‘Star Wars: Visions’ Season 2, Episode 9 Ending Explained: Aau’s Song

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Welcome to the Ending Explained for Star Wars: Visions, Season 2, Episode 9, titled Aau’s Song. Stars Wars Visions sees the joining forces of some of the best animation studios in the world to imagine new and exciting stories in the Star Wars Universe. This season has focused on children discovering they have what it takes to be a Force user and how that discovery changes their lives. Aau’s Song is the last episode of Season 2. Nadia Darries and Daniel Clarke direct the short, and Triggerfish works on the animation.

Aau’s Song is one of the prettiest shorts this season. The short for this stop-motion look uses what could be labeled as teddy bear characters. The look is pretty striking but also quite original. We get introduced to Aau, our main character, as she picks berries in the forest. One day, she sees a spaceship arriving at her home and gets quite excited. The ship belongs to a visitor she has always been curious about. Her father, Abat, tries to lower her excitement, but Aau can’t help it.

It seems like Abat and his colleagues are experts at mining kyber crystals. These crystals are some of the most sought treasures in the galaxy, and they are used in the building of lightsabers by the Jedi. Actually, their visitor is a Jedi. Aau’s sneaks to take a look at what the Jedi, named Kratu, and her father, are doing. Kratu is taking a corrupted crystal with her. Corrupted crystals glow red, and Sith Lords use them. Aau’s feels the crystal calling to her, and she begins to sing, and the crystal reacts. She stops before anything happens.

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Kratu sees that Aau has potential Force abilities and tries to make Aau jump at the opportunity of becoming a Jedi like her. Abat is unsure; he wants to keep her daughter home. Abat goes to work at the mine. There, there is an entire vein of corrupted crystals. Aau follows her father inside, and it seems like Aau’s presence is making the crystals react badly. Kratu, and Abat try to maintain order, but it seems the mountain might blow out.


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However, Aau’s uses her singing voice, but this time sings with all her lung power. The song is so powerful that it purifies all the crystals in the mountain. Kratu says she has never seen something like that. She suggests she can help Aau become stronger but must go with her. Aau’s accepts. Her father says goodbye to her with pride in his heart, as Aau is the first one of their species to go to the stars.

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