All 15 ‘Spy X Family’ Arcs in Order – A Complete Guide

spy x family arcs

SPY×FAMILY is a Japanese manga and anime series that premiered in 2019, with the anime series debuting in 2022. The story follows a spy who has to “make a family” to execute a mission, not realizing that the girl he adopts as a daughter and the woman he agrees to be in a fake marriage with are a mind reader and an assassin, which causes trouble for him. The manga is still ongoing.

Now, since neither the manga nor the anime are over, there is still a lot of material you’ll be able to enjoy. In order to prepare you for that, here is a thorough guide to all the SPY×FAMILY anime arcs.

Editor’s Note: This reading order was updated in March, 2024, with the latest chapter 95.

How many SPY×FAMILY arcs are there?

As we have said, SPY×FAMILY has been out since 2019. The main SPY×FAMILY manga currently has 15 arcs, spanning 95 chapters of the manga, and several mini-chapters that act as additions to the story. But, since the manga is still ongoing, the number of arcs is certainly going to increase, so expect updates to this article.

The arcs are of an uneven length and don’t contain the same number of chapters. The longest arc at this moment is the Great Cruise Adventure Arc, which has a total of 15 chapters. The shortest arc is the Introduction Arc, which has only two chapters. The next section of our article will give you a thorough guide to what happens in each of the arcs.

SPY×FAMILY arcs in order

This section is going to list all the major manga arcs and give you some basic info about their plots.

1. Introduction Arc

Chapter 1 Color Page


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Number of Chapters: 2
Chapters: 1-2

After one of their diplomats is killed in a car accident in Ostania, Westalis bosses meet to discuss the situation. They believe it was not an incident but an order from the far-right Eastern political party. One of them thinks they are planning a war against Westalis and needs to know their plan and suggests sending their best agent, Twilight.

He is an agent working for WISE, Westalis’ intelligence agency, and he is assigned to investigate Donovan Desmond, who is in Ostania planning a war. Disguising herself as psychiatrist Loid Forger, Twilight adopts a girl named Anya so he can enroll her in the prestigious Eden Academy to further his goal. Unbeknownst to her, Anya is actually a telepath who can read people’s minds.

On the way home, Twilight tells him that she must say that she has always been his daughter and that she should call him father. Entering his apartment, Twilight needs to get some stuff and a fake ID for her and says he’s going out, but Anya decides to go with him. The next day, Twilight goes out to visit Franky and get all the information on Anya, whom he has left at home with a barricade so that she can’t follow him.

Annoyed, Anya remembers that Twilight locked all her spy gear and goes to play with it, finds a transmitter, and she sends a message that she is Twilight and taunts her to find her. When Twilight returns home, he notices that the front door barricade is no longer what he left. As he enters, he is ambushed but manages to hit all the men. Unable to find Anya, he thinks she’s been kidnapped, and that’s because he’s been compromised. As he plans to run away, a man attacks Twilight from behind.

2. Admissions Interview Arc

Number of Chapters: 4
Chapters: 3-6

To prepare for the Eden Academy admissions interview to continue Operation Strix, Loid Forger takes Yor Forger and Anya Forger out on the town for a day to grow the culture to impress the faculty, but they take a detour to arrest a purse thief and get closer to a fake family. When they arrived for the admissions interview, other families were waiting in the yard for their interviews, as Loid immediately discovered that they were being watched by faculty assessing their social interactions.

With each successive test, Loid’s precautions proved successful, impressing Academy professor Henry Henderson, who was watching from an upper floor. However, the school’s petting zoo began rushing out of the stables into the crowd; Henderson was shocked at the turn, while Loid took the event for another test.

Thinking quickly, Loid saved a child while Yor knocked out the lead cow with pressure point punches, ending the charge. When the chaos was over, the animals returned to their enclosures, and Henderson came out into the yard to thank Loid Forger. Loid orders him to clean up before the interview and stuns him again with another set of prepared clean clothes.

Inside, Loid uses a listening device he set up earlier to listen to the interviews in front of Anya. They act out their repeated responses as Professor Murdoch asks pointed questions of Swan, which Anya interprets as Swan’s resentment over her own failed marriage. When Loid, who reads Anya’s mind, causes a slight misunderstanding, Loid saves the interview by portraying her as Anya wanting to climb the academic ladder.

