15 Strongest Ben 10 Forms (Aliens) Ranked

strongest ben ten forms

As far as traditional Western cartoons are concerned, Ben 10 is one of the most popular in recent years. The series premiered on December 27, 2005, with the original Ben 10 animated series and has continued to appear on television until April 11, 2021, when the last special episode of the 2016 Ben 10 reboot aired.

Ben 10 is a show about a boy who finds a piece of alien technology containing the DNA of different aliens, which allows him to transform into each of them. Over the years, the roster of aliens has changed, with only several aliens persisting through more than one iteration of the show. In this article, we are going to rank the 15 strongest alien forms that Ben was able to transform into.

15. Toepick

SD 2857529

Toepick possesses a face so hideous and horrifying that no being in the known universe can look at it without experiencing adverse effects. These effects range from fear and disease to even insanity. Victims, including Psyphon, Argit, and Zombozo, exhibit extreme terror in the presence of Toepick’s face. Psyphon pleaded for Toepick to leave him alone, Zombozo, a fear-feeder, was unable to resist fear, and Argit experienced sickness, vomiting various items due to the sheer repulsiveness of Toepick’s face.

14. Humungousaur

PPr 2850129

In its natural form, Humungousaur boasts superhuman strength and exceptional resistance to various physical damages. His dinosaur-like appearance serves as an effective intimidation tactic, often leading opponents to surrender. However, his large size becomes a drawback in confined spaces, limiting his use to open terrains or situations demanding enhanced strength. Humungousaur can utilize his roar as a sonic weapon, particularly effective underwater. Eugene suggests that Humungousaur is on par with Waybig in terms of strength, and the alien form can survive in space for a limited duration.

13. Diamondhead

TEN 28147829

Diamondhead possessed the unique ability to swiftly regenerate his body structure, allowing Ben to generate crystals rapidly. These crystals could serve various purposes, such as forming blades, thrusting spikes, projectiles, barriers, ski jumps, or grappling anchors. He could also grow crystal structures from the ground within his sight by manipulating existing crystals or directing them through the ground. In the “Ben 10: Alien Force” series, Ben gained psychokinetic control over the crystals, enabling them to levitate. The crystal constituting his body was highly durable and resistant to physical damage, capable of reflecting laser beams. However, it proved vulnerable to blunt weapons and sonic attacks.


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12. Big Chill

GCBC 2811929

Big Chill, the ghostly alien, possesses the ability to phase through solid objects while freezing them in the process. This freezing effect occurs at the discretion of Big Chill, allowing him to choose whether to merely penetrate an object or freeze it simultaneously. When he penetrates creatures or objects, they experience an intense icy cold sensation. Big Chill can also emit an icy breath, enabling him to freeze things at a considerable distance. Additionally, the presence of Big Chill induces a sense of supernatural or chilling dread in sentient beings and shadow monsters.

11. Chromastone

VoV2 2853229

Chromastone possesses the ability to allow various types of energy, such as lasers, electricity, mana, and radiation, to pass through his body harmlessly. He can absorb and channel this energy into ultraviolet rays, capable of melting a truck trailer and destroying turrets. Chromastone can emit these rays from his hands or the shards on his body, using them as energy blasts or projectiles. The intensity of his attacks is adjustable, and the power of his ultraviolet rays depends on the strength of the opponent’s energy. For instance, he subdued an alien dragon with a powerful wave of ultraviolet energy after absorbing its energy blast. Additionally, Chromastone can absorb mana from Gwen and unleash powerful energy blasts at formidable foes like Diagon.

10. NRG

SLaTfAtS 2834329

NRG possesses the ability to fire highly radioactive energy bolts through vents in his containment suit, capable of corroding or melting metal objects. The heat generated by his radiation can melt solid metal and rock on contact and is also present in his saliva. NRG can channel this heat underground, causing massive eruptions of lava. He can produce radioactive energy with his hands while inside his suit. The containment suit is fireproof, virtually indestructible, and resistant to possession. NRG exhibits considerable strength, immune to radiation and extreme heat, making him a formidable force in various environments.

9. Echo Echo

TT 2815029

Echo Echo possesses the ability to scream at ultrasonic frequencies, overloading machinery, shattering steel, and stopping projectiles. He can duplicate himself rapidly, with clones not being linked, allowing strategic use in battles. Echo Echo can create a wall of sound by redirecting projectiles with bouncing clones, and he can establish an echo chamber for coordinated attacks from all directions. Even if clones are defeated, Echo Echo remains unharmed as long as at least one clone survives. This versatile combination of abilities makes him formidable in various combat situations.

