Spider-Man: No Way Home Writer Opens Up About The Movie’s Ending And Potential Plans For The Future

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The newest MCU movie Spider-Man: No Way Home is still the main topic of conversations regarding Marvel and the superhero genre in general. The third solo movie centered on Tom Holland’s web-slinger premiered last month and it broke almost all the records of the still active pandemic era.

Tom Holland played Spider-Man in six MCU movies so far, out of which three were Spider-Man movies that Sony made in collaboration with Disney’s Marvel Studios. The so-called Spider-Man deal happened after Sony decided to make another Spider-Man reboot after The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Sony’s character and Disney’s Cinematic Universe turned out to be a winning combination.

Tom Holland debuted as Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War, and reprised it in two Avengers movies, and three Spider-Man movies. Unlike previous Spider-Man incarnations, Holland’s didn’t feature Uncle Ben’s murder (which happened off-screen in MCU), but we presume there will be some of that in the upcoming animated show Spider-Man: Freshman Year, which is set to show us the very beginning of MCU’s Spider-Man prior to the events of Civil War.


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No Way Home writer Chris McKenna now opened up on how it was to work on the Spider-Man Home trilogy:

“I think we’re always trying to tell an organic story with Tom Holland’s Peter Parker, knowing that we can’t be reliant on anything else other than he’s got to go his own way at the end of this movie, each movie, and not be reliant on something that we … God knows, I think it’s been incredible, we’ve been a part of this collaboration with Sony and Marvel Studios, and [producers] Amy [Pascal] and Kevin [Feige]. I think we always know that it’s total hubris to think, ‘Oh, we’re going to end with a certain cliffhanger that will require things that we can’t depend on.'” — Chris McKenna for TheWrap

No Way Home was the conclusion of the Spider-Man Home trilogy, but producers Pascal and Feige already revealed that Spider-Man 4 is in development, even though Holland still remains coy about reprising his role. McKenna also offered us a little tease on what could we potentially see in the future:

“If it ends here, great. If this is the end of this, if this is all about, ‘Oh, this was all …’ If you look backward and go, ‘This was an origin story that took place over three stories to get this Peter Parker to this place where he’s stripped-down, anonymous, has no billionaire benefactor, has been through the sacrifice of what it really means to have this power and what that responsibility that goes along with that is, and is now having to look for how to pay rent.’ I think that would be really satisfying, I think that’d be really cool.” — Chris McKenna for TheWrap

Spider-Man: No Way Home now plays in theaters.

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