‘Sonic Prime’ Season 2 Ending Explained: Does Sonic Return to Green Hill?

Sonic Prime Season 2 Ending

Sonic Prime’s new season just arrived on Netflix this week, continuing Sonic’s journey through the multiverse. The first season debuted last year and showed that Sonic can still do its thing on TV. Sonic has had many shows since the 1990s, and so it feels like the SEGA mascot is comfortable not only in video game spaces but also on TV and film. It is a good time to be a Sonic fan. The franchise has received some fresh new energy thanks to the release of Sonic Frontiers, the best and most successful game in the franchise in many years.

And so, Sonic Prime dares to continue to do things right by the characters and increases the stakes of this multiverse adventure. This season, our favorite hedgehog joins forces with his rival, Shadow, to find a new route back home together. Sonic and Shadow will also get help from Nine, the Tails from this new universe, but things will get complicated as the Council of Eggmen tries to stop them from gathering the chaos shards. All in all, this second season of Sonic Prime is just more of the same, but it is something that definitely feels consistent with the previous season. So if you liked that one, you will also like this one.


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The following paragraphs contain spoilers for Sonic Prime Season 2. Read at your own risk.

Does Sonic Return To Green Hill?

In the first season of Sonic Prime, Sonic found himself traveling to another dimension. This dimension was similar to his own but also very different. In it, many of his friends were dead or never existed, and some others were not his friends anymore. On top of that, this alternate universe was also ruled by a Council of Eggmen, a group of crazy scientists that would be the equivalent of Dr. Robotnik in Sonic’s universe. It seems like nothing could be worse, but Sonic realized it could when this universe’s version of his best friend, Tails, didn’t even know him.

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Sonic Prime Season 2 Ending Explained 2

The relationship between Sonic and this new version of Tails called Nine became the center of attention during the first season. Nine is a very different person. He is dark, serious, and distrustful in ways that Tails never was. And so it takes most of the season for Sonic to convince Nine to help him return to his own world, Green Hill. Nine accepts, and together, they embark on the search for the Shards of Chaos. Once the shards are all together, Nine can combine them to turn this world of darkness and sadness into a new one and send Sonic to his home once again.

However, Sonic was not the only one sent into this strange new universe. Shadow, Sonic’s rival and sometimes ally, was also sent, and he now joins Sonic in collecting the shards, as it is the only way to return home again. However, Shadow doesn’t trust Nine, who has shown he might have other interests in collecting the shards. We need to remember that Nine has passed through a lot of trauma, and the result is a person who has been hurt too many times and won’t get hurt ever again if he can help it.

What Happens When Sonic And Shadow Collect All The Shards?

By the end of the season, Sonic, Shadow, and Nine have managed to collect four of the five shards. The Eggmen follow them to a gray version of Green Hill, where the temple of the crystals is located. Here, the shards must be united, and the world’s transformation can begin.

The Eggman launches an attack on the temple, but Shadow and Sonic manage to fight long enough for Nine to piece the shards together. Nine even charges Sonic with some of the shard’s energy, making him really powerful.


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The Eggmen have their own trick up their sleeve, and they join forces to create a giant Robotnik. Nine gives one last charge to Sonic, and he finally defeats the giant monster.

Nine manages to start the transformation, and for a moment, Sonic was able to see his version of Green Hill, along with Amy and some other friends. However, the transformation could not be completed. There is one shard missing. Without it, the process will always be halted.

Sonic Prime Season 2 Ending Explained 3

The season’s conflict then reaches a new level when Nine realizes that Sonic only wants to return to his world and doesn’t care about what happens to this one. Nine is baffled and blames Sonic for never really listening to what others are saying.

Sonic is too preoccupied with his thoughts to care about other people’s feelings. It is a sad moment, but Nine turns against Sonic and hits him with extreme force, leaving him unconscious momentarily. When Sonic comes to, he sees Nine leaving with the shards and leaving him to his luck.

Nine wants to remake the entire world into a new one. A better world with no Eggmen and no suffering for him and others would mean that Sonic could never return to his own world and see his friends again. Nine leaves through a portal, ending the second season. We will have to wait and see if Sonic can convince Nine to send him back to his world or sacrifice his friends in the process.