Steins Gate Watch Order: The Complete Episode Guide

Steins Gate Watch Order: The Complete Episode Guide

Steins;Gate, an anime about time travel, is a great anime series to watch. The true brilliance of this anime lies in its focus on the concept and consequences of time travel. This is sci-fi anime at its best. It’s where intrigue draws you in. You are taken on an adventure of strange choices and events, which often turn out to be unexpected.

The story of Steins;Gate has been well planned and executed. It is captivating because the characters and their backgrounds are well-established. Steins Gate can present and manage the complexity of a story about time travel. Steins;Gate has a unique and charming cast that is a must-see anime.

Steins;Gate has 2 seasons. The series’ main theme revolves around making decisions and time travel, as well as the consequences of those decisions. Most viewers will be confused by the end of the first season. Both the OVAs as well as the movie play an important role in the story’s portrayal.

Release Order

  • Steins;Gate (2011)
  • Steins;Gate 0 (2018)

Other Media

  • Steins;Gate Movie: Load Region of Déjà vu (2013)
  • Steins;Gate: Soumei Eichi no Cognitive Computing (2014)
  • Steins;Gate: Kyoukaimenjou no Missing Link – Divide by Zero (2015)
  • Steins;Gate 0 Special (2018)
  • Steins;Gate: Egoistic Poriomania

Chronological Order

Steins;Gate (2011) (Episode 1 – 22)

Episode 1: Turning Point

Steins Gate Watch Order: The Complete Episode Guide

Rintaro Okabe, a self-described mad scientist, and Mayuri Shiina, his childhood friend, go to Akihabara Radio Kaikan to attend a seminar by Doctor Nakabachi on time travel. Rintaro is greeted by Kurisu Makise while he’s there. She claims that he met her fifteen minutes earlier, despite not having met her. 

Rintaro later hears a scream from his phone and finds Kurisu in a pool of blood. This indicates that she has been stabbed to her death. Rintaro experiences a strange sensation after sending an email about the situation to Itaru “Daru”, Hashida. He then discovers that the streets are empty and that a strange satellite crashed into the radio station building. 

Rintaro later discovers that the seminar he was supposed to attend was canceled by his Future Gadget Laboratory. Rintaro and Daru then go to a forum. Rintaro finds that the email he had sent Daru regarding Kurisu’s stabbing arrived five days before he came across Kurisu who is still alive.

Episode 2: Time Travel Paranoia

Okabe is shocked that Makise Kurisu was stabbed during Doctor Nakabachi’s lecture. Now good in health.

Episode 3: Parallel World Paranoia

Rintaro is shocked to discover Kurisu alive and humiliated by her in a lecture about the unlikeliness of time travel. After receiving some provisions from Luka Urushibara’s androgynous wife, Rintaro meets Suzuha Amanes, who is a part-time assistant at his electronics shop. Rintaro later investigates the altered events and discovers that John Titor (a man claiming he was a time traveler) has resurfaced in 2010. Rintaro believes this John Titor is a fake and is shocked to discover that all evidence of Titor’s appearance in 2000 has vanished.

Episode 4: Interpreter Rendezvous

Steins Gate Watch Order: The Complete Episode Guide

Rintaro is given further details about SERN’s time travel experiment in a code Daru cannot decipher. Titor informs Rintaro that he requires the IBN 5100 computer Moeka wanted to decode. Rintaro, while doing his laundry, runs into Kurisu who is still in denial about the existence of a time machine, and tells him about the IBN 5100.

Episode 5: Starmine Rendezvous

Kurisu arrives back at the lab along with Rintaro and is met by a strange reaction by Suzuha. As the gang gathers parts to connect the IBN5100 to Daru’s computer, Suzuha warns Rintaro not to be too cautious with Kurisu. Kurisu and Daru use the IBN 5100 for decoding SERN’s encrypted files. They discover that many people were found in a gel-like condition at different times due to their experiments.

Episode 6: Butterfly Effect’s Divergence

The group uses “D-Mails” to refer to the messages they have sent in the past. They then conduct further experiments to discover the rules and limitations of D-Mails. They discover when they can send messages and how much data they can send.

Episode 7: Divergence Singularity

Steins Gate Watch Order: The Complete Episode Guide

Rintaro attempts to alter history by sending past winning numbers to the Phone Microwave after Daru has updated the firmware. Rintaro experiences a similar sensation to before the satellite crashed.

Episode 8: Chaos Theory Homeostasis I 

Rintaro explains how the World Line shift to Daru and Kurisu happened. Also, why he is the only one capable of remembering its changes. He refers to this ability as “Reading Steiner”. Moeka asks Rintaro for a D-Mail. This moves Rintaro to a World Line that no one else knows about Moeka.

