GTA V: How Long Are the Credits & What’s After Them?

How Long Are GTA V Credits Are Whats After Them

Grand Theft Auto is an undeniably huge title as is, with tons of creative minds and talented developers behind the franchise. As such, quite a few fans were shocked to see how many names comprised the end credits, and many players are eager to find out exactly how long the GTA V credits are and if there’s anything after them.

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  • The closing credits scene in GTA V takes around 36 minutes on average, although some fans have reported that it can take between 40 and 50 minutes.
  • However, players can choose to skip through the rest of the credits after a certain point after which they will return to the game in GTA V Free Mode, with events depending on the choice that the player made in the Final Mission.

Credits in GTA V

Playing through GTA V Story Mode will take time for players, as there are tons of missions and heists to get through – not to mention all of the extra content such as robbing banks in GTA V, robbing GTA V convenience stores, getting your hands on some incredible cars, and much more. Once players finally reach the end of the game after completing the last mission, they will be met with a classic credit screen that portrays the names of all the gifted creators behind GTA V.

Spoilers alert, for players who have not completed the GTA V Story Mode just yet, but the end credits of GTA V will appear after the completion of the last mission. The scene will depend on whether players selected Choice A, “Something Sensible,” where players choose to kill Trevor, select Choice B, “The Time’s Come,” where players choose to kill Micheal or select Choice C, “The Third Way” where players choose to preserve the lives of all three protagonists at the cost of some extra work.

It takes approximately 40 minutes to get through the entire credits panel in GTA V, specifically around 35 to 36 minutes – but a few players have stated that the credits can take around 40 or 50 minutes, or even up to an hour, depending on the player’s choice during the Final Mission. Many players get through the first section of the credits before wondering why it’s so long, as it’s significantly longer than many other gaming titles.

However, the length of the credits panel is completely understandable, as GTA V is an incredibly large game that takes a long time to install and get into from the very beginning. There is a massive team behind GTA V, all of which worked really hard to make this infamous title what it is today, which is the main reason for the credits scene taking such a long time to finish.

Can Players Skip the Credits in GTA V?

Many players have felt that it’s only fair to sit through the entire credits scene after all of the fun and excitement that the game offered them, simply in order to give respect for those who created it and at least take note of the creators’ names. But, many have felt that the credits panel in GTA V is simply too long, or that it could have been done more efficiently and less time-consuming.

Fortunately, Rockstar Games (Rockstar North) has given players the option to skip the end credits scene if they wish to do so – or, at least the majority of it. Once the screen goes black and the scene changes to a different area, players will be able to skip the rest of the credits by pressing “X”, “A”, or the prompted button, depending on the player’s chosen gaming platform.

What Happens After the Credits?

Quite a few GTA V fans chose to continue watching the credits until the end due to the odd chance of a unique trophy or a special cutscene that would not be accessible after the fact. However, neither of these two instances appeared to be the case in GTA V.

After the end credits scene is complete, players will simply return to the game, where they’ll be met with a psychiatric report from Dr. Friedlander, along with events based on the choice they made within the final mission. Selecting Choice A, “Something Sensible,and killing Trevor in GTA V will lead players to return to the game as Micheal, who will receive text messages regarding Trevor’s death.

If players select Choice B, “The Time’s Come,” and choose to kill Micheal, they will return to the game as Trevor, who will receive text messages regarding Micheal’s death. Suppose players select Choice C, “Deathwish,” and get through “The Third Way” mission that follows this choice. In that case, they will return to the game as Trevor, and the game’s overall dynamic will continue as normal after the credits scene – players will be able to play as all three characters from this point.

While it may seem as if the game is complete, there are still tons of things that players can do in GTA V after the credits scene is complete – not to mention the possibility of switching over to GTA Online for a whole new world of content topped off with numerous multiplayer experiences. Players will be able to start their own adventures with the Free Mode in GTA V, and they can enjoy tons of GTA V mods depending on the chosen gaming platform as well.

That’s everything there is to know about the end credits scene in GTA V. Although the credits may take much longer than many fans expected, this is quite understandable when considering just how iconic and massive this game is. Fortunately, since there is no cutscene or special reward for players following the credits, players can choose to skip through it and continue the rest of their gameplay experiences.

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