Solo Leveling: Who Is Cho Kyuhwan? The Story of the Treacherous Mage Revealed!

Solo Leveling: Who Is Cho Kyuhwan? The Story of the Treacherous Mage Revealed!

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Solo Leveling is a South Korean novel series that has recently seen an anime adaptation. Arguably the most popular manhwa in the world, Solo Leveling is sure to attract a lot of attention, especially because the anime adaptation is truly great. While we’re enjoying the episodes, we have decided to talk about the series, and in this article, we are going to be covering one of the series’ characters. Cho Kyuhwan is a secondary human antagonist from the series who appeared in the C-Rank Dungeon along with his fellow “Lizards.” A deceitful character, we have decided to present you his whole story here.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Cho Kyuhwan is a secondary character from the Solo Leveling series, a C-Rank Hunter and Mage who was part of Hwang Dongsuk’s party when they entered the C-Rank Dungeon.
  • He seemed to be friendly enough, like the others, but was also a “Lizard,” and when Dongsuk ordered him to seal off the chamber with the boss, he did it, believing that the lower ranks would be killed.
  • As he and his party returned to the Dungeon, Dongsuk ordered him to kill Jinwoo, but Jinwoo quickly cut off his hand and killed him in a moment.

Cho Kyuhwan was one of the C-Rank Hunters in the Spider’s Dungeon

After having gained more power in the Instant Dungeon, Jinwoo was released from the hospital and he was looking for a new job. He found a party that was entering a C-Rank Dungeon that would give him a sum of 2,000,000 for just showing up, without having to do any of the fighting; it was a C-Rank Dungeon, and such Dungeons required a certain number of Hunters, so Jingwoo, as an E-Rank, was summoned and offered money to fill the quota. And this is where Cho Kyuhwan’s story begins.

Cho Kyuhwan is a C-Rank Hunter who was a member of the party led by Hwang Dongsuk. He was a Mage and we saw that he was fairly skilled with magic, as he was able to defeat a large number of the unnamed insect Beasts as well as produce different types of magic in general. He seemed to be friendly, like the others, and for a while, it all seemed to be fine, despite Jingwoo’s gut feeling telling him that something was off with the whole mission.

At one point, the party reached the boss’ chamber, which was filled with Mana Stones, and wanted to excavate it while the boss – a giant spider – was still asleep. Leaving the two lower ranks to “guard” the place, the other members went outside, as they conveniently forgot their mining gear, but it turned out to be a trick. Dongsuk and his party were actually “Lizards,” and as soon as Dongsuk ordered Cho Kyuhwan to seal off the entrance to the boss’ chamber, trapping the two lower ranks with the now awakened boss, he did it with a malicious smile.


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Their goal was to sacrifice the lower ranks so that the boss would be fed and sleeping while they excavated the mana stones. And it would’ve worked… had it not been for Jinwoo.

He was ultimately killed by Sung Jinwoo

What the “Lizards” did not know was that Jinwoo was not a Player of the System and that he was not an E-Rank Hunter anymore. The boss was a C-Rank Beast, and Sung Jinwoo was ultimately able to defeat it, revealing at the same time that he was a False Ranker. With this revelation, the original party was shocked, as their original plan was completely ruined. You can imagine how angry Dongsuk was with such a turn of events and how it all went against his plans.

As soon as they faced Jinwoo again, Dongsuk immediately ordered Cho Kyuhwan to kill him, and on paper, it was a one-sided affair. Cho Kyuhwan was a C-Rank Hunter and a skilled, as well as powerful Mage; Sung Jinwoo was an E-Rank Hunter known for being “the Weakest Hunter in the World.” It seemed that Cho Kyuhwan would defeat Sung Jinwoo with ease, but it did not happen like that.

Using his skills and his new upgrades, Sung Jinwoo quickly approached Cho Kyuhwan and was able to cut off his hand before the latter could do anything, after which he killed him on the spot. And that is how Cho Kyuhwan’s story ended in Solo Leveling, and with him being such an underhanded character, we can confirm that it was a pretty righteous ending for him.

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