Solo Leveling: All 6 “Lizards” Ranked!

Solo Leveling: All 3 "The Lizards" Ranked!

Solo Leveling is a South Korean novel series that has recently seen an anime adaptation. Arguably the most popular manhwa in the world, Solo Leveling is sure to attract a lot of attention, especially in light of the fact that the anime adaptation is truly great. While we’re enjoying the episodes, we have decided to cover the series as we usually do, and this article is going to be about the “Lizards” from the series. What is a “Lizard” exactly? How does one get this epithet? Is it a derogatory one? Keep reading this article, as we are going to explain everything you need to know about this interesting concept.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • In the world of Solo Leveling, the term “Lizard” is used in a pejorative context to describe those Hunters who act underhanded and abuse their rank to gain some benefits by sacrificing weaker Hunters.
  • The series has introduced us to six “Lizards” – Dongsuk, Kyuhwan, Jinsuk, Chul-Jin, Sukmin, and Juntae – so far, and they wanted to sacrifice Sung Jinwoo and Yoo Jinho in the Spider’s Dungeon.
  • They are called “Lizards” because they use weak Hunters as bait or abandon them in danger, just like a lizard abandons its tail when faced with danger.

The concept of “Lizards” in Solo Leveling explained

As we have explained so far, there are numerous interesting concepts in the world of Solo Leveling, and the concept of the “Lizards” is one of them. Before we tell you more about the characters, we are going to tell you what the concept represents.

As explained by Sung Jinwoo’s mentor, there are Hunters who take advantage of their positions and ranks to do evil deeds. They are higher-ranked Hunters who use weaker hunters as bait in higher-ranked Dungeons or who abandon them in the face of danger. Because there are no security cameras in a Dungeon, and with no witnesses present, it is also possible to commit a crime, especially if you have a tight-knit group who will vouch for you; such was the case with Dongsuk’s group.

These Hunters are called “Lizards” because their behavior – abandoning weaker members in the face of danger – is similar to a lizard leaving its tail when in danger, which is why they received this name. They are considered to be vile and underhanded characters in the series. Having said this, let us now rank them.


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The known “Lizards” of Solo Leveling ranked


As we have said, Donguk’s whole party are actually “Lizards” who pray on weaker ranks and use them as bait. In this section, we are going to rank them based on what we know about them.

6. Goo Juntae

We have to note here that only four members of the party have been explicitly identified up to this point, so anime fans won’t know who Goo Juntae is, but we can confirm that he is the brown-haired Hunter in the knight’s armor; the other one is Sukmin. Their names were taken from the end credits of the anime, so this is all we have so far to identify them from there, but we consulted the webtoon to confirm it.

Be that as it may, the two of them did not do much, but we know that they are considered to be sub-D-Rank Hunters, as Sung Jinwoo identified them with ease, which confirms that both of them are weaker than the four C-Ranks, i.e., that regardless of which one Juntae is, he is definitely weaker than the first four names on this list. Goo Juntae, along with the others, fought the insect monsters and was able to do a significant amount of damage, killing several of them, although Sung Jinwoo commented on how they were a bit sloppy in their execution. He was ultimately killed by Jinwoo because he intended to kill him.

5. Sukmin

As we have explained above, anime fans won’t know who Sukmin is, but we can confirm that he is the blonde-haired Hunter, as we have confirmed via the webtoon. Also, everything we’ve said above can be applied here – he is a sub-D-Rank Hunter, as Jinwoo confirmed, and he fought the insect monsters and was able to do a significant amount of damage, killing several of them. He was also killed by Jinwoo eventually.

4. Jinsuk

Jinsuk is the blonde Hunter with spiky hair and goggles. He has been identified as a C-Rank Hunter by Jinwoo and seems to be skilled and powerful. The exact level of his skills is unknown as of the time of writing, but he has made a significant contribution to the fight against the insects, and Dongsuk went to him for consultations about whether there were any of them left, which suggests that he is also in charge of analytics and tactics within the party. His exact skills and abilities were not specified, though, but he was able to hold his ground against the insect monsters, and as a C-Rank Hunter, he is definitely not weak. He was killed by Jinwoo as well.

3. Lee Chul-Jin

Lee Chul-Jin is the Hunter with the short black hair. He is also a C-Rank Hunter and based on that, we can assume that he is powerful, despite the fact that the series hasn’t really specified his powers. He seems to be a fighter more than anything else, especially since he was the first member of the party whom Dongsuk told to kill Jinwoo later in the story. He was also – supposedly – in charge of bringing the mining equipment but conveniently forgot to bring it when they found the chamber with the Spider Boss. He was ultimately killed by Jingwoo when he tried to kill him on Dongsuk’s orders.

2. Cho Kyuhwan

Cho Kyuhwan is the Mage of the group, the Hunter with long, black hair. He is a C-Rank Hunter and as far as we could see, he is very powerful and very skilled as a Mage, being able to use powerful offensive spells, but also showing versatility in his skills. He seems to be the closest to Dongsuk and is obviously as underhanded as he is. He was ordered by Dongsuk to kill Jinwoo with his magic, but Jingwoo used his amazing skills to cut off his arm and then kill him on the spot.


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1. Hwang Dongsuk

Hwang Dongsuk is the leader of this party and the “Lizards,” as well as its strongest member. He is also a C-Rank Hunter and while he might look and act friendly, he is underhanded and evil, as he was ready to sacrifice the two lower ranks to the Spider Boss so that he and his mates could mine the area and gain more money. He was a skilled and powerful Hunter, but that wasn’t of much use to him against Jinwoo, who used Kasaka’s Venom Fang to charge at him and behead him, effectively killing him on the spot. He is also known for being the older brother of Hwang Dongsoo, with whom he is not on good terms.

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