After Professor Swan chooses Yor as his stepmother and Anya chooses her biological mother over Yor, the question related to Loid’s assumption about her biological parents unknowingly brings her to tears.

3. Eden Beginnings Arc

Number of Chapters: 4
Chapters: 7-10

Now that Anya is about to officially attend Eden Academy, the counterfeiters return to the tailor shop to find her an official uniform. Still, the owner comments that former students are discriminating and bullying first-generation admissions and target Eden students for possible kidnappings. Hearing all of this, Anya is scared but is assured by the landlord that she will be safe.

As the counterfeiters continue to buy school supplies, they stop eating, and the cook shares a digit in Loid’s meal, leading him to a later date. Although Loid understands this, he is quite disgusted by such a method of secret messaging. At the one-time meeting, Agent Twilight clashes with her handler berates Twilight for the castle’s expenses and resent her expense report for school supplies.


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Next, she tackles phase two of “Operation Strix,” the social gathering. A brief summary of Eden Academy and the social circle that Donovan Desmond belongs to is available to students joining their honors program as Imperial Scholars with their parents.

Anya must earn eight Stella Star Merits to be accepted into the Imperial Scholars, but earning eight Tonitrus Bolts will result in disqualification. When Anya is done collecting her uniform and other clothes, she goes to the park to show off her uniform to be congratulated by other moms. Yor watches Anya clap and hears other moms talking about dinner plans.

4. Secret Police Arc

Chapter 12

Number of Chapters: 4
Chapters: 11-14

The arc begins with Anya in math class, and her teacher asked her to answer the question he wrote on the board. She confidently announces that it’s three-thirds, to Becky’s amazement and Damian’s irritation, but the teacher reveals that her answer was completely wrong. Loid and Handler have met in town, and the latter asks the former if they can expect his daughter’s grades to improve as HQ expects around eight Stella Stars in four months.

A visibly tired Loid smiles and says it’s no problem and Handler comments on how badly he’s been lying lately. Handler further tells Loid that one of their informants was arrested at City Hall and warns Loid that the enemy has been suppressing, so he must be careful, especially since Eden is in the middle of town. Millie explains to Yor and Sharon at Berlin City Hall that Jim Hayward was arrested today by the SSS for spying.

Sharon says she heard he was from the finance department and was selling official documents on the black market. A sleepy Camilla then enters and greets the three, then turns to Yor and tells him that after hearing Dominic, she asks him if she has ever told her brother about their marriage. Shocked, Yor proclaims that she knew she forgot something and asks what to do.

Camilla only says that Yuri said he would call the office later, as Yor remembers that she never gave him the phone number of her new house. Yor is angry when she forgot him after being relieved that their marriage is going well. Millie then asks if Yor’s brother is handsome, to which Yor shows her a picture of Yuri and her, as both of them comment on how cute he is; Yor then tells them that he would always call her “Sis” and refuses to leave her.

5. Stella Star Arc

Chapter 15

Number of Chapters: 6
Chapters: 8.5, 15, 15.2, 16-17, 27.1

To get a step closer to becoming Imperial Scholars, Anya and her fellow classmates begin trying to earn Stella Stars through various activities.

6. Doggy Crisis Arc

Volume 4 Inusan Crisis

Number of Chapters: 6
Chapters: 18-23

Loid Forger decides that since Anya Forger probably won’t get a Stella Star through academics, she might get one through community service. Loid takes her to the hospital to fulfill her duty, but she fails miserably and is excused from duty. As she walks, Anya hears Ken screaming for help because he is drowning. Anya rushes to the pool to save him and dives after him.

However, Loid can’t swim either and ends up saving them both. However, she was awarded a Stella star for her efforts to save her life. After successfully earning a Stella Star, Anya wears her Stella Star to Eden Academy and asks to be referred to as “Starlight Anya.” Becky Blackbell asks what reward she will get from her parents for her star, and after some thought, decides she wants a dog.

Loid approves of the idea and decides to take her to a few pet stores over the weekend. Meanwhile, a group of terrorists from the University of Berlin begins collecting dogs to use as bombs to start a war between Westalis and Ostania. They visit the pet store that weekend, but Loid is called on a mission shortly after arriving.

