Star Wars vs. Halo: Who Would Win & Why?

Star Wars vs Halo: Who Would Win?

Both Star Wars and Halo have become renowned for their absolutely mind-boggling storylines, the use of fantasy concepts, and the creation of interesting, lovable characters. But, which of the two is more superior in battle, Halo universe, or Star Wars universe?

Star Wars universe would win over Halo unvierse. Halo is known for its strategic edge over its enemies. If Halo was able to shoot Star Wars forces down before ever coming face to face, they may win. Otherwise, they have no chance.

They are certainly both unique in their own right, and are both adored by respective fans. But, if these two universes were ever to hypothetically crossroads, which of the two would emerge victorious?

Star Wars: The Force 

Star Wars

The Star Wars universe is infamous for its meticulous use of The Force. The Force is essentially the ability to manipulate the energy that runs in accordance with nature. Since this power is based on energy itself, its effectiveness is based on the users’ ability to master and control it internally, and manipulate the force externally.

There is a vast amount of ways in which one could potentially use The Force, namely by means of Core, Control, Sense, Alter and Universal Force abilities.

Furthermore, there are Light and Dark force abilities, some using pure energy, and some using dark energy like hatred. The Force can also be applied to one’s lightsaber during combat.

Some of the most popular uses of The Force include Shatterpoint, Electric Judgement, Force Cloak, Crucitorn, Force Wormhole, Dark Transfer, Battle Meditation, Psychometry, Wall of Light, Deadly Sight, Memory Walk, and Force Scream.

With powers that enable travel through time and space, invisibility, fatal glares and a terrifying level of physiological influence over foes, it is quite hard to see how anyone may survive against the Star Wars universe. 


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Halo: Technology and Weaponry


Halo, a game franchise created by Bungie (well known for its latest game Destiny 2), is also a space-based opera and has a lot to offer in a fictional battle against Star Wars.

Unlike Star Wars, the protagonists in the Halo universe have become more well-known for their ingenious use of technology and weapons to achieve their goals. With the aid of artificial intelligence systems, increasingly advancing technological systems, and constant research into concepts like Slipspace jumping, the Halo team is certainly well versed in creating innovations to back up any of their weak spots.

Built by Forerunners, Halo’s universe has taken much care in inventing weapons such as the Magnetic Accelerator Cannon, energy weapons, plasma based weapons, laser weapons and even energy shielding technology.

Their starships are well equipped to take on almost any threat, from massive nuclear missiles to minute infantry arms. An iconic feature of Halo Spartans, augmented or enhanced humans, is their power armor suits, which increase their already heightened cognitive ability, speed, strength and reflexes. 

This universe also uses inventive resources like artificial gravity, and instantaneous communication that’s almost psychic. Factors like these allow them to take advantage of crucial moments, manipulate the atmosphere, and land or hover around planets. With almost invincible armor, nifty gadgets, and inventions constantly being tested and improved, the Halo universe is full of threats and tough defenses.


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Star Wars vs. Halo: Who Would Win?

Both universes make a great effort when it comes to intense mental and physical training. While Halo has more classic training, and Star Wars and more energy or meditative training, the two methods themselves cannot really be compared. What can be compared is the effectiveness of these methods on the characters within each universe.

Psychological Abilities

While Spartans are incredibly tough and resilient, it seems it is mostly limited to increased intelligence, speed, and brute strength. This is definitely something that is fitting with the needs and situations occurring in their universe. But, compared to The Force, it just doesn’t come close.

The Force allows users to manipulate the mind of foes – forcing them to relive their darkest memories, altering their pain threshold to feel way more suffering than exists in reality, and even drain the morale and resolve that exists within the psychology of those in the Halo universe. How effective would a monumental IQ really be? It’s essentially just more material for Star Wars characters to manipulate.

Melee Abilities

Halo Spartans are brutally strong, and can leave a dent in steel even without their armor. If these guys were matched with Star Wars characters in hand on hand combat with no Force filled lightsabers involved, they would have the upper hand for sure. Most Star Wars characters are not particularly strong physically, not in comparison to Halo Spartans, and would be sent to the next galaxy with a simple punt kick.

One of the main strengths of Halo Spartans in addition to those already listed is their impeccable strategy skills. However, since The Force is not limited to lightsabers, this would still enable Star Wars characters to use abilities like wormholes, force screaming, invisibility, and again, psychological manipulation like Battle Meditation in order to outplay Halo Spartans in a melee match. 

Although this may be unethical for the standards of any warrior, it is still quite possible and sort of understandable in a situation like that. Weapons and armor aside, Halo Spartans have their superior intellect and vicious strength, Star Wars characters mostly have the energy inside them and their knowledge on how to use it. 

This is in addition to abilities like Deadly Sight or Dark Transfer, which would essentially send anyone to their grave regardless of their strength, intelligence or reflexes. It’s uncertain if energy shields, which can hold their own against many threats, would be able to withstand an attack like this. While Halo Spartans are great at strategy, the use of The Force is rather unpredictable.

Space Battle

Now for a battle on even turf – a battle amongst the stars. Star Wars spaceships have been known to have very unique and interesting features that are not typical or ‘warship’ like. Many of them have adequate defensive mechanisms, laser cannons, turbo blasters, proton bombs, laser turrets, Starfighters and droid armies.

Many of them are lavish in appearance and aesthetic, with some being slower than others. However, those intended for battle are tough, armed and quick, and can definitely do the job in the Star Wars universe. 

When matched with the overpowered spaceships of Halo, the outcome would definitely be questionable. Halo’s ships casually flaunt nuclear bombs, and that’s just trimming for the advanced technological weapons they are always developing.

It seems that the outcome of this battle would truly be written in the stars, and it would mainly come down to how skilled the crew is in those moments. 

All in all, Star Wars takes the cake. Halo is known for its strategic edge over their enemies. If Halo was able to shoot them down before ever coming face to face with the Star Wars crew, they may win. But, other than that, it seems that Star Wars is certainly a Force to be reckoned with. 

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