‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ Review: Captain Pike Goes On A Brand New Adventure

Star Trek Strange New Worlds

Since 1966, the Star Trek franchise has been one of the most important intellectual properties in all entertainment. The franchise has managed to create millions of fans around the world that follow each new series and movie with enough love to fill a galaxy. It is true that when it comes to film the series has found irregular success, but on TV the series has always had a space where to thrive. Star Trek: Strange New Worlds comes to keep that tradition alive.

The Star Trek universe is very much different in the science fiction scene. Where many science fiction stories fall into the trapping of dystopia, the problems created by technology and so many other terrible fates for humanity. The Star Trek universe has been able to create a continuous storyline where all the issues that plague humanity today have been defeated. For the most part and where the motivation of the characters is to find new knowledge, discover new life and make new friends throughout the universe.

This doesn’t mean that everything is flowers and bees in the universe of Star Trek, war is very much a common theme in the franchise, but it has never been the main focus on the stories. This diversity of topics have made each episode feel like a new adventure where new and exciting ideas are proposed and taken, as they should be, to their ultimate consequences.

Star Trek Strange New Worlds

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is the 11th Star Trek series, and it will try to keep that tradition alive, but of course, under the parameters of modern sensibilities when it comes to representations and storylines. The show serves as a spin-off of Star Trek Discovery, where the main character of Captain Christopher Pike, serves as one of the main characters of the second season.

The success of Pike as a character and his interactions with a young Officer Spoke were very welcomed among the controversial takes that the Discovery series has raised since its release. Fans even took to creating signed petitions online so that these characters could have their own show. The fans’ work has paid off, with Stranger New Worlds being the final result.

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The show is created by Akiva Goldsman, Alex Kurtzman, and Jenny Lumet. The show stars Anson Mount, Ethan Peck, and Rebecca Romijn, in the roles of Captain Christopher Pike, Spock and Number One. The show tells the story of Captain Pike, who, after seeing something horrible in space, has decided to remain on Earth. However, the federation has other plans and asks him to go on a mission to rescue an old friend. The reluctant captain will need to face his fears and travel into the unknown.

Star Trek Discovery became a very controversial show from the moment it was released. Several weird creative choices were made and while the show did gather an audience with time, it never really reached the success of other series, or it isn’t as beloved by most Star Trek fans. When Captain Pike made his appearance on the second season of the show, he became an instant fan favorite. This was a character with a long history inside the franchise, the director predecessor of the legendary Captain Kirk. It was a blast to have seen him on screen.

Star Trek Strange New Worlds

While popular, the character always was presented in a supporting role. Pike was always on his way out while Kirk was in. So, the decision to give Pike his own show during his tenure as the Captain of the Enterprise was a no-brainer. Strange New World boasts great production values, and a storyline that offers great possibilities for the future.

One of the things that might hurt the show is the fact that it might not be as beginner-friendly as other shows. The first episode, for example, presents the characters and situations as if you are already familiarized with them. This is fine for those who have already seen Discovery, but for those that want this one to be their first Star Trek show, they might find that it is harder to get into the story than you think.

We can only hope as viewers that the writers have better stories for Stranger New World than for Discovery. This show will surely find a major audience if they manage to bring the nostalgic factor of being aboard the Enterprise along with stories that feel fresh and exciting. Star Trek has always been a show that tries to defy expectations and that takes the current political environment as inspiration to expand its universe. Maybe going back to its roots is what Star Trek really needs to bring back the fire that it once had.

It could be that Star Trek will never find its place among the pantheon of great movie franchises, but it really needs to take care of the value of the franchise on television. Strange New Worlds is an opportunity to not only appease the fans that wanted this show, but also to create new fans. Discovery could be already dead for anything that is worth, but it would be sad to never see a great Star Trek show or air.

SCORE: 8/10

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