After being briefed on the details, Loid disguises himself as Keith Kepler to trick Kris, a member of the terrorist group, into revealing the details of their plot. Meanwhile, Anya and Yor Forger go to an adoption fair to continue their search for a dog. There, Anya sees Bond through a window, and after telepathically connecting with him, she sees herself and the rest of the Forger family.

7. Midterm Exams Arc

Number of Chapters: 5
Chapters: 24-28

As the midterm exams approach, Anya and her classmates have to face a total of four tests. Anya must avoid failing her exams or face the threat of being several Tonitrus Bolts’ closer to expulsion instead.

8. Campbelldon Tennis Arc


Number of Chapters: 7
Chapters: 29-35

Along with his agent coworker, Fiona Frost, Twilight must enter an underground tennis tournament in an attempt to recover the Zacharis Dossier, rumored to “reignite the flames of war”, before the government of Ostania does. Meanwhile, Yor struggles with her insecurities and worries about Loid’s “lover”.

9. Imperial Scholars Mixer Arc

Number of Chapters: 7
Chapters: 36-42

With the biannual Imperial Scholars Mixer coming up, Damian sees a rare opportunity to meet with his reclusive and distant father. However, Twilight also has his own plans to intrude on their meeting.


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10. Great Cruise Adventure Arc

Princess Lorelei

Number of Chapters: 15
Chapters: 43-57

The assassin Thorn Princess receives a mission to protect Olka Gretcher and her son from a group of skilled assassins aboard the Princess Lorelei cruise ship. However, Yor must also protect her secret identity from being discovered by Anya and Loid, who also win tickets to the same cruise ship.

11. WISE Arc

Young Loid Forger

Number of Chapters: 6
Chapters: 58-63

Many of WISE’s spies and personnel must carry out their work in an attempt to bring peace between Ostania and Westalis. Among them is Twilight, who must reflect back on why he became a spy and how he’ll proceed with his dark past behind him.

12. Friendship Schemes Arc

friendship schemes arc

Number of Chapters: 5
Chapters: 64-68

After school at Eden Academy, Anya is stuck waiting for a late bus. Henry Henderson asks her to help carry supplies, promising tea cakes as a reward. Anya, oblivious to her role in another student’s punishment, frustrates Henry with her lack of understanding. When Henry discovers Anya’s ambition to become an Imperial Scholar, he presses her for genuine reasons, but her responses disappoint him.

The housemaster shows her the portraits of past scholars, emphasizing the hard work behind the title. Anya realizes the need for consistent effort, paralleling her mission with Loid. She seeks Henry’s approval to become an Imperial Scholar, but he insists it’s a personal decision that shouldn’t be rushed.

13. Red Circus Arc

red circus arc

Number of Chapters: 10
Chapters: 69-78

At the SSS headquarters, the Boss receives intel about Billy Squire, the leader of the Red Circus extremist group, potentially commanding a faction in Berlint. Meanwhile, Anya and her fellow first-year students from Eden Academy embark on a field trip to the Berlint Museum.

Attempting to progress Operation Strix, Anya employs a strategy she observed from Loid on Gerald Gorey. However, her unconventional plan fails, leaving Damian confused by her strange behavior. Damian wonders if it’s related to repaying Anya for a handkerchief, but his attempt to offer snacks as a gesture is foiled by his friends.

14. Mole Hunt Arc

Mole Hunt arc

Number of Chapters: 11
Chapters: 78-89

Camilla and Millie find themselves working overtime at Berlint City Hall, and Yor volunteers to help, dragging Sharon along. After finishing their tasks, the trio decides to go out for dinner, with Yor joining them. Yor gets drunk, revealing a surprising and amusing side to the ladies. Camilla and Millie probe Yor for any issues with Loid, but she can’t think of any. The ladies share grievances about their own partners, and Yor tries to fit in, even attempting a drunken escapade with a butter knife.

They tease Yor about her “lovey-dovey” marriage and suggest a welcome home kiss is normal for couples, shocking Yor. When she returns home, the thought of giving Loid a welcome home kiss overwhelms her, leading to a comedic series of events as she tries to avoid crashing into Loid.

15. Term Finals Arc

term finals arc

Number of Chapters: 1+
Chapters: 90-TBA

As Operation Strix reaches a critical stage, Anya’s fate at Eden Academy hangs in the balance. She must ace the term final exams, but the odds are against her. Luckily, Loid discovers a surprising source of assistance that could give Anya the edge she needs.

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