GTA V: So, You Killed Trevor? Here’s How To Get Him Back

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Grand Theft Auto features three main characters, all of which play a crucial role in how the storyline progresses. Spoilers alert, for those who haven’t finished GTA V Story Mode just yet, but players get the option to kill Trevor at the end of their playthrough. Many fans who chose to kill Trevor are curious to find out if getting him back is possible.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Players who select Choice A and kill Trevor with the “Something Sensible” mission cannot get Trevor back without loading an old Save file or using GTA V mods.
  • The only other option would be to restart GTA V altogether and make a different choice at the end.

GTA V: Endings Explained

Once players get through all of the main missions and heists in GTA V Story Mode, they will be met with the final and the most complex task of all, which will then lead to the closing credits in GTA V. After Michael, Franklin, and Trevor pull off a major heist on the Union Depository, Steve Haines and Devin Weston will visit Franklin on separate occasions, who will both give Franklin the task of taking out either of his two allies.

Steve Haines will order Franklin to kill Trevor Philips, primarily due to Trevor’s uncontrollable temper. On the other hand, Devin Weston will order Franklin to kill Michael De Santa, primarily due to Michael interfering in Devin’s business ventures – in addition to the fact that Devin holds Michael responsible for his lawyer’s death. Players will then have to decide who to take out on Franklin’s behalf, or they can ignore both orders entirely.

Choosing to Kill Trevor in GTA V

While choosing to kill Micheal is also an option, most GTA V players seem to prefer taking out Trevor instead. Trevor is infamous within the GTA V community, well-known for his “crazy” streak and volatile behavior, and most fans end up killing Trevor as a result.

If the player chooses to kill Trevor, the “Something Sensible” mission will begin. Franklin will set up a private meeting with Trevor, after which he will start discussing the problems they are facing – but, at this point in time, Trevor will believe that this discussion regards Michael.

However, he is then shocked to see Franklin pull a gun on Trevor while claiming that Trevor was the “crazy one,” stating that he would likely get all three of them killed. Stunned by the turn of events, Trevor remarks that he has been truthful to Franklin, which Franklin accepts but still does not lower his gun.

Feeling betrayed again, Trevor flees in his truck, after which Franklin sets off in pursuit. During the chase, Franklin receives a call from Michael, who asks him for help. Near the end of the chase, Michael appears out of nowhere in a stolen car and rams into the side of Trevor’s truck, which causes Trevor to crash into a gas tanker.

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Trevor stumbles out of his truck, battered with visible wounds from the crash, after which he becomes drenched in the gasoline spilling from the damaged tanker. Players then have the choice to have Franklin shoot the fuel, igniting it and burning Trevor to death before the fuel tanker explodes.

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Some players have tried to change their minds at the last minute here, but if Franklin takes too long, Michael will shoot Trevor instead. Micheal and Franklin are deeply affected by Trevor’s death, and they take time apart to reflect on everything that’s happened. Trevor’s cut from the Union Depository bank job is split between them.

Can You Get Trevor Back After Killing Him in GTA V?

Although many players believed that killing Trevor was the right choice, most fans were hit with a wave of sudden regret after witnessing Trevor’s brutal and merciless demise – topped off by some tragic aftermath for both Franklin and Micheal. As a result, many fans have become eager to find out if it’s possible to somehow alter this choice and bring Trevor back to life in GTA V.


But, unfortunately, there is no way to bring Trevor back in GTA V after the player chooses to kill him – once Trevor is dead, he is gone forever, and he cannot be used as a character by the player or be brought back in other forms. However, there are still a couple of ways to save Trevor in some cases, primarily for players who use GTA V mods or are willing to put in some time.

Use GTA V Mods

For players who can use GTA V mods, bringing Trevor back should be relatively simple. Players can still go through with the “Something Sensible” mission in these cases, as Trevor can be brought back as a playable character by means of simply spawning him back in.

However, it’s worth noting that this method primarily applies to those enjoying GTA V on PC, as the specifics are vastly different compared to players trying to use GTA V mods on Xbox or PlayStation.

With that being said, as with many GTA V mods, using this method will naturally come with some unexpected results. It’s possible to break the game altogether after bringing Trevor back in this way – although this can still be quite entertaining, especially considering the interesting dialogue and scenarios that may arise.

Reload an Old Save File

The simplest and easiest option for players enjoying GTA V on any console would be to simply reload an old save file. This will instantly grant players access to a previous point in time, allowing them to redo the final mission and make a different choice.

Restart GTA V

If you do not have access to an old Save file and cannot use GTA V mods on your chosen platform, the only other option would be to restart GTA V Story Mode from scratch. This is the most extreme and time-consuming method for obvious reasons, although many players have found that no playthrough is exactly the same.

You may have tons of new experiences, topped off with the opportunity to save Trevor once you reach the end. It also enables players to put what they’ve learned from their first playthrough into practice, whether it be in the form of starting businesses in GTA V, finding better cars, getting more familiar with the map, and much more.

Saving Trevor: Select “Choice C”

Once players get back to the instance where they need to make a choice, they could select Choice B to kill Micheal but should ideally select Choice C, “Deathwish,” instead of Choice A. This will start a different mission named “The Third Way,” which will save all three protagonists and change the end of the storyline entirely.

That’s everything there is to know about getting Trevor back after killing him in GTA V, with images thanks to the GTA Wiki. Although players will be stuck playing the game without Trevor after killing him, this choice has led many dedicated GTA fans to restart their playthrough partially or entirely for a much happier ending.

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