‘Star Trek: Picard’: What Happened to Wesley Crusher?

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When he first appeared in Star Trek: The Next Generation, Wesley Crusher was a widely-polarizing character. However, over four seasons, the character developed and grew on fans, so much that we’re always expecting a cameo from Wil Wheaton. One happened at the end of Picard Season 2, but he is missing from Season 3. So, what happened to Wesley Crusher?

Wesley Crusher is a member of the Travelers, a transdimensional group of overseers existing on a higher plane, ensuring the steady flow and stability of the timeline. He isn’t a part of the Star Trek: Picard Season 3 TNG reunion, probably because it doesn’t fit the story that the writers want to tell.

There also might be scheduling conflicts, or perhaps, Wil Wheaton is keeping his cameo a secret again, as he did for Season 2. On that note, let’s try to explore the information a bit deeper and try to figure out what’s going on and if there’s a chance that Wesley Crusher will appear in Star Trek: Picard Season 3.

Who is Wesley Crusher?

Wesley Crusher first appears in Star Trek: The Next Generation as the young, talented son of Starfleet officers Jack. R. Cusher, and Beverly Crusher. Jack was a Lieutenant Commander, whereas Beverly Crusher was a doctor.

However, not long after Wesley was born, the Starfleet lost Jack R. Crusher, leaving Jean-Luc Picard as a secondary father figure to young Wesley. He was the inspiration for Crusher to pursue a career progression in the Starfleet Academy, where he spent three years after several years aboard the USS Enterprise-D.

However, Wesley’s time at the Academy was riddled with trouble from the start, as a scandal occurred surrounding one of his fellow students’ deaths. Wesley lost a year’s credits and eventually decided to quit the Academy. He was raked Lieutenant junior grade.

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Not long after that, Wesley became a protege of a transdimensional Tau Alpha known as The Traveler. They are beyond this plain of existence, overseeing the timeline and ensuring its proper flow.

There were several cameos that Wil Wheaton did as Wesley Crusher throughout the years, with the last being in Star Trek: Picard Season 2, in an episode called Farewell. He explained that he no longer thinks of himself as the human Wesley Crusher because he is now on a higher plane.


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That being said, his cameo was mostly used to explain Isa Briones’ departure from the show, as Wesley recruited her character, Kore Soong, to the Travelers, which she accepted.

Wesley might’ve been a polarizing figure when he first appeared, with many fans not really liking him, but he became a fan favorite over the years. That is probably why so many were shocked to see that his appearance isn’t planned as a part of the big Star Trek: The Next Generation reunion planned for Picard Season 3.

Where is Wesley Crusher now?

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After his cameo in the Picard episode Farewell, Wesley Crusher supposedly returned to his position with the Travelers, overseeing the Supervisors and the timeline in general. Crusher shared that he doesn’t consider himself to be the human Wesley anymore, and seeing the Travelers’ transdimensional properties, he likely already knew everything that happened in Season 3 so far.

In fact, that’s actually why fans are confused as to why he isn’t returning. In Picard Season 3 Episode 2, we learn that Beverly Crusher – Wesley’s mother – has another son born out of her decades-old relationship with Jean-Luc Picard.


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Seeing Wesley’s newfound abilities with the Travelers, it’s almost certain he knew that he had a half-brother. So, why didn’t he reach out to his mother or his half-brother?

Perhaps Wesley was happy that his mother and biggest father figure had a child but sad that they couldn’t keep it together to raise Jack (as his half-brother was named) in a loving environment. Additionally, he isn’t there to interfere unnecessarily – he’s there to observe and oversee. Perhaps Wesley just had more important things to deal with.

Why isn’t Wesley Crusher in Star Trek: Picard Season 3?

If we’re being real, that still doesn’t explain why Wesley won’t be a part of the big TNG reunion in Picard Season 3. The real reason, perhaps, is the fact that it’ll mostly be a reunion of the TNG cast from the latter seasons – which Wesley was only a small part of. But there’s more.

Even Wil Wheaton expressed himself about the fact that Wesley is missing in a blog post:

“I have been reading the Internet, as you do, and I see a lot of my fellow nerds are as excited to see the TNG cast back together as I am.

I’ve also seen a LOT of people — like, way more than I ever would have imagined –expressing dismay that Wesley isn’t part of it.

I share some of your sadness for my own reasons, but I choose to focus instead on how special it’s going to be to see my family back together again, and how wonderful it’s going to be to talk with them about it in the Ready Room.”


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Ultimately, the reason might be something as simple as a scheduling issue or the storyline just not working for another Wesley Crusher appearance. Nevertheless, Wil Wheaton is still a big part of the Paramount+ Star Trek program, hosting a Star Trek show on the platform called The Ready Room.

Will Wesley Crusher return to Star Trek: Picard?

Although he was never mentioned for the big TNG reunion in Star Trek: Picard, I’m still not ruling out Wesley Crusher and Wil Wheaton for a potential appearance in Star Trek: Picard – at least in a small cameo role.

After all, his cameo in Season 2 was a well-kept secret, shocking fans when it actually happened. Perhaps this time, it wouldn’t be that much of a shock, but it would still be epic to see the entire crew back together again for the final chapter of Jean-Luc Picard’s Star Trek story.

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