Smallville Star Tom Welling Confirmed To Star In Scott Windhauser’s ’Deep Six’

Tom Welling, best known for the role Clark Kent in DC’s 10-season series Smallville and Lucifer signed on to star in Deep Six, an action thriller from writer and director Scott Windhauser, Deadline has learned.

Scott Windhauser serves as the writer and director of the movie in which Welling will star as Terry, an ex-con who is forced to go undercover to take down Cosa Nostra in Italy. After his whole undercover unit is killed on his first day, Terry must go face-to-face with a killer who may know he is working for law enforcement.

Welling became a popular star thanks to the role of Clark Kent in Smallville (2001-2011), a DC series about Clark’s time on Earth before he became Superman. Smallville defined the DCTV as we know it today, and it was the jumping point for creating the TV series Arrow, which eventually led to establishing a TV universe known as Arrowverse. Welling reprised the role in Crisis on Infinite Earths, an Arrowverse crossover event that aired eight years after Smallville’s conclusion.

Welling also played Marcus Pierce, also known as Cain, the first murderer in the third season of DC show Lucifer. Pierce was the main antagonist of the season, cursed by God to live forever on Earth after he killed his brother Abel. Although his biggest desire (to die) was eventually granted, it didn’t happen the way he was expecting after Lucifer foiled his plans.

Tom Welling is 44 years old, and although he has only 17 acting credits on IMDb, he still made a name for himself, particularly thanks to Smallville. Welling is also set to provide the voice of Superman in the upcoming animated series Smallville, which serves as the sequel to the original live-action series.

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