‘Spy x Family’ Episode 11 Review: Anya Gets Her First Star Stella

Spy x Family

One more week goes through, and we get one more episode of Spy x Family. The season is about to end next week with episode 12, and it has definitely been quite a ride. The show has really become a phenomenon throughout the world, and it is very much a fact that it is the most successful anime of the year. We are not talking about Demon Slayer levels of success here, but the combination of amazing animation, loveable characters, and great humor has won the hearts of millions around the world.

In the past episode and in this one, we have finally got a lot more focus around Anya, who is without a doubt the best character of the show and the MVP this season. The young girl’s journey in getting a new family and now taking the responsibility of fulfilling the mission alongside her father, Loid, has been quite memorable. Anya’s innocence is contrasted very well with her deceitful nature. Which is being nurtured by living with a master spy and a master assassin. It is quite hilarious.

In previous episodes, it has been established that Anya needs to win eight-star Stella, which are basically commendations for the students of Eden Academy. The school gives one of these to their students once they have proven that they are the best at a particular thing. One is given to students as they get impressive grades. Other stars are given for those that are good at sports and sort forth. Sadly, Anya doesn’t seem to have any particular talent, and her grades are quite awful.

Spy x Family

Poor Loid tries with all his being to find something Anya is good at, and his internal monologue in this episode really shows how much he has changed as a character. In the beginning, he would only think about what was good for the mission, but now with each decision, Loid takes Anya’s feelings and needs into account. He understands that forcing Anya to study can only be cruel, and if she starts hating study, then she will never get good grades.

There are other alternatives though, and Loid tries to get Anya to do sports, music, and other artistic activities, but nothing really sticks with her. Instead of becoming frustrated as before, Loid keeps trying, which leads them to do community service at a hospital. Here, something very important happens. Anya manages to save a kid that fell into the pool and was going to drown. She used her mind-reading ability to hear the dying boy and went to the rescue. Because of this brave action, Anya receives her first-star Stella.

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In a very cute moment, we hear Loid’s thoughts. He is happy that the mission is finally achieving some progress, but he is also just proud of Anya. It really shows that these three are becoming more and more like a real family. However, Anya’s new received star is getting to her head and her ego become as big as a building. It is quite nice that she is proud of getting a star, even displaying it on her uniform when she goes to school, but she doesn’t get how being like that can get her into trouble.

Fortunately, Anya has Becky to her side, and she explains that the other students are just jealous. It is really funny how the school environment can be as ruthless and dangerous as the underground spy world. Anya thinks her star will get her to be friends with Damian, but it does the opposite, as now Damian is angry that she got a star before him. Watching the kids having conflict over such small and petty things is quite amusing. Sadly, in the real world, adults fight and do terrible things for less.

Spy x Family

Anya’s attempts at making friends with Damian are rejected one after the other, there is really no way Damian can accept Anya, as a friend, although he wants to, his ego won’t allow it. Becky also introduces in Anya’s mind the idea that as she got her Stella, it means her parents should give her a reward for such achievement. When she sees everybody has a pet, Anya plans to have one as well, thus having something in common with Damian. Something that can make them become friends.

Back at home, Anya asks for a puppy, and Loid agrees to do it. Loid wants a trained dog, while Yor wants a small one that isn’t dangerous, and Anya agrees after seeing her brutal death inside Yor’s mind. It is hilarious. The scene ends, setting up the fact that adding a pet into the family will be a major plot element in the story.

Spy x Family

In the end, we see a dark facility with a lot of cage animals. Soon enough, it is revealed that this place is not a simple dog house, it is in fact somewhere where experimented animals go to die. It is quite sad. In there the camera focus on one big dog who strangely is getting flashes of the Forge family in its head. Why is this animal having these flashes? Does this animal have powers? We can only wait and see. The final episode of the season will definitely be a game changer.

SCORE: 8/10

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