Speculation That ‘Blade’ & ‘Thunderbolts’ Movies Are Cancelled Allegedly ”Untrue”

Speculation That ‘Blade ‘Thunderbolts Movies Are Cancelled Allegedly Untrue

The MCU has a slew of projects in the pipeline for the next several phases. Over the past six months or so, most productions have faced challenges due to ongoing strikes impacting not just the superhero adaptations industry but the industry overall. In recent months, rumors circulated about the cancellation of certain projects, including ‘Wonder Man.’ Today, a box office analyst from EmpireCity Box Office claimed that Marvel Studios is halting progress on ‘Thunderbolts’ and hinted at the potential cancellation of the much-anticipated ‘Blade’ movie.

Very little information has surfaced about the ‘Blade’ movie, aside from Mahershala Ali initiating the project and taking on the role of the vampire hunter. Initially slated for a 2023 release, the film’s debut has been pushed back to 2025 (for now) due to Ali’s dissatisfaction with the script.

Concerning ‘Thunderbolts,’ the film was set to introduce a task force of anti-heroes and former criminals, resembling DC’s Suicide Squad. The unexpected rumors of both projects being canceled were surprising, prompting Daniel Richtman to emphatically refute these claims as unfounded.

The ‘Blade’ movie finds itself in a more precarious situation among the two projects, stuck in development limbo for an extended period. Integrating Blade into the MCU in a significant role poses a challenge. On the other hand, the ‘Thunderbolts’ project is slated to introduce pivotal characters for the future of the Multiverse. Positioned as the concluding project for Phase Five of the MCU, it holds too much significance to be dismissed easily.


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Once the strikes conclude, we anticipate more conclusive updates, but the likelihood of ‘Thunderbolts’ facing cancellation doesn’t appear imminent.

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