Solo Leveling: What Is the Hell-Like Dungeon Jinwoo Entered & Is It Really an S-Rank? His Hidden Quest Explained!

Solo Leveling: What Is the Hell-Like Dungeon Jinwoo Entered & Is It Really an S-Rank? His Hidden Quest Explained!

Solo Leveling is a South Korean novel series that has recently seen an anime adaptation. Arguably the most popular manhwa in the world, Solo Leveling is sure to attract a lot of attention, especially in light of the fact that the anime adaptation is truly great. While we’re enjoying the episodes, we have decided to cover some aspects that appear in the series, and the one we are going to be covering in this article is the Demon’s Castle, the S-Rank Dungeon that Jinwoo entered as part of his latest Hidden Quest in the anime. What is it, how dangerous is it, and what happened there – those are just some of the questions that we are going to answer for you in this article, so stick with us!

  • Article Breakdown:
  • In the world of Solo Leveling, the Demon’s Castle is the name of an instant S-Rank Dungeon that was the setting of one of Jinwoo’s hidden quests in the series.
  • The Demon’s Castle looks like a ruined, hellish version of Soul, with a large skyscraper being the central location of the Dungeon. It is inhabited exclusively by Demons and was created by the Architect.
  • Jinwoo initially entered it and defeated Cerberus, but he was unable to continue at that point, so he had to return later, when he grew more powerful, to defeat the Dungeon.

The Demon’s Castle is one of the most dangerous Dungeons in the series

There are, as we have written, many types of Dungeons in the world of Solo Leveling, and they are ranked based on their difficulty, according to the S-E Ranking System seen in the series. Usually, there are rules that govern the closing of a Dungeon, but there are also Instant Dungeons that are exemptions to these rules. The Demon’s Castle is one such Dungeon.

At one point, Jinwoo realized that he could go over the daily limit of his quest and that the system counted until the double value of each of his quests. When he managed to complete the double daily quests, he was given an additional reward. One of the boxes he chose contained a special red key that opened a new Instant Dungeon, this time an S-Rank one. While Jinwoo was skeptical at first, when he found out that he could obtain the Elixir of Life by passing this Dungeon, he entered it, regardless of the risks.

As it turned out, despite Jinwoo’s initial disbelief, the Demon’s Castle was, indeed, an S-Rank Dungeon, and one of the most dangerous ones at that. It was a living hell and it was actually modeled after Seoul; the town was destroyed and the buildings were all in flames. He was greeted by Cerberus when he came and after he managed to defeat him, he realized that the central location was a burning, 100-floor skyscraper. As it later turned out, this Instant Dungeon was created specifically for Sung Jinwoo by the Architect. So, did Jinwoo get what he wanted? Let us see what happened.

Sung Jinwoo was unable to pass it initially, but did it when he returned

As we’ve said, when Jinwoo entered the Dungeon, he was greeted by the three-headed Cerberus, a powerful A-Rank Magic Beast. Jinwoo was on the brink of dying, but thanks to his intelligence and smart approach, he was ultimately able to defeat Cerberus, increasing his levels significantly and managing to survive. But, he did not get the Elixir of Life – instead, he received the instruction on how to make it, which also revealed that the ingredients he needed were inside the Dungeon. Since he did not clear it, it wouldn’t close, but he was not ready to do it.


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Jinwoo was exhausted from his fight against Cerberus and despite everything, he was aware that he had to become even stronger in order to close this Dungeon. There was no way he could defeat all the 100 floors of the Demon’s Castle, so – with the instructions in hand – he vowed that he would come back and defeat all the bosses in the Instant Dungeon and save his mother from the Eternal Slumber disease.

Did he do it? Well, we won’t be spoiling too much here, but we can confirm that Jinwoo will, indeed, return to the Demon’s Castle later in the story, as he becomes even stronger and that you can look forward to him exploring the main building. But, this is all we are going to say for now; if you can’t wait for the anime, you can always check out the great webtoon to find out what happened!

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