Spy x Family Characters: Age, Birthday, Height, Gender, Ethnicity, and More

Spy × Family Characters: Age, Birthday, Height, Gender, Ethnicity, and Powers

In this article, we are going to present the main characters from SPY×FAMILY. The list is going to contain a number of main characters, of different affiliations, that have appeared in the manga and are set to appear in the anime. You’re going to find out their exact ages in the story and their dates of birth, their exact heights, and, of course, some of their main powers.

Twilight / Loid ForgerMaleUnknownUnknownWestalian187 cm (6’1½”)
Thorn Princess / Yor ForgerFemale27UnknownUnknownUnknown
Anya ForgerFemale6 (forged)UnknownUnknown99.5 cm (3’2″)
Damian DesmondMale6UnknownOstanianUnknown
Becky BlackbellFemale6UnknownOstanianUnknown
Yuri BriarMale20UnknownOstanianUnknown
Franky FranklinMaleUnknownUnknownWestalianUnknown
Sylvia SherwoodFemaleUnknownUnknownWestalianUnknown
Nightfall / Fiona FrostFemaleUnknownUnknownWestalianUnknown
Henry HendersonMale66UnknownOstanianUnknown
Donovan DesmondMaleUnknownUnknownOstanianUnknown

Twilight / Loid Forger

22I27m just your average dad22

Height: 187 cm (6’1½”)

Loid Forger, also known as Twilight is generally calm and considerate. Unexpected situations, such as the news that he has to get a wife and child on a mission, can throw him off balance, but he calms down after a while. Everything he does is considered according to his purpose – for example, when adopting a child, it is guided by his usefulness for the mission.

He cares about the good execution of the mission, and when he comes across problems, he strives to learn more about a given topic. Twilight is a loner. He would prefer to do everything himself, but Operation Strix doesn’t allow him to do so. He also believes that the family is only a burden for the spy. He does not like the crying of children, he realizes that it is because it reminds him of his childhood.

The man is also very careful – he notices danger at every step and tries to protect against it. When he sleeps with Anya, when he wakes up, he cannot believe that he has fallen asleep with a stranger. As a spy, he will do anything to make this world a better place. He wants to build a world where no child will cry.


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Twilight is WISE’s finest agent, a very skilled spy. He is a master at disguising himself as and pretending to be other people. He is also quick and skilled in combat.

Thorn Princess / Yor Forger

Yor gains confidence

Age: 27

Yor Forger, better known as Thorn Princess is presented to us as a kind and sweet person, she usually tends to show herself as a reserved person when she lives with his co-workers. Yor shows a maternal instinct when it comes to Anya, due to having to take care of her younger brother from a young age.

Even so, she has also presented morbid thoughts, this is due to the presumable years of her working as a hit woman, being aroused by an eating knife and a painting of a man in a guillotine in addition to using dismembered limbs to solve a problem.

Yor is a famous assassin, a legend among hit men, she was trained in the art of assassination from an early age. She has participated in several murders during her adolescence.

Anya Forger

Anya wants to keep Bond

Age: 6 (forged)
Height: 99.5 cm (3’2″)

Anya Forger is a very curious girl and she loves adventures. She is fascinated by the fact that Loid is a spy. Even so, since she is only a child, her long trips tire her quickly, she falls asleep after shopping and Loid has to carry her home. She is also very sensitive – when Loid considers trading her for another baby, she bursts into tears.

She is not extremely bright, for example, she wants to buy a thing that costs one dal for ten pents, and she has poor results in exams, but her mind-reading ability sometimes makes her seem more intelligent than she really is. He also does not think about the consequences of his actions, for example, he does not realize that playing with Loid’s spy devices can be dangerous.

She often makes people in spite of it – she doesn’t want to go to school, she wants to go with Loid despite his pleas to stay at home or not to go to the police, even though Loid told her to do so.

Anya is in no way like a girl from a good home – she is often rude: she falls asleep at the opera, is noisy in the museum, eats her fingers in a restaurant, and wants to spit at other people. As a result of experiments conducted by an unknown organization, Anya gained the ability to read minds. Sometimes, hearing the thoughts of everyone in the crowd makes her tired.

Damian Desmond

Damian Proud of His Midterms

Age: 6

Damian Desmond is the second son of Donovan Desmond, the leader of the National Unity Party, an important and powerful group that threatens the peace between the East and the West. This has led Damian to achieve a highly respected status among his peers, making him incredibly arrogant, so much so that he assumes Anya has a crush on him when she stares at him. It is shown that he prefers to be called Lord Damian when he is addressed.

He becomes angry when he is belittled by Anya’s smile and quickly resorts to insulting her with his limited vocabulary and bullying Anya. After taking a hit from Anya, he becomes very embarrassed in her presence. After Anya’s tearful apology, Damian has a crush on Anya, which he refuses to acknowledge, and runs away out of embarrassment.

We later learn that one possible reason for Damian’s behavior is his brother’s success as an imperial scholar, and that his father expects him to try hard and become part of the imperial scholars. His father’s influence and lack of attention to his life have motivated him even more to live up to his expectations.