8. XLR8

Rumble 282829

XLR8 possesses the ability to manipulate friction, allowing him to accelerate to speeds of 500 mph in two seconds. His remarkable speed is so intense that time seems to stop, granting him the capability to rearrange the positions of objects as he moves. As Kinecelerans age, their speed increases, exemplified by Ben 10,000’s ability to traverse the world in seconds. XLR8’s speed is visually imperceptible, requiring slow-motion capture to observe. He exhibits precise control over his velocity, enabling instant stops, distinguishing him from Storm Chaser and Turbomanta. Additionally, XLR8 can think, act, and react at superhuman speeds, performing tasks like typing rapidly and cracking codes with unparalleled efficiency.


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7. Ghostfreak

Laugh 28133829

Ghostfreak, an ectoplasmic entity, possesses the ability to turn invisible, phase through solid objects, and fly. It can manipulate its eye or head position across its form and has the capacity to inhabit and control other beings, although this ability is rarely utilized by Ben. Ghostfreak later acquires telekinesis and the capability to emit rays from its tentacles, potentially composed of plasma. The creature, sensitive to sunlight, is nearly incorporeal and can be easily destroyed by sunlight exposure. The original version of Ghostfreak features protective white skin divided into segments, concealing tentacles beneath. In the second iteration, reabsorbed by the Omnitrix, this protective skin is absent.

6. Waybig

TFoW2 2837829

Waybig possesses immense strength, able to launch targets into orbit and lift objects larger than himself, showcasing his exceptional physical prowess. His durability is noteworthy, with the ability to withstand enemy attacks and extreme temperatures. Waybig’s agility is demonstrated through high jumps and rapid reflexes, reacting swiftly to threats. In close combat, he exhibits great skill, as observed in battles against giant adversaries. Additionally, Waybig can unleash a potent cosmic ray from the outer edge of his right hand, crossing his arms together, capable of overpowering formidable forces like the conquest ray.

5. Atomix

FaFBM 2866029

Atomix possesses the ability to create atomic explosions from his hands, causing extensive damage to his surroundings. He can generate and manipulate large amounts of energy in various forms. Atomix can activate cylinders on his arms and chest, resembling an Omnitrix, to melt nearby objects. His strength is formidable, as demonstrated by defeating adversaries with a single punch or launching objects to significant heights. Atomix can fly at supersonic speeds and is equipped with an armored form that provides substantial protection against physical attacks. Additionally, his punches generate a force field three times larger than himself.


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4. Feedback

BP 2824129

Feedback possesses the unique ability to absorb any form of energy through its antennae, tail, and fingers. It can unleash potent electric bolts from its hands, demonstrating versatility in combat. Feedback exhibits exceptional agility, allowing it to maneuver through the air with flips and dodge enemy attacks effortlessly. The alien can jump to great heights, avoiding ground-based assaults, and is resistant to electric shocks when submerged in water. Furthermore, Feedback can release shocks by touching others with its antennae or tail. Its lightning bolts are powerful enough to propel it, akin to how Swampfire employs fire for propulsion.

3. Gravattack

SacudidaPasado 2843929

Gravattack possesses the ability to control gravity, allowing manipulation of the weight and movement of objects. Additionally, Gravattack can punch the ground effortlessly and create orbit attacks by causing matter or energy to circle around him when coiled into a planetoid sphere. This alien can even manipulate its own gravity, assuming a ball form and creating an orbit around itself.

2. Clockwork


Clockwork has the ability to fire green time streamers with diverse effects, including sending objects or people back in time, turning them into dust, restoring time-erased entities, transporting them to a different timeline, or immobilizing them at an earlier point. Clockwork can manipulate time perception by slowing it down, creating an appearance of moving at high speed to outsiders. The winding crown on its head allows Clockwork to view recent past events through holographic projections. As a robotic being, Clockwork can survive in the vacuum of space. Additionally, a galvanic mechamorph fusion enhances its time streams, providing superhuman speed, endurance, high jumps, drill hands, missile launchers, and the ability to detect other Clockwork winding crowns.

1. Alien X

Tinction 2866029

Alien X is a semi-omnipotent being with the power to effortlessly manipulate reality, time, and space at any desired level. Its thoughts can materialize, granting it unparalleled abilities. Alien X can generate time waves to reverse events and create or rebuild entire universes at will. Nearly invulnerable, it remained unharmed when the Annihilargh destroyed the surrounding universe. Alien X can duplicate itself, form galaxies to absorb other beings, and achieve high-speed travel. Additionally, it possesses superhuman strength, can grow to colossal sizes, excels in hand-to-hand combat, and employs telekinesis to deflect energy attacks. Alien X exhibits X-ray vision, enabling it to see through objects, and has the ability to regenerate severed limbs. Notably, it can endure timeline destruction.

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