Spy x Family: Who Is Leonardo Hapoon & Why Does He Want to Kill Olka?

Spy x Family: Who Is Leonardo Hapoon & Why Does He Want to Kill Olka?

Many interesting characters appear in SPY×FAMILY, and while the major focus has always been on the protagonist trio – Loid, Yor, and Anya – numerous side characters impacted the series and deserve some attention. One such character is the mysterious Leonardo Hapoon, a villain whose story and identity are still a mystery but whose role in the story was quite significant in one arc. Hapoon took over Ostania’s Underground, and in that role, he ordered the assassination of Olka and her son. But who is he? How and why is he so dangerous? This article will explore his known story and the theory surrounding his identity.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Leonardo Hapoon is a secondary villain from SPY×FAMILY mentioned in the Cruise Adventure Arc. He is the current leader of the Underground but is a criminal who wants war.
  • After taking over the Underground, he was set on eliminating the Gretcher family and ordered the assassination of Olka and Gram, but Garden stopped his plans.
  • Although not much is known about him, a solid fan theory explains that he might be more important than he seems at this point.

Although he was a major background villain, little is known about Leonardo Hapoon

The story of Leonardo Hapoon is related to the Cruise Adventure Arc, as he is named as the mastermind behind the usurpation of Underground, as well as the assassination attempts on Olka’s and Gram’s lives. Not much was revealed about him, but he was the mastermind who organized the assassins, and according to Zeb, he became very close with pro-war criminals and had been making a lot of money through smuggling weapons and similar tasks.

His history is tied to the Underground, as it seems, but we don’t have too many details. It is well known that the Gretcher family performed a commendable job leading the Underground. Still, at a later time, an internal struggle developed, and Olka’s father and her brothers perished as a result.

This finally resulted in the organization’s leadership changing, with Leonard Hapoon assuming control and declaring his intention to eradicate the Gretcher family. Soon afterward, Olka and her infant son, Gram, were targets of a bounty. Olka had to escape with her son for this reason, but it was difficult because assassins were present everywhere.

And this is all we know about him. He was seen in a flashback scene, but we don’t know much besides his appearance and ties to the Underground. It is currently unknown whether he will appear later, as he seems to be an intriguing figure, or if he was just a one-arc villain, but we have a solid theory for you that might explain his role in the series better.


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A solid fan theory seemingly connects him to Anya

The theory we are going to present to you is an original theory by professoruber presented on the site Tare’s Anime Heaven. Since we do not endorse stealing ideas from other fans, we are going to quote the complete theory for you while crediting the original author:

During the Cruise Ship Arc of Spy X Family, Yor is tasked with protecting the last surviving members of the Gretcher crime family from the new boss of the Ostanian underworld; Leonardo Hapoon.

While it is not explicitly stated, it does ppear that the man in the white suit shown in this image is Hapoon, as Shopkeeper is talking about Hapoon’s actions and the white-suited man does not appear as one of the hitmen mentioned.

What makes Hapoon stand out is that he appears identical to a previously shown important character… one of the scientists who experimented on Anya.

Both Hapoon and this scientist are shown with dark hair with a single bent strain of it covering their foreheads. Along with round glasses and similar facial structures. It seems very likely these are suppose to be the same person. Given Anya’s young age, this scientist is confirmed to have be active only a few years ago so its very plausible for him to sitll be active and involved with the underworld.

This same scientist was also later shown to have been involved with the experimentation of Bond.

According to Handler, there are rumours that the subjects of ‘Project Apple’ were sold off on the black market after the new Ostanian government shut it down. This would fit in with Hapoon, who appears to have been a lead scientist on this project, being heavily involved in organised crime to such an extent that he is able to seize control of the largest criminal organisation in Ostania.

Perhaps when the ‘new administration’ axed his work, he turned to the black market to continue it. Or perhaps he was already involved with the underworld. It is difficult to make any assumption since we no little of his motivations.

The scientist who is likely Hapoon states Anya needs to learn to use her powers for ‘world peace’,

By contrast, it is mentioned a few times that Hapoon is apparently seeking a war between the east and the west. This would go against the scientist’s stated desire for ‘world peace’. Of course, it’s quite possible Hapoon was lying to Anya or his underlings. While he may be believed to want war, the only attempt by those hired by him to start one was done without his instructions.

While this scienists/crime lord appearing multiple times is certainly mysterious, what makes him even more so is this:

This is Corporal, a friend of Twilight from his childhood in eastern Westalis.

Notice his dark hair, the cresent strain of which is covering his forehead, and his round glasses. Or what about those large round ears also shared with the scientist?

If this kid is unrelated to Hapoon then this is a major concidence considering he shares such distinctive features with the man. Hapoon also does not look much older than Twilight himself, and it is completly plausible for them to be about the same age.

It is shown later on that ‘Corporal’, along with Twilights other friends, ended up enlisting in the Westalis army during the Westalis-Ostania war. At this stage his face does not entirely resemable that of Hapoon, but is is worth noting he is only a private. It was established earlier when Twilight lied about his age that you need to be at least 18 to enlist, meaning he is still a teenager and likely not fully developed.

His friends, including ‘Corporal’, end up dying due to the operation they were assigned to being reckless and poorly planned. Only their dog tags returned though, with bodies not being mentioned. We know desertion existed during this war, Frankie himself deserted from the Ostanian army.

If Hapoon witnessed the horrors of war firsthand could that motivated him to take morally dubious actions in the name of world peace? If his friends died due to poor planning could that have motivated him to experiment on mind-reading children and future-seeing dogs so that a lack of information is never a threat again? If incompetent Westalis military officers are responsible for his hardship could he have turned against Westalis in revenge?

We can’t be certain, but I do feel at the very least that the character design similarities between the scientist, Leonardo Hapoon and Twilight’s childhood friend are all too similar to be coincidences.

And what will Twilight do when he meets up with his assumed dead friend who now rules the Ostania underworld?


As you can see, this is a solid theory that would not only connect Hapoon to Anya’s past but would also make him a formidable villain who will certainly have a bigger role in the future. Whether it is true or not, we are going to see!

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