Snow White with the Red Hair Season 3 Release Date: Renewed or Canceled?


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Snow White with the Red Hair is a shōjo manga written and illustrated by Sorata Akizuki. It has been published since 2006 in Hakusensha’s LaLa magazine, and 25 volumes were released as of October 2022. An anime series adaptation produced by studio Bones aired on Tokyo MX between July and September 2015, followed by a second season, released in January 2016. The series’ second season aired six years ago and in this article, we are going to tell you whether you can expect a third season of Snow White with the Red Hair anytime soon.

The third season of Snow White with the Red Hair still hasn’t been confirmed or canceled yet. The second season aired six years ago and while the manga is still ongoing, meaning that there is more material up for adaptation, the third season is still uncertain. Having said all of this, Snow White with the Red Hair was a fairly popular series, and based on all the known facts, a third season is not impossible. We just don’t know when it could happen.

The rest of this article will bring you all the known and unknown information related to a potential season three of Snow White with the Red Hair. You’re going to find out about its potential release date, whether there is a trailer, what the story could be about, and much more about this exciting anime series whose future is still somewhat uncertain.

What do we know about Season 3 of Snow White with the Red Hair?

Snow White with the Red Hair was published in Hakusensha’s LaLa DX magazine between August 10, 2006 and August 10, 2011. As of September 24, 2011 it is being published by LaLa magazine from the same publisher. To date, it has 25 volumes and is still in publication. It has been translated and published internationally in various countries of the world.

Two short stories were released during the publication of the manga. The first was in LaLa DX magazine, and the second was in LaLa: the one-shots are” Hachigatsu no Shikisai” and “Bokura wo Tsunaide”.

The anime series has been adapted by the BONES studio. The first season consisted of twelve episodes that were televised by Animax, BS Fuji, Tokyo Metropolitan Television, TV Aichi, Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation during the summer season of 2015. In English-speaking countries, the series has been broadcast on the Animax Asia channel and through the Internet on the Funimation site.

A second season was released on January 11, 2016 and featured 12 episodes as well. Both the cast and the production team were the same as in the first anime and the OVA, with the actors who represented the new characters joining the cast. Streaming in Japan, France, and English-speaking countries is through the same outlets as the first season. Crunchyroll licensed the series outside of Asia.

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The BONES studio also produced a special OVA format episode, called “Akagami no Shirayukihime: Nandemonai Takaramono, Kono Page”. It was released on January 5, 2016 along with the fifteenth volume of the manga. The production team and cast were the same as in the first season. In this special episode, Shirayuki and Zen have a date in the city. The story was adapted from the following manga chapters: “Shirayuki to Zen”, “Hajimete no Joukamachi Date”, and “Hajimari no Zen & Mitsuhide & Kiki”. So, what does all of this tell us about a potential third season?

Taking all of this into account, the future of Snow White with the Red Hair doesn’t seem bad, despite the fact that we don’t know whether a third season is going to be made. The source work is, as we have said, fairly popular, as was the anime series, and the fact that the franchise has a large fanbase makes us very hopeful. In addition to that, we know that the manga is not over yet, which means that there is a lot of material to adapt. The main issue is that it’s been six years since the most recent episode, but we’ve seen anime series come back from longer breaks.

In any case, the earliest we could see a potential third season is 2023, but we’d have to get some confirmation on the future during 2022 or early 2023; 2024 is also a solid possibility. The fans are demanding a new season, but we’ll just have to see how it goes and how well the movie does; as far as things stand now, a continuation is possible, but we simply don’t have any official information to confirm our suspicions.

What could Season 3 of Snow White with the Red Hair be about?

At this moment, we do not know how far the third season of Snow White with the Red Hair could take us because we don’t know how many additional chapters of the manga series the season could potentially adapt. Namely, due to a lack of information in general, we have absolutely no clue how far the third season of the show might go if it even happens. What follows is an overview of the original material so you can get a rough idea of what you could expect from the series.

Young pharmacist Shirayuki lives a simple life in the land of Tanbarun. But after she has been harassed by others several times because of her striking red hair, the prince of the country has now cast his eye on her. Raji Shenazard wants to make her his mistress. Repelled by this, Shirayuki cuts off her long hair and flees. On the way, she meets a group of adventurers in a house in the forest, who, after initial hesitation, help her.

Also because she proves her skills with remedies. This allows her to escape from Raji, who is taken out of the group by Zen Wistalia. To Shirayuki’s surprise, he is the second prince of the neighboring country of Clarines. He has also taken a liking to Shirayuki and threatens Raji if he doesn’t leave her in peace. At his invitation, Shirayuki moves to Clarines.

In her new home, the young woman wants to be able to stand on her own feet quickly and no longer be dependent on the prince. Some at court are already suspicious of her taking advantage of his favors. So she decides to become a court pharmacist so that she can continue to be close to Zen. As she prepares for the exam, a suspicious duke already sends a mercenary to pressure her and drive her away.

But through her steadfastness and sincerity, Shirayuki manages to stand up to the duke and convince Zen anew. The mercenary Obi proves useful and is hired by Zen from then on. So far he only had subordinates in Mitsuhide and Kiki, whom he also knew to be close friends. After passing the exam, Shirayuki is able to work at court and encounters Zen more often, but the latter is increasingly bound by his duties.

The brother of the prince, who is also suspicious of the friendship between the two, and finally a visit from Prince Raji put the relationship between the two to the test. Rumors are circulating that the two might be getting engaged. Although they denied this at first, the two are becoming closer and closer. Obi is assigned as Shirayuki’s bodyguard and becomes the prince’s official messenger. Shirayuki also proves to be a clever woman who impresses Zen and his followers and is helpful to them. Eventually, Zen confesses his love for her and they both get officially engaged.

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