‘Star Wars: Visions’ Season 2, Episode 4 Ending Explained: I Am Your Mother

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Welcome to the Ending Explained for Star Wars: Visions, Season 2, Episode 4, titled “I Am Your Mother.” Star Wars: Visions is an anthology series where Disney contracts some of the best animation studios in the world to do short films set in the Star Wars Universe. This second season gets released on May 4th as a way to celebrate Star Wars Day. I Am Your Mother is a wonderful stop-motion short film that chooses to go for a brighter tone than we are used to in Star Wars. The short film is directed by Magdalena Osinka and animated by Aardman Studio.

The short film introduces us to Anni, a young girl living with her mom, who seems to be a tinkerer. Anni wants to become a pilot, so she is enrolled in the Wedge Academy, the famous pilot academy run by the legendary Wedge, one of the most famous minor Star Wars characters and one of the few pilots who survived the entire original trilogy. Anni’s mom is quite lovely, although she can be a bit overenthusiastic. Anni seems to be embarrassed by her and the fact that they are very poor.

It is explained that Anni’s mother works very hard alongside their dog droid, Z1, to allow Anni to go to the Academy. When Anni arrives at the academy, we discover that it is not a normal day. In fact, there is a huge event happening. Wedge himself appears at the event, which bears the name “Family Race.” In it, the kids bring their families to race in a friendly fashion. Anni didn’t tell her mother anything, so she will not race. However, in a rush, Anni leaves home without her lunch, and her mother arrives at the race to give it to her.

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It is here that Mom discovers that Anni didn’t tell her about the race. Another racer, an annoying kid named Junna, and her mother throw some ill-intentioned comments at Anni and her mom. Of course, Mom takes this personally, and she prepares to race onboard their very old and quite ugly junk machine. Anni confesses that this is why she didn’t say anything about the race. She tells her mom that everything she does is embarrassing to her. The race starts, and very quickly, the only two racers become Anni and Junna, along with their mothers.


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The race is quite exciting, and they travel to several settings along the city, some of them very dangerous. Junna rams her ship against Anni, and they almost die. Anni takes over the controls and shows that she is an excellent pilot. Her mother also does her part, and they discover they are a very good team. In the end, Anni and her mom win the race, while Junna cannot even finish the race as she crashes her ship. Wedge announces Anni as the winner, and she now sees her mom in a new light.

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