10 Best Sites to Read Manga Online (Free & Paid)

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Now that we belong to the digital age, almost anything can be accessed online. Reading manga online is something several people have been doing for years. It saves space from having an actual copy lying somewhere in your room, and there are a lot of free sites that allow you free access to their manga library.

Ready to start reading manga online? Here are the ten best free and paid websites to read manga online.

10. Crunchyroll (Paid)


Crunchyroll is mainly known for its extensive anime list. It’s even referred to as the Netflix of anime. However, Netflix doesn’t just offer you anime to watch for your $8.95 per month. Subscribers also have access to their manga list. Being a platform with its own app that can be put on different devices makes Crunchyroll easy and convenient for most people.

I like to enjoy anime at home, but on a commute or when I’m waiting in line for something, I’d like to enjoy a good manga, so having a Crunchyroll account is super handy for people who don’t like being idle when they are outside.

Official Site: https://www.crunchyroll.com

9. Manga Kakalot (Free)

Manga Kakalot

One of the best free sites you can read your favorite manga. It has one of the more extensive libraries out there. Have an obscure manga you couldn’t find anywhere else? Manga Kakalot probably has it. The best part of this site is that it’s completely free.

The website is also certified with cloudfair, and so far, readers seem to have no issues with the website. Among the free websites, Manga Kakalot is probably one of the more popular ones due to being able to update really fast and giving readers high-quality images and translations.

Official Site: https://mangakakalot.com

8. Manga Owl (Free)

Manga Owl

Manga Owl is another free manga reading site for free. It uses a lot more cookies than other websites, but if you don’t mind, it should be safe. While you can see many members’ activities posted on the homepage, Manga Owl does not require you to make an account for you to access their library. However, if you are looking for people who are also using the website and want to create new friends online, you can create a membership, join the forums, or even simply check the discord link on this site.

In addition, it seems manga owl also shares users’ collections, and most of the time, the top trending collection is a Boys Love collection. Manga Owl also has raw untranslated manga. So, if you can read Japanese fine, you might be able to read everything ahead without the need to pay.

Official Site: https://mangaowls.com

7. Manga Reborn (Free)

Manga Reborn

A lot of lesser-known manga usually never get to hit western shores. Manga Reborn is actually a site dedicated to getting these lesser-known mangas reach English readers with the help of having volunteer translators. If you’re looking for lesser-known manga, then it’s an excellent site to check out. 

However, if you are coming from the EU, then there’s a high possibility you will not have access to this website. According to their website, their services are intended for users who belong to the regions of the United States and some Asian countries.

Official Site: http://www.mangareborn.jp


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6. Comic Walker (Free & Paid)

Comic Walker

An actual Japanese publisher runs it, and the best part of it is they are offering their comics for free. So don’t be shocked when you enter the website. You can easily toggle the language to English and check out what they have to offer. While most of the popular series are free, a couple of them need to be paid. You can check if the title is free or not by checking if there’s a “free” red banner found in the upper left corner of the cover.

The translations of these are also accurate. While scanlators tend to miss a few words, you can see all the missing parts on their pages. What I like about Comic Walker is that you can find a lot of updated old comics. Some free sites tend to discontinue old comics, but Comic Walker regularly updates and finishes the manga they offer.

Official Site: https://comic-walker.com

5. Book Walker (Paid)

book walker

Book Walker is another site by Kadokawa that allows users to read manga online. The difference is that Book Walker has a larger collection and some light novels. Unlike Comic Walker, which mostly offers free comics, Book Walker mostly has paid comics, but you can check out which comics they have up for free. Some of their collections also become free for a certain period, and once you “buy” it, it becomes accessible for you forever.

Book Walker works a lot like Kindle, wherein you add a light novel or manga you wish to read in your catalog, and you can access it whenever you are ready to pick it up. Usually, the mangas are priced from $7 to $10.

Official Site: https://bookwalker.jp/top/

4. Viz (Paid)

Viz Manga

Everyone’s probably familiar with Viz Media. Well, Viz manga is run by the exact same company. Viz manga is one of the largest manga distributors in North America. They even offer translated issues of the weekly Shonen Jump Magazine. Viz also gives you the option of purchasing your manga as a digital copy or a physical copy.

So if you feel you do prefer the feeling of owning a physical book, then, by all means, purchase one. Shonen Jump is also $25.99 for a year for a subscription. Viz also offers its own app on both the iOS and Android.

 If you aren’t too sure about committing to a series, then Viz does offer free previews to most of their titles. This way, you won’t be wasting money on a manga you might potentially not like.

Official Site: https://www.viz.com/read

3. Manga Fox (Free)


It’s been almost everyone’s go-to free manga site back in the day, and it’s still a well-visited site today for the same purpose. While the site might be unavailable for some areas, most of us are allowed to visit this site compared to stricter sites like Manga Reborn. Manga Fox also acts as a forum and community hub as several anime and manga fans come and discuss the latest releases. Sometimes the conversations even go beyond anime and manga. 

The website itself is straightforward to negative around, and it looks like mangas are regularly updated as well. So, if you’re looking for a site that is free and would update almost the same day as a paid site, then Manga Fox is a good option.

Official Site: https://fanfox.net


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2. ComiXology (Paid)


It’s free to download, but you’re going to have to pay up if you want to read anything. You can pay for individual comics, or you can pay a monthly fee. Amazon owns this cloud-based digital distribution platform, and they have a library of over 200 million comics, graphic novels, and manga on their platform.

Not only are manga made available for you, but if you use ComiXology, you even have other comics from around the world and graphic novels. 

1. Manga Freak (Free)


Almost every manga I can think of is in here. The downside? It has a lot of advertisements. Despite all the ads, Manga Freak is still alive and consistent in allowing readers to get updates on the latest chapters of popular mangas. Personally, if not for the paid site, I would choose Manga Freak for most of my needs.

Official Site: https://w13.mangafreak.net