‘Star Wars: Visions’ Season 2, Episode 5 Ending Explained: Journey to the Dark Head

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Welcome to the Ending Explained for Star Wars: Visions, Season 2, Episode 5, titled “Journey to the Dark Head.” Star Wars: Visions is a collection of short films by some of the world’s biggest and best animation studios. For Disney, this second season serves as a way to celebrate May 4th, also known as Star Wars Day. The collection of short films shows us a varied number of styles and stories. “Journey to the Dark Head” offers quite a powerful and detailed anime style. The short is directed by Hyeong Geun Park and animated by Studio Mir—the studio behind hit shows like Legend of Korra and Voltron Defender of the Universe.

The short film begins with the introduction of Ara, a young girl living in a strange academy. She is part of a group of kids that seem to be force sensitive. They are made to pick up rocks and see visions in the rocks. Ara describes her vision to her superior, a scribe. She sees two figures in combat and a third figure between them. She feels like this vision comes from the future, but then the vision vanishes. Ara feels like their abilities should be shared with the Jedi. They should use their visions of the future to prevent calamities and end the war between Jedi and Sith.

Diseno sin titulo 2

The scribe declares that there are many things she doesn’t fully understand. We see a disappointed Ara getting out of the room, and then we see her older, many years later, entering another room. This time, she is in front of the Jedi Council. There she explains her origins and how in her old school, there were two statues. The two statues represent light and dark. Ara feels that if the head of the dark statue is destroyed, that could turn the balance of the war in favor of the Jedi. The Council approves her mission. A Jedi will accompany her to fulfill it.


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We get introduced to our other main character, a young Jedi named Toul. Toul sees a memory of him and his master fighting a Sith Lord named Bichan. Bichan kills Toul’s master and is told that he fits better the role of a Sith than a Jedi. Toul is told to meet Ara, as he will be her companion and help her to accomplish the mission. Their first meeting goes bad. They don’t like each other. Toul believes the mission is nonsensical, and Ara doesn’t believe that Toul is even a Jedi, as he is too young and doesn’t act like it.

When they reach the planet, Toul realizes that Bichan is near. They reach the statues with Bichan behind them. Toul and Bichan begin their battle while Ara goes upstairs to plant the bombs to destroy the head. Bichan is quite powerful, and Toul almost dies at his hands. However, when Ara sees that the statues are actually both representing both dark and light, she chooses to use the bombs to help Toul in his battle. Toul seizes the distraction and cuts Bichan’s head. Toul realizes he was sent on the mission to clear his mind about who he really is. The pair finds closure in their struggles and declare themselves a great team.

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