Star Wars: 10 Most Iconic Anakin & Darth Vader Nicknames

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The world of Star Wars would never be complete without Anakin Skywalker, who eventually fell to the dark side and became Darth Vader. That’s because much of the storyline started with Anakin’s rise and eventual fall to the dark side of the Force. As such, he was a heroic character that eventually became an evil enforcer that killed countless people and terrorized the entire galaxy. And that’s why both Anakin and Vader were renowned throughout the galaxy during their respective eras.

It is the very fact that Anakin Skywalker and Darth Vader are so popular that their popularity allowed them to earn a lot of nicknames from different people all over the galaxy. Of course, some of these nicknames are positive, but many are also negative. So, with that said, let’s look at some of the best and most iconic Anakin Skywalker and Darth Vader nicknames in Star Wars.

10. Ani

young anakin and padme

During the events of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn, and his Padawan Obi-Wan Kenobi went on a mission to Naboo to broker a peace treaty between the Naboo and the Trade Federation. When the talks never happened, the Jedi rescued Queen Amidala and her party and allowed them to leave the planet. But they struggled against the blockade of the Trade Federation and lost the ability to go into hyperspace.


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That was when the Jedi and Amidala’s party had to land on Tatooine, where they tried to find a hyperspace drive for their ship. They met Anakin Skywalker, who was a nine-year-old working for the junk dealer named Watto as a slave. At that time, Anakin was called “Ani” by his mother, who was also a slave on Tatooine. Eventually, Padme adopted the very same nickname when referring to Anakin.

9. The Chosen One

jinn and anakin

After Qui-Gon met Anakin, he immediately felt that there was something special about him because he had the reflexes of a Jedi and could see visions of the future. That was what prompted him to test him for midi-chlorian count, and he found out that Anakin had the highest concentration of midi-chlorians in the history of the galaxy. What that meant was that Anakin’s potential in the Force was sky-high.

Qui-Gon knew of an ancient Jedi prophecy regarding the Chosen One, meant to bring balance to the Force. As such, he decided to bring Anakin along with him so that he could be trained as a Jedi. And while training to be a Jedi, Anakin was widely seen by his peers as the Chosen One due to his innate talent.

8. Skyguy

anakin ahsoka 2

Anakin became a Jedi Knight during the early part of the Clone Wars, and that was when he was given a Jedi Padawan that Yoda thought would help him mature as a Jedi while understanding what it meant to forego attachments in life. Ahsoka Tano was the Padawan assigned to Anakin, and they quickly bonded due to their similarities.

During their time as a duo, Anakin loved calling Ahsoka “Snips” because she had a snippy attitude. In response, Ahsoka started calling Anakin “Skyguy,” a play on his family name. Since then, Ahsoka was the only one that called Anakin this nickname. And he often used it whenever she tried to be playful with her master.

7. Hero with No Fear

anakin vs barriss

During the Clone Wars, Anakin also made a name for himself as one of the most heroic Jedi who fought for the Republic. He tried his best to fight for what he believed in during the Clone Wars and was one of the Jedi Knights that the Separatists feared the most due to his boldness.

Anakin was always known for being bold and reckless, so he was also known as a fearless Jedi who loved to gamble on chances. That was why he was often called the Hero with. No Fear during the events of the Clone Wars. And while he may have been called a fearless Jedi, the truth was that he had a lot of fear in his heart, which eventually forced him down the path of the dark side.

6. General Skywalker

ahsoka meets anakin

In addition to serving as a frontline fighter for the Republic during the events of the Clone Wars, Anakin was also a Jedi General that led clones into battle. He was a respected general by the clones that were working under him. And it was because he was friendly toward his men, he became close with many clones, including Captain Rex.

Captain Rex and the other clones serving the Republic during the Clone Wars treated Anakin respectfully. They called him General Skywalker not only because this was his title as a Jedi General but also because he was an accomplished general that won many battles in favor of the Republic. 

5. The Fallen One

anakin order 66

As accomplished as Anakin may have been when he was serving as a Jedi General during the events of the Clone Wars, he eventually succumbed to his attachment to Padme. Palpatine used Anakin’s fear of losing Padme to death to tempt him over to the dark side of the Force. And because Palpatine knew that Anakin was crucial to bringing the Jedi Order down, he made sure to win Skywalker’s loyalty before moving on with his schemes.


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As such, when Anakin fell to the dark side and joined Darth Sidious, he became Darth Vader. From being the Chosen One destined to destroy the Sith, Anakin became the Fallen One who helped destroy the Jedi Order. Anakin’s fall to the dark side was completed when he stormed the Jedi Temple with a clone army to kill all of the Jedi that were there, including the younglings.

4. Dark Lord of the Sith

vader anakin

After Anakin fell to the dark side and became Darth Vader, he officially became a Sith Lord and one of only two Sith Lords that could exist simultaneously because of the Rule of Two. As Palpatine’s apprentice, he continued to grow in strength by learning more about the dark side of the Force. And he became a dreaded Sith that used the dark side to fuel his powers.

In that regard, Darth Vader was known as the dreaded Dark Lord of the Sith during his time as the emperor’s right-hand man. While Palpatine was still the master, the different Jedi and Rebels all over the galaxy feared Vader the most due to his immense anger and power as a Sith Lord. And that’s why he was the symbol of the Empire and the Sith during his Imperial era.

3. Lord Vader


During the time that he was the Dark Lord of the Sith that basically acted as the arm of Emperor Palpatine during the Imperial era, Darth Vader was both respected and feared by the other officers of the Imperial military. They knew well enough that he was a fearsome man that could kill anyone whenever he wanted to. And because of this, more and more officers feared him more than they feared any other man in the galaxy.

In that regard, the officers of the Empire often referred to Darth Vader as Lord Vader because they respected and feared his authority. They also called him Lord Vader because his authority was second only to the emperor then.

2. Commander-In-Chief

vader palpatine

As mentioned, Darth Vader’s authority in the Empire was second only to Emperor Palpatine’s authority. He could do whatever he wanted to do. He could order even the highest-ranking military officers whenever he wanted due to his authority over everyone not named Palpatine.

That’s because Darth Vader was Palpatine’s right-hand man and the Imperial military’s Commander-In-Chief. As such, only a few officers could talk to him as his equal, as no other military personnel had the same authority that Vader had at that time.

1. Sith Enforcer


One of the reasons Darth Vader was so feared throughout the entire galaxy was that he could do whatever he wanted as long as they were within the emperor’s will. As Darth Sidious’ apprentice and right-hand man, Vader was the man that enforced the law of the Empire whenever there were Jedi and Rebels that were willing to fight back.


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As such, Vader was also the Sith Enforcer during the Imperial era because he enforced the emperor’s rule and wasn’t merciful regarding his actions. He was willing to do whatever it took to lay down the law and snuff out any insurrections in the galaxy, especially whenever Jedi were involved.

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