the bathroom mirror. He longs for sleep to escape the present and his suffering. His sister, Charlotte, arrives, accompanied by a guard named Darcy, and they plan to escape. Darcy helps them out of the Silo, revealing his skepticism toward the Silo’s management.

Charlotte informs Donald that they successfully flew a drone and saw a glimpse of the outside world. They head to the armory, where Donald explains that other silos have gone dark in the past due to a silent revolution. He reveals that the silos were designed to fail and that their collapse codes are ineffective. Anna had discovered a way to bring down the silos but was killed before she could fully implement her plan.

Juliette and Raph visit the deputy station to find a radio or spare battery but find none. They hear someone crying and discover Father Wendel, who is upset and surrounded by burnt pages. Juliette offers him help, but he declines. She insists that their people need him and leaves. Juliette and Raph later arrive at the lower farms to find Hank, who has allowed people to stake plots and is trying to maintain order. Hank tells them about a fight that occurred and mentions that Gene Sample has died.

They discuss the potential problems with the excessive power draw and the perishable food. Juliette and Raph plan to catch up with Solo and the kids while Hank takes care of the lights and organizes relocation to the Mids and Mechanical sections. Hank asks about the day, but Juliette realizes that it doesn’t matter anymore.


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Juliette is drowning and feeling overwhelmed by the chaos and destruction around her. She climbs a stairwell, encountering vandalism and theft along the way. She carries explosives intending to prevent such events from happening again. Juliette reflects on the existence of other silos with people leading their lives, unaware of each other. She worries about the children in her Silo and the violence they are born into. Juliette and Raph scavenge for food at a farm and proceed to Silo 34. They discover smoke and fire in Solo’s hovel, where books are being burned. Juliette tries to extinguish the fire but is attacked by a man in a robe. They struggle, and the fire engulfs them. Eventually, Raph rescues Juliette, and they escape through a ladderway. They block the smoke from entering the server room and collapse, exhausted.

Donald and Charlotte hide in a dark space, fearing discovery. They consider escaping using a drone, but Donald reveals he is dying. Charlotte insists on staying with him. They discuss the situation in other silos and their disillusionment with the purpose of the silos. Donald believes the silo creators wanted to control the survivors. He suggests building another suit to go outside, and Charlotte questions the weight of bunker busters.

Charlotte doubts the plan, but Donald assures her they will only die a week later if they stay. They prepare supplies and breathing apparatuses to venture outside. Donald reveals that the facility was designed for a specific purpose and that they intend to set the people inside free by detonating a bomb. Darcy, a guard, discovers their plan and tries to reason with them, but Donald and Charlotte restrain him. They proceed towards the elevator, and Donald forces Darcy to comply with their plan. Charlotte aims a gun at Donald when she realizes he lied about the bomb’s remote detonation, but he leaves them behind and takes the elevator alone, giving them half an hour to escape. Donald expresses his love to Charlotte before the doors close.

At Silo 17, in the aftermath of the fire, Juliette and Raph discover a ruined communication hub with broken circuit boards. Juliette realizes that the layout of the servers matches the layout of the silos and finds a silo symbol on one of the servers, leading her to believe that the servers hold a map. She plans to use the map and the fuel supply of a digger to determine the location of a place mentioned by a girl on the radio.

Juliette organized a gathering where she revealed that their previous Silo had been destroyed and poisoned, and they needed to leave. She showed them schematics of the silos and explained that they had arrived at a new silo with the help of a digging machine. Despite uncertainties, she expressed her willingness to explore the outside world for a better life, and many others pledged to join her.

As the food supply dwindled, Juliette felt the pressure mount as everyone worked. They prepared many cleaning suits, valves, and welding kits for an expedition outside. Juliette and her team grimly removed preserved bodies from the sheriff’s office, raising concerns about the unusual preservation and the unsettling abundance of twins among the children. They began to suspect something was wrong with Silo and decided it was time to leave, even if it meant facing the unknown dangers outside.

Meanwhile, Charlotte and Darcy hurriedly try to escape a facility as Donald sacrifices himself to stop the operations. Charlotte and Darcy face opposition from security guards but manage to reach the surface. Meanwhile, the facility experiences a catastrophic event, causing the ground to shake and a large crater to form. Charlotte witnesses the destruction and begins questioning her will to continue living in the ruined world.

Juliette and a group of people outside in protective suits have ventured out from their shelter and climbed a hill. As they reach the top, they witness a beautiful and colorful world before them, contrasting with the bleak and lifeless landscape they left behind. Excitement and joy fill the group as they remove their suits and breathe in the fresh air.

They discover a concrete tower in the distance, which they believe holds the promise of a new beginning. They begin to explore the surrounding area and debate whether to stay or continue their journey toward the sea. Ultimately, they decide to move forward, hoping to find water and sustenance. As they discuss their options, a figure in a suit stumbles down the hill toward them, collapsing in exhaustion. It’s Charlotte, and she made it out alive.

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