This has led him to look down on people below his social class, because if they are of no use to him, they only slow him down on the path to becoming an imperial scholar, thus slowing his progress to gain his father’s attention. A rare exception is when he protects Anya from a ball and is willingly taken out of the game in return.

Becky Blackbell

Becky crying

Age: 6

Becky Blackbell is a very friendly child, but being the daughter of a large military manufacturer, she shows herself to be somewhat haughty and tries to be adult, trying to take Anya under her wing out of benevolence, even though she thinks Anya is a brat. She does not try to get close to Damian Desmond, despite his social standing, and even looks down on her classmates who try to befriend Damian and Anya, who is initially bullied by Damian’s group. Later, Anya’s confident smile wins over Becky’s admiration for her maturity.


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Becky is quite patient and accepts Anya’s wish to be called “Starlight Anya” after she successfully gets a Stella Star. You can also tell she has a slightly lower attitude about the value of money when she does not show much interest in mentioning how she received gifts like a doll embedded in diamonds and her own little house in her backyard for doing well in school.

Yuri Briar

Yuri arrives to help Anya study

Age: 20

Yuri Briar has a sister complex and even at a young age, he would do anything to get Yor to praise him with affection. This could be because his mother died at a very early stage in his life, so he became very accustomed to Yor as a mother figure.

At work, Yuri has a very appealing demeanor and calmly elicits information from the people he interrogates. He has been shown to be very patriotic, because when he talks about “Twilight” he quickly loses his calm demeanor and becomes colder and angry, losing patience very quickly. He also seems to care about his family, because when he learns about the personal apology for his affair, he almost immediately resorts to violence.

It is also seen that when Franklin Perkin is captured, Franklin questions who the real disgrace is after Yuri states that he “sees no reason for [Franklin’s] family to witness [his] disgrace.” Yuri then responds that he would never “inflict pain” on his sister, implying that his sister complex overrides his morality.

Franky Franklin

Anya and Franky in Disguise

Franky Franklin is a kind person who helps Loid when he is in trouble, even when the danger is great. He often warns Loid Forger not to get too close to other people in their jobs. He often falls in love with other women, but his love life usually fails due to a lack of mutual interest or the fact that they are already with someone else.

He is quite greedy for money, being willing to do Loid a favor as long as the latter promises him material goods, even if he has hesitated before or the situation is extremely dangerous. Not much is known about Franky’s past, except that he works in a tobacco store, which he uses as a cover for his activity as an informant for WISE. He once dreamed of improving work with his inventions and making money from patents.

Sylvia Sherwood

Sylvia in shock

Not much was shown to understand Sylvia Sherwood’s personality, but from what was shown it appears that she is similar to Twilight, i.e. she is dedicated, skilled, and approaches ideas logically, but is still a somewhat impatient person, even though the target, Donovan Desmond, has engaged in some suspicious activity and was willing to artificially make Anya show more Stella Stars, only to be told that this would expose the agents and Anya is under surveillance. It’s safe to assume that she does not really understand children, as seen when she told Loid to just bribe Anya with candy.

It has been revealed that she once had a daughter of a similar age to Anya, but possibly the war has resulted in her no longer having a daughter. Based on her past actions, it can be assumed that she had her daughter a long time ago and now does not know how to deal with children because she has dedicated her life to peace. This could be the reason for her presence on WISE, but she still acts like a good mother. She comforts Anya about what they will do with the dogs and tells her that they will treat them with care.

Sylvia seems to have been involved in the war before, as she gives an angry speech to several college students who are trying to instigate a war between East and West about the consequences of the war and the experiences of the soldiers, berating them for not learning about the war at their college.

Nightfall / Fiona Frost


Fiona Frost been trained by Loid Forger to hide her true feelings, Fiona tends to remain emotionless on the surface – even when she confessed love to Loid in her mind, she kept her ice-cold face on. She considers herself Loid’s superior partner and wants to separate him from Yor Forger so they can be together.

Fiona was trained under Twilight to be a spy who does not let her emotions get in the way. However, the more she works with Twilight, the more she develops feelings for him. When Twilight was assigned to Operation Strix, she wished to work with him as his wife, but at that time she was unavailable because she was conducting another operation.


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Instead, she was placed at Berlint General Hospital to work undercover as Twilight’s assistant so she could provide him with mission information. The more she observes Twilight, the more she realizes that he is developing genuine feelings for the Forger family, but she finds this trait of his even more endearing. When the two of them are tasked with obtaining the painting “The Lady in the Sun,” she passes them off as husband and wife at the tennis tournament, showing her feelings for him.

Henry Henderson

Henry Elegantly Dressed

Age: 66

Being already elderly, Henry Henderson is a mature and noble person. This can be seen in his interview with the Forger family, he was calm and composed. Even at Eden Academy, when he teaches students, he mentally observes and criticizes students. Although, he is a bit strange, given his constant obsession with “elegance”. Not much is known about Henry’s upbringing, but it can be assumed that he has some sort of high social background.

Donovan Desmond


Donovan Desmond seems to place great value on accomplishments, for he is neglectful of his younger son Damian. He is very reserved and rarely appears in public, but he regularly attends Eden Academy social events. Donovan is the father of Damian Desmond and Demetrius Desmond.

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