Street Fighter 6 Officially Announced With The First Teaser Trailer

Street Fighter 6 Officially Announced With The First Teaser Trailer

The fighters are back on the streets! The legendary fighting video game franchise is officially set to return with its sixth main installment, and Capcom revealed the first-look teaser trailer.

The Street Fighter franchise kicked off in 1987 with the original game released for Arcade. The sequel Street Fighter II, released in 1991, established many gaming standards that are still part of the fighting genre today. To this day, the franchise released many sequels and spin-offs. The latest installment — Street Fighter 5 – was released in 2016 for PlayStation 4, PC, and Arcade.

With $12.2 billion grossed (including over 500k arcade units sold), Street Fighter is the highest-grossing fighting game media franchise of all time and one of the highest-grossing video game franchises generally.

Check the first-look teaser trailer at the upcoming Street Fighter 6 down below:

Capcom revealed that the next Street Fighter game is in development, but not much else is known at this point. And yes, that means there’s no release date (or release window) either, but Capcom revealed that more information will be revealed this coming summer. Until then, we only have this 40-second teaser trailer that’s not revealing much, but still quite enough to wake up the excitement for the next installment of this very known franchise.

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