Episode 9: Chaos Theory Homeostasis II

Okabe is worried about the effects of his experiments; the IBN-5100 vanishes from the laboratory.

Episode 10: Chaos Theory Homeostasis III

Okabe hears from the warrior downstairs about her search for her father. A text message disturbed the aspiring mad scientist.

Episode 11: Dogma in Event Horizon

Steins Gate Watch Order: The Complete Episode Guide

Makise is hesitant to accept the Time Leap’s offer to transport human memories.

Episode 12: Dogma in Ergosphere

Kurisu can use SERN’s LHC to compress memory into D-Mail size. This allows her to complete her time leap machine. It can send one’s memories up to two days back. Rintaro is still troubled by the threats he received and decides not to use the device. He suggests they make their discoveries public.

Episode 13: Metaphysics Necrosis 

Okabe is determined to stop the tragedy he has seen, so he takes a risk and does a Time Leap.

Episode 14: Physically Necrosis

Okabe fails to stop Mayuri’s death despite his numerous attempts. Suzuha’s true identity has been revealed.

Episode 15: Missing Link Necrosis

Steins Gate Watch Order: The Complete Episode Guide

Suzuha exposes the shocking truth about society in 2036.

Episode 16: Sacrificial Necrosis

Daru manages to fix the time machine. On the other hand, Suzuha discovers the truth about her long-lost dad.

Episode 17: Made in Complex

Okabe and Makise realize that Mayuri cannot be saved without the IBN-5100.

Episode 18: Fractal Androgynous

Ruka is next on the D-Mails list to be erased, but Okabe must first agree to be her boyfriend for one day.

Episode 19: Endless Apoptosis

Steins Gate Watch Order: The Complete Episode Guide

Moeka is the next D-Mail Okabe has to erase. Okabe arrives at Moeka’s apartment and finds it covered with police tape.

Episode 20: Finalize Apoptosis

Okabe must send a message from FB to Moeka to undo the previous D-Mail. On his search for FB, he meets a familiar face.

Episode 21: Paradox Meltdown

Okabe, despite his best efforts, is forced to witness Mayuri’s final moments of agony.

Episode 22: Being Meltdown

Okabe and Makise are faced with the impossible decision of whether to undo the D-Mail.

Steins;Gate: Kyoukaimenjou no Missing Link – Divide by Zero (2015) (Episode 23ß)

A different episode 23 was aired in a rerun that led to Steins;Gate 0. Mayuri comforts Rintaro after he returns from his failed attempt at saving Kurisu. Rintaro, who is in despair at not being able to save Kurisu from his failed attempt, gives up his mad scientist identity and begins living as an average university student. Rintaro eventually meets an A.I. Version of Kurisu.

Steins;Gate 0 (2018)

Steins Gate Watch Order: The Complete Episode Guide

The dark, untold tale of Steins;Gate. It is a story about the mad scientist Okabe who struggles to recover from an unsuccessful attempt at saving Kurisu. In pursuit of forgetting the past, he decides to quit and abandons his vibrant scientist alter ego.

Steins;Gate (2011) (Episode 23 – 24)

Episode 23: Open the Steins Gate

Suzuha explains her missions to Kurisu that she prevents Kurisu’s demise. After that, she will enter a World Line called Steins Gate. In this World, World War III does not occur. In her time machine, Rintaro takes Suzuha to the past to save Kurisu. She arrives before Kurisu’s passing. As the events unfold, Rintaro briefly meets Kurisu to explain their previous encounter before hiding in the room, where she will be stabbed.

Episode 24: Achievement Point

Rintaro and Suzuha pick up a light-up sword to use the liquid to replace Kurisu’s blood. Rintaro snags a Metal Upa Toy to prevent Nakabachi’s paper from being burned by the onboard fire. Mayuri then gets a plastic one. This would be later sent to Kurisu or Nakabachi. Rintaro discovers that the liquid inside the gadget has dried out, and he provokes Nakabachi to stab him. He then runs off in fear, embracing Kurisu’s theory.

Steins;Gate: Egoistic Poriomania

Steins Gate Watch Order: The Complete Episode Guide

Faris invites Rintaro and Daru to Los Angeles to participate in the RaiNet tournament. Mayuri and Luka will reunite with Kurisu after their arrival two months later. The group is forced to check into a motel after Rintaro cancels Faris’s hotel reservation for them. Kurisu speaks to Rintaro later that night about her dreams of past World Lines, and the love they shared.

Steins;Gate Movie: Load Region of Déjà vu (2013)

Rintaro Okabe, after traversing multiple world lines thanks to D-Mail, has fooled the universe into believing Makise is dead. This creates a new world line called Steins Gate. Here, Mayuri Shiina’s and Kurisu Makise’s deaths are prevented, while the future of humanity is